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Medical Acronyms (slang)

 Acronym Meaning
10TH FT10th Floor Transfer - Dying (floor Number Is Always The Next Number On From The Highest Floor In The Hospital).
3HEnema That Is "high, Hot, And A Hell Of A Lot." Reputedly Given To Patients Who Give Staff A Hard Time.
3PSPill, Permissiveness And Promiscuity (relates To Female Patients With Sexually Transmitted Disease)
404404 Moment. On Card Rounds - When A Patient's Medical Records Cannot Be Located (from Internet Error Message: 404 Page Not Found)
45CPatient Is One Chromosome Short Of A Full Set (questionable IQ)
4FFair, Fat, Female And Forty OR Fat, Forty-ish, Flatulent Female (both Mean Abdominal Pain Patient Who Is Candidate For Gall Bladder Disease)
4FFair, Fat, Female And Forty OR Fat, Forty-ish, Flatulent Female (both Mean Abdominal Pain Patient Who Is Candidate For Gall Bladder Disease)
4H(US) Haemophiliac, Hispanic, Homosexual, Heroin Addict
5-H-1-TPolite Medical Term For Shit
ADRAin't Doing Right
AEAggressive Euthanasia - A Procedure That Obnoxious Patients Would Benefit From.
AFUBRAll Fucked Up & Beyond Repair
AGAAcute Gravity Attack (fell Over)
AGMIAin't Gonna Make It (won't Survive)
AHFAcute Hissy Fit
ALCA La Casa (send The Patient Home)
ALPAcute Lead Poisoning - Gunshot Wound
ALP185Acute Lead Poisoning, 185 Grain Injection - 9mm Gunshot Wound
ALP240Acute Lead Poisoning, 240 Grain Injection 44 Calibre Magnum Wound
ALPACAcute Lead Poisoning Air-conditioned - Multiple Gun Shot Wounds
ALSAbsolute Loss Of Sanity (nutcase)
AMYOYOAlright Motherfucker, You're On Your Own (seen In Head Injury Patients In Intensive Care)
AOBAlcohol On Board
APDAcute Prozac Deficiency (depression)
APRS(US) Acute Puerto Rican Syndrome (bouts Of Screaming And Yelling)
APTFRANApply Pillow To Face, Repeat As Necessary (for Annoying Patient)
AQPAssuming The Q Position: Deteriorating Or Dying With Tongue Hanging Out
AQRAin't Quite Right
ARTApproaching Room Temperature (dead)
ASTAssuming Seasonal Temperature (dead)
ATD(US) Acute Tylenol Deficiency (simple Fever Or Head Cold)
ATFOAsked To Fuck Off
ATL(Scotland) Aff (off) The Legs; Meaning Unable To Walk
ATSAcute Thespian Syndrome: Faking Illness; Known In US As MGM Syndrome
AWTBAway With The Birds; A Patient Who Is Totally Confused
AWTFAway With The Fairies; A Patient Who Is Totally Confused
B&TBagged And Tagged - Body Ready For Dispatch To Morgue
B-52Combined 5mg Of Haldol IV + 2mg Of Ativan IV
BBBBlood-Brain Barrier - Surgical Drapes
BBCSBumps, Bruises, Cuts And Scrapes (i.e. No Serious Injuries)
BBLSBelly-button Lint Sign - Male, Middle-aged, Overweight And Hairy (an Umbilicus That Looks Like The Lint (fluff) Trap In A Tumble Dryer Is Most Common In Overweight, Hairy, Older Men). Known As Belly-Button Fluff Sign In The UK.
BFFBig, Fat Faker
BFHBrat From Hell (usually Accompanied By PFH - Parent(s) From Hell)
BFHBig Fucking Head; Hydrocephalus As In A "FLK With A BFH" (can Be Metaphorical For Arrogant Consultant)
BITBurp In Transit (gas Seen In The Stomach On An Abdominal Film)
BMTBowel-Movement Taco (faecal Matter Trapped In Female Genitalia)
BMWBitch Moan & Whine
BOHICABend Over, Here It Comes Again
BSSBilateral Samsonite Syndrome: Patient Admitted With Both Their Bags Packed In Preparation
BTHBury The Hatchet - Accidently Leave A Surgical Instrument Inside A Patient.

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