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QPLDAChemistry AcronymsQuasiparticle Local-density Approxn.
QPMChemistry AcronymsQuantum Poincare Map
QPMChemistry AcronymsQuantum Proximity Microscopy
QPMChemistry AcronymsQuasiparticle Phonon Model
QPMDAChemistry AcronymsQuasiparticle Mean Density Approxn. (assocd. With Local-d. Theory)
QPOChemistry AcronymsQuasi-periodic Oscillation
QPRNASA AcronymsQuarterly Progress Report
QPRUncategorized AcronymsQueens Park Rangers (English Football Team)
QPRDNASA AcronymsQuality Planning Requirements Document
QPSNASA AcronymsQuality Planning Specification
QPSNASA AcronymsQuantity Planning Specification
QPSUncategorized AcronymsQuark Publishing System
QPSKNASA AcronymsQuadrature Phase Shift Key
QPTChemistry AcronymsQuantum Phase Transition
QPTChemistry AcronymsQuasiparticle Tunneling
QQText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsQuick Question
QRUncategorized AcronymsQuake Rally - Qualitative Reasoning - Queensland Rail - Queen's Rangers - Quick Release - Quiet Riot -Qatar Airways (IATA Airline Designator)
QR-MWHChemistry AcronymsQuasi-relativistic Mulliken-Wolfsberg-Helmholz Method
QRAChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Risk Assessment
QRARChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Retention-activity Relationship
QRENASA AcronymsQuick-Reaction Estimate
QRFChemistry AcronymsQuadratic Response Function (a Quantum Propagator)
QRFUS Army Acronyms (Official)Quick Reaction Force
QRFIUS Military AcronymsQuick Reaction Fleet Improvement (includes
QRHF-CCChemistry AcronymsQuasirestricted Hartree-Fock Coupled Cluster
QRINASA AcronymsQuick-Reaction Integration
QRIANASA AcronymsQuick-Reaction Integration Activity
QRIOSAChemistry AcronymsQuantum Reactive Infinite Order Sudden Approxn.
QRMChemistry AcronymsQuadratic Rubinow Method (variational Method For Scattering)
QRMUS Military AcronymsQuick Response Modification
QRPAChemistry AcronymsQuadratic Random Phase Approxn.
QRSNASA AcronymsQuick-Reaction Sortie
QRSLNASA AcronymsQuick-Reaction Space Laboratory
QSMedical AcronymsQuantity Sufficient
QSUncategorized AcronymsQuantum Sufficit (Latin
QSText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsQuit Scrolling
QSANASA AcronymsQualification Site Approval
QSARChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Structure-activity Relationship(s)
QSBRChemistry AcronymsQuant. Structure-biodegrdn. Relationships
QSCATUncategorized AcronymsQuick Scatterometer Satellite
QSERRChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Structure-enantioselective Retention Relationships
QSEXChemistry AcronymsQuadrature Selective Excitation
QSGVTNASA AcronymsQuarter Scale Ground Vibration Test
QSIChemistry AcronymsQuantum Statistical Interference
QSIGComputer And Internet AcronymsQ (point Of The ISDN Model) Signaling
QSLNASA AcronymsQualified Source List
QSLUncategorized AcronymsQu?bec Sign Language
QSMChemistry AcronymsQuantum Shell Model
QSMChemistry AcronymsQuantum Statistical Mechanics
QSMChemistry AcronymsQuantum-statistical Model
QSMNASA AcronymsQuarter Scale Model
QSMDChemistry AcronymsQuantum-stochastic Mol. Dynamics
QSMRChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Structure-metabolism Relationship
QSMVTNASA AcronymsQuarter Scale Model Vibration Testing
QSOAstronomy AcronymsQuasi-Stellar Object
QSOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsQuasi-stellar Object
QSOChemistry AcronymsQuasistellar Objects
QSOUncategorized AcronymsQuasi-Stellar Object
QSPRChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Structure Property Relationship
QSRChemistry AcronymsQuality Status Report (of North Sea Task Force)
QSRUS Military AcronymsQualified Status Report
QSRRChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Structure-retention Relationships
QSSNASA AcronymsQuindar Scanning System
QSSAChemistry AcronymsQuasi-steady-state Approximation
QSSPCChemistry AcronymsQuasi-steady-state Photoconductance
QSTAGUncategorized AcronymsQuadripartite Standardization Agreement (cue-stag)
QSTLSChemistry AcronymsQuantum Singwi-tosi-land-sjolander (theory
QTNASA AcronymsQualification Test
QTUncategorized AcronymsQuentin Tarantino - QuickTime - QuikTrip
QTSMS Chat And Text AcronymsCutie
QTText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsCutie
QTCSChemistry AcronymsQuantum Theorem Of Corresponding States
QTLChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Trait Loci
QTMChemistry AcronymsQuick-turnaround Method
QTOFChemistry AcronymsQuadrupole Time-of-flight
QTPNASA AcronymsQualification Test Plan
QTPTChemistry AcronymsQuantum Thermodynamic Perturbation Theory
QTRNASA AcronymsQualification Test Report
QTRNASA AcronymsQuarter
QTRSNASA AcronymsQuarters
QTSTChemistry AcronymsQuantum Transition State Theory
QTYUS Military AcronymsQuantity
QUUncategorized AcronymsQuechua Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
QUADNASA AcronymsQuandrangle
QUADSNASA AcronymsQualitY Achievement Data SYstem
QUALNASA AcronymsQualification
QUALNASA AcronymsQuality
QUAL2EChemistry AcronymsEnhanced Stream Water Quality Model
QUANGOUncategorized Acronyms(British Commonwealth) QUasi Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation
QUAPIChemistry AcronymsQuasiadiabatic Propagator Path Integral Method
QUASARChemistry AcronymsQuality Simulation Along Rivers (environmental Model)
QUASARUncategorized AcronymsQuasi-stellar Radio Source
QUASHChemistry AcronymsQuality Assurance Of Sample Handling [a EU Project]
QUASIMEMEChemistry AcronymsQuality Assurance Of Information For Marine Environmental Monitoring In Europe
QUATNASA AcronymsQuaternion
QUAXChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Phase-Analysis With X-ray Powder Diffraction
QUEChemistry AcronymsQuantized Universal Enveloping (algebras In Mol. Vibrational Spectra Calcns.)
QUEUncategorized AcronymsQuechua Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
QUE1US Military AcronymsTqe Left
QUICNASA AcronymsQuality Data Information And Control

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