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RPLChemistry AcronymsRadio Photoluminescence
RPLNASA AcronymsRated Power Level
RPLNASA AcronymsRated Power Level
RPLUncategorized AcronymsReverse Polish Lisp
RPLCNASA AcronymsReplace
RPLCChemistry AcronymsReversed-phase Liquid Chromatography
RPMAstronomy AcronymsRetro Propulsion Module
RPMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRevolutions Per Minute
RPMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRadiation And Particles Measurement
RPMChemistry AcronymsRegional Project Managers
RPMNASA AcronymsRevolutions Per Minute
RPMUncategorized AcronymsRed Hat Package Manager
RPMUncategorized AcronymsRevolutions Per Minute
RPMUS Military AcronymsRevolutions Per Minute
RPMComputer Acronyms (Common)Revenue Per 1,000 Impressions. (M Is The Roman Numeral For 1,000)
RPMComputer And Internet AcronymsRevolutions Per Minute
RPMIChemistry AcronymsRoswell Park Memorial Institute
RPNAtmospheric Research Center Acronyms(Division De) Recherche En Precision Numerique
RPNUncategorized AcronymsReverse Polish Notation
RPONASA AcronymsRadiation Protection Officer
RPOUncategorized AcronymsRadiation Protection Officer
RPOChemistry AcronymsResonant Periodic Orbit (on Potential Energy Surface In At. Or Mol. Scattering)
RPOCNASA AcronymsRemote Payload Operations Center
RPPNASA AcronymsReinforced Pyrolytic Plastic
RPPChemistry AcronymsRenal Perfusion Pressure
RPPChemistry AcronymsReverse Pulse Polarography
RPRUncategorized AcronymsFOM - Realtime Platform Reference Federation Object Model (reaper Fomm)
RPSNASA AcronymsRecord And Playback System (Subsystem)
RPSNASA AcronymsRevolutions Per Second
RPSUncategorized AcronymsRevolutions Per Second
RPSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRanked Probability Score
RPSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRoutine Product Set
RPSChemistry AcronymsReemitted Positron Spectroscopy
RPSAChemistry AcronymsRapid Pressure Swing Adsorption
RPSFNASA AcronymsRotation
RPTNASA AcronymsResident Provisioning Team
RPTNASA AcronymsRudder Pedal Transducer
RPTANASA AcronymsRudder Pedal Transducer Assembly
RPTANASA AcronymsRudder Pedal Transducer Assembly
RPTPChemistry AcronymsReceptor Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase
RPUUS Military AcronymsRotor Phasing Unit
RPVChemistry AcronymsRaccoon Parvovirus
RPVChemistry AcronymsReactor Pressure Vessel
RPVNASA AcronymsRemotely Piloted Vehicle
RPVUncategorized AcronymsRemotely Piloted Vehicle
RPVUMedical Acronyms (Slang)Relative Porsche Value Unit: Surgical Index Of Potential Income From The Repair Of Patient Injuries, Usually Orthopaedic In Nature. Fractured Finger = A Windscreen Wiper; A Fractured Hip = New Tyres Etc.
RPWBAChemistry AcronymsRelativistic Plane-wave Born Approximation
RPWBA-BCChemistry AcronymsRPWBA With Corrections For Increased Binding Energy And Coulomb Deflection
RQChemistry AcronymsReportable Quantity
RQChemistry AcronymsRespiratory Quotient
RQNASA AcronymsRespiratory Quotient
RQUncategorized AcronymsPuerto Rico (FIPS 10-4 Territory Code)
RQCARChemistry AcronymsReportable Quantities For Carcinogens In Hazardous Waste
RQCISDChemistry Acronyms(spin) Restricted QCISD
RQDOChemistry AcronymsRelativistic Quantum Defect Orbital (method In Calcns. Of Oscillator Strengths)
RQMTNASA AcronymsRequirement
RQMTSNASA AcronymsRequirements
RQTOXChemistry AcronymsReportable Quantities For Chronically Toxic Hazardous Substances
RRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRisk Reduction
RRChemistry AcronymsRelative Risk
RRChemistry AcronymsRound Robin (test)
RRNASA AcronymsRange Rate
RRNASA AcronymsRendezvousRadar
RRNASA AcronymsRequirements Review
RRNASA AcronymsRespiration Rate
RRUS Military AcronymsRejection Report
RRMedical Acronyms (Slang)Rocket Room - A Ward/unit Where There Are Many Deaths (many Transfers To Heaven)
RRBusiness And FinanceRegistered Representative
RRBAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRisk Reduction Branch
RRBUS Govt. AcronymsRailroad Retirement Board
RRCChemistry AcronymsRegional Response Center
RRDEChemistry AcronymsRotating Ring Disk Electrode
RREANASA AcronymsRendezvous Radar Electronics Assembly
RRELChemistry AcronymsRisk Reduction Engineering Laboratory
RREUNASA AcronymsRendezvous Radar Electronics Unit
RRGChemistry AcronymsRift-related Granitoids
RRGMChemistry AcronymsRecursive Residue Generation Method
RRHOChemistry AcronymsRigid Rotor-harmonic Oscillator (approxn.)
RRINASA AcronymsRendezvous Radar Indicator
RRIMChemistry AcronymsReinforced Reaction-injection Molding
RRLNASA AcronymsRudder Reference Line
RRMChemistry AcronymsRNA Recognition Motif
RRMChemistry AcronymsRayleigh-Ritz Method (for Quantum Calculations)
RRNUncategorized AcronymsRecurrence Rate Number
RRNAChemistry AcronymsRibosomal Ribonucleic Acid
RRPNASA AcronymsRudder Reference Plane
RRPUncategorized AcronymsRecurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
RRPAChemistry AcronymsRelativistic Random Phase Approximation
RRPAChemistry AcronymsRenormalized Random-phase Approxn.
RRPTChemistry AcronymsRegistered Radiation Protection Technologist
RRQText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsReturn Receipt Request
RRRUS Military AcronymsRequirements Rational Report
RRRText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHaR HaR HaR (instead Of LOL)
RRRChemistry AcronymsResidual Resistivity Ratio
RRSChemistry AcronymsResonance Raman Spectroscopy
RRSChemistry AcronymsResonance Rayleigh Scattering
RRSUncategorized AcronymsRacing Rules Of Sailing
RRSPUncategorized AcronymsRegistered Retirement Savings Plan (Canada; Roughly Equivalent To The IRA In The U.S.)
RRTNASA AcronymsRendezvous Radar Transducer
RRTNASA AcronymsRendezvous Radar Transponder

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