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Medical Acronyms (slang) Page 7

 Acronym Meaning
PIAPain In The Ass
PIAFPIssed As A Fart (drunk) (also PAAF -Pissed As A Fart)
PIDPus In 'Dere (PID Actually Means Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
PITAPain In The Ass
PLHPray Long And Hard
PLTDPPractice Limited To Dead People
PNRPerson Needed A Ride I.e. Minor Ailment But Called Ambulance Instead Of Taxi
POMTPlease Optimize Medical Treatment - Don't Call Us Until You've Done Your Job First
POPTAPassed Out Prior To Arrival
PORGPerson Of Restricted / Retarded Growth (dwarf / Midget)
PPPlank Positive - Stupid, As In "thick As 2 Short Planks"
PPPumpkin Positive - A Penlight Shone Into The Patient's Mouth/ear Would Encounter A Brain So Small That The Whole Head Would Light Up
PPAPracticing Professional Alcoholic
PPPPiss Poor Protoplasm
PPPPPPiss Poor Protoplasm Poorly Put-together (really Old And / Or Decrepit)
PRATFOPatient Reassured And Told To F*** Off
PSSPositive Suitcase Sign - Patients Who Are Repeated Admissions For Prolonged Periods With No Physiological Cause Of Their Problems. They Turn Up At Hospital With Packed Suitcases Ready For Admission
PWFSPost-Weekend Fatigue Syndrome - An Ailment Which Presents At GP Surgeries On Monday Mornings
PWTPoor White Trash (with A Condition Related To Their Lifestyle)
QIDQueen In Distress (hissy Fit)
RBGReceived By God (a Person In Receipt Of A Celestial Transfer)
RBSReally Bad Shape
RHSRocking Horse Stool - Even Rarer Than Hen's Teeth
RLIRapid Lead Infusion - Obnoxious Patient Ought To Be Shot
RPVURelative Porsche Value Unit: Surgical Index Of Potential Income From The Repair Of Patient Injuries, Usually Orthopaedic In Nature. Fractured Finger = A Windscreen Wiper; A Fractured Hip = New Tyres Etc.
RRRocket Room - A Ward/unit Where There Are Many Deaths (many Transfers To Heaven)
RTRoom Temperature (dead)
RTTBBBRat-a-Tat-Tat With A Baseball Bat (hit With Blunt Instrument).
RTTLRunning Towards The Light - Dying
RUTUSRounding Up The Usual Suspects - Ordering A Set Of Tests For A Given Set Of Symptoms
S2Sit The F**k Down And Shut The F**k Up
SASSick As Sh*t
SBASilver Bracelet Award - Patient Is A Prisoner Brought In Wearing Cuffs
SBISomething Bad Inside E.g. Undiagnosed Cancer/unexpected Serious Condition Found When Performing Surgery
SBLEO(pronounced S-B-Leo) Suicide By Law Enforcement Officer
SBODStupid Bitch / Bastard On Drugs
SEPSomebody Else's Problem (not To Be Confused With Sepsis)
SFSStinky Foot Syndrome (often Related To Homeless)
SFSFSphincter Factor Scale: 1 To 10 Scale Indicating Degree Of Bowel-loosening In Response To An Emergency
SHAShip His Ass (when Patients Refuse To Be Discharged).
SHADSyphilitic, Hypochondriac, Alcoholic Degenerate
SHPOSSub-Human Piece Of Sh*t
SHSSullen, Hostile, Stupid (often An Inner City Drug/alcohol Addict)
SIGStroppy Ignorant Girl
SIOSleeping It Off
SNUDSick Nigh Unto Death
SOBShort Of Breath
SOBSilly Old Bugger / B*stard / Bitch
SOBSitting Out Of Bed / Sitting On Bed
SOCMOBStanding On Corner Minding Own Business (when Inexplicably Injured)

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