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VNASA AcronymsValve
VNASA AcronymsVelocity
VNASA AcronymsVerb
VNASA AcronymsVoice
VNASA AcronymsVolt
VNASA AcronymsVoltage
VNASA AcronymsP-PVolt Peak-to-Peak
VSatellite Meterology AcronymsVolts
VUncategorized AcronymsVanadium - Volt
V&DANASA AcronymsVideo And Data (Processing) Assembly
V&DANASA AcronymsVideo And Data Acquisition
V&VNASA AcronymsValidation And Verification
V&VUncategorized AcronymsVerification & Validation
V&VUS Military AcronymsVerification And Validation
V-ANASA AcronymsVibro-Acoustic
V-ANASA AcronymsVolt-Ampere
V-BARNASA AcronymsVelocity Vectory Axis
V-CITENASA AcronymsVertical-Cargo Integration Test EquiPment
V-COMUS Military AcronymsSwimmer Delivery Vehicle (sdv) Comm System
V-RTIFNASA AcronymsVandenberg Real Time Interface
V/ANASA AcronymsVideo/Analog
V/CNASA AcronymsVector Control
V/CNASA AcronymsVelocity Counter
V/HNASA AcronymsVelocitY-to-Height
V/MNASA AcronymsVelocity Meter
V/M/SUS Military AcronymsVision/mission/strategy
V/RUS Army Acronyms (Official)Very Respectfully. The Standard Closure Line On Official Mail/e-mail.
V/STOLUncategorized AcronymsVertical/Short Take-Off And Landing (vee-stoll)
V/STOLUS Military AcronymsVertical/short Takeoff And Landing
V/VNASA AcronymsValidation And Verification (also V&V)
V/VNASA AcronymsVent Valve
VAMedical AcronymsVisual Acuity
VAMedical AcronymsVisual Acuity
VANASA AcronymsVelocity At Apogee
VANASA AcronymsVibro-Acoustic Test
VANASA AcronymsVolt Ampere
VAUncategorized AcronymsVatican City-State (ISO 3166 Digram) -Veterans Affairs (U.S. Department Of) -Virginia (postal Symbol)
VAUS Govt. AcronymsDepartment Of Veterans Affairs
VAUS Military AcronymsManeuvering Speed
VA-HOMOChemistry AcronymsVibrationally Active HOMO
VA-LUMOChemistry AcronymsVibrationally Active LUMO
VA/T/VTANASA AcronymsVibro-Acoustic/Thermal/Vacuum Test Article
VAANASA AcronymsVehicle Assembly Area
VAANASA AcronymsViewpoint Adapter Assembly
VABAstronomy AcronymsVehicle Assembly Building
VABNASA AcronymsVehicle Assembly Building
VABNASA AcronymsVehicle Assembly Building
VACNASA AcronymsVolts
VACNASA AcronymsVacuum
VACNASA AcronymsVehicle Assembly And Checkout
VACMedical Acronyms (Slang)Vultures Are Circling (dying)
VACEChemistry AcronymsVacancy Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis
VACISUncategorized AcronymsVehicle And Container Inspection System
VACSYChemistry AcronymsVariable-angle Correlation Spectroscopy
VADAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsVelocity-azimuth Display
VADChemistry AcronymsVacuum Arc Degassing
VADChemistry AcronymsVapor Axial Deposition
VADNASA AcronymsVandenberg Addendum Document
VADSUS Military AcronymsVerdix Ada Development System
VADWChemistry AcronymsVibrationally-adiabatic Distorted-wave Method
VAFBAstronomy AcronymsVandenberg Air Force Base
VAFBAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsVandenberg Air Force Base
VAFBNASA AcronymsVandenberg Air Force Base
VAFBNASA AcronymsVandenberg Air Force Base
VAFTADChemistry AcronymsVolcanic Ash Forecast Transport And Dispersion
VAHChemistry AcronymsVolatile Aromatic Hydrocarbon(s)
VAIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh Positive Vorticity
VAKNASA AcronymsVertical Access Kit
VAKNASA AcronymsVertical Assembly Kit
VALNASA AcronymsValid
VALEChemistry AcronymsVacuum Atomic Layer Epitaxy
VALIDNASA AcronymsValidation
VAMChemistry AcronymsValid Analytical Measurement
VAMASChemistry AcronymsVersailles Project On Advanced Materials And Stds.
VAMOChemistry AcronymsVariational Alternant Molecular Orbital
VANNASA AcronymsUSNS Vanguard (STDN)
VANOSUncategorized AcronymsVariable Nockenwelle System
VAOUncategorized AcronymsVienna Art Orchestra
VAPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsVoluntary Assistance Program
VAPChemistry AcronymsValence Alternation Pair (bonding Configuration Model)
VAPNASA AcronymsVapor
VAPIUS Military AcronymsVisual Approach Path Indicator
VARChemistry AcronymsVacuum Arc Remelting
VARNASA AcronymsVariable
VARNASA AcronymsVerification Analysis Report
VARNASA AcronymsVolt Ampere Reactive
VARComputer And Internet AcronymsValue-Added Reseller
VARTMChemistry AcronymsVacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding
VASAstronomy AcronymsVISSR Atmospheric Sounder
VASAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsVISSR Atmospheric Sounder
VASSatellite Meterology Acronyms VISSR Atmospheric Sounder (launch
VASEChemistry AcronymsVariable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
VASINASA AcronymsVisual Approach Slope Indicator
VASIUS Military AcronymsVisual Approach Slope Indicator
VASPChemistry AcronymsVienna Ab Initio Simulation Package
VASSChemistry AcronymsVariable Angle Sampling Spinning
VASTNASA AcronymsVersatile Avionics System Tester
VATNASA AcronymsVibro-Acoustic Test
VATUncategorized AcronymsValue-Added Tax -Vatican City-State (ISO 3166 Trigram)
VATANASA AcronymsVibro-Acoustic Test Article

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