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Us Army Acronyms (slang) Page 2

 Acronym Meaning
LLMFLost Like A Mother F*cker.
LPCSLeather Personnel Carriers, Or Combat Boots. Generally Used When Describing A Mode Of Travel (i.e., "We'll Be Taking Our LPCs Over To The Range.")
MARINEMuscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential
MARINEMath And Reading Is Not Essential
MARINEMy Ass Rides In Navy Equipment
MPHSaid Phonetically As My Papa Hotel, Meaning My Pussy Hurts
MSTMorale Suppression Team.
NAVYNever Again Volunteer Yourself
NCONo Civilian Opportunities. This Is A Jab At Non-commissioned Officers Who Are Said To Stay In The Army Because They Could Not Get Another Job, Not Because They Want To Be Soldiers.
NDGNo Damn Good
NFGNo F*cking Good, A.k.a. Busted, Non Functional, Broken. Also "New F*cking Guy"
NJBNo Job Bitch. This Term Is Used For Those Who Hold No Collateral Duty Or Position, Even Although Their Rank Suggests That They Should.
NPGSNo Pussy Getters; See BCD
NUBNon-Useful Body. Someone Who, While Assigned To The Unit, Can Not Be Fully Utilized, Generally Because They Have Not Yet Completed The Requisite Qualifications.
OCONUSOutside CONtinental United States
PCPPork Chop Platoon (Physical Conditioning Platoon)
PFCPointless F*cking Chevron; Also Abbreviation For The Rank Of Private First Class
PFMPure F*cking Magic; See FM
POGPeople Other Than Grunts (US Army Infantry); Permanently On The Ground (US Air Force, US Naval Aviation And US Army Aviation)
REMFRear-Echelon Mother F*cker. A Term Of Derision Used By Front-line Soldiers To Describe Those In Cushy Jobs In The Rear.
RHIPRank Hath Its Privileges
RLORegular Line Officer
RNRRest And Relaxation (also R&R). Used To Specify Activity During Leave/time-off; As In, "I Need A Little RnR."
ROADRetired On Active Duty (i.e., "ROAD Warrior")
RPGRape Prevention Glasses, Rocket Propelled Grenade
SFUSStandard F*cked Up Situation.
SHSierra Hotel: Sh*t Hot
SLUFShort Little Ugly F*cker, Term For Small Jet Aircraft Or A Racist Term For Native People
SNAFUSituation Normal: All F*cked Up
SOSSame Old Sh*t; Sh*t On A Shingle (Creamed Chipped Beef On Toast/biscuit, A Breakfast Staple).
SRDHShit Rolls Down Hill. Used To Denote Unwanted Or Unpleasing Duties Assigned To Lower Ranks.
SSDDSame Sh*t, Different Day
SSNDSame Sh*t, New Day
SSTSlang For The Vehicle Used To Remove Human Waste From The Portable Toilets Meaning, "Sh*t-Sucking Truck".
SWAGScientific Wild-Ass Guess. A Close Approximation.
TAMFRThis Ain't My First Rodeo. Often Used By Newly Promoted Officers.
TARFUThings Are Really Fucked Up. A Situation Worse Than SNAFU, But Not Quite FUBAR.
TU(or Tango Uniform) Tits Up. Broken. Not Working.
TWATTanker Without A Tank. Used For Tankers Who Are Performing Infantry Duties. Mainly Used By Infantry In Iraq.
UAFB"Useful As A Football Bat." Anyone Who Cannot Perform Even Simple Duties Due To Incompetence, And As Such Has No Useful Application Or Purpose.
US ARMYUncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet
US ARMYUncle Sam Ass Raped Me Yesterday
USAF"U" Sure Are F*cked
USMCUncle Sam's Misguided Children
USMCU Suckers Missed Christmas
USMCU Signed The Mother-f*ckin' Contract
USMCUniversity Of Science And Mystical Culture
USMCU Suck My C*ck
USMCUncle Sam's Moldy Crotch
WOJGWarrant Officer, Junior Grade. Informal Reference To Lowest Grade Of Warrant Officer (WO1).

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