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VPNComputer And Internet AcronymsVirtual Private Network
VPOChemistry AcronymsVapor Pressure Osmometry
VPSChemistry AcronymsVacuum Plasma Spraying
VPSComputer Acronyms (Common)Virtual Private Server
VPSAChemistry AcronymsVainshtein-Presnyakov-Sobelman Approxn. (for Excitation In Atom-ion Collisions)
VPSEMChemistry AcronymsVariable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope
VPSSQMChemistry AcronymsVariable-phase Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
VPTChemistry AcronymsVariational Perturbation Theory
VQUncategorized AcronymsVector Quantization -U.S. Virgin Islands (FIPS 10-4 Territory Code)
VQMCChemistry AcronymsVariational Quantum Monte Carlo
VQPChemistry AcronymsVariable Quadratic Propagator (in Quantum Calcns.)
VRNASA AcronymsVariable Reluctance
VRNASA AcronymsVelocity Relative
VRNASA AcronymsVideo Recorder
VRNASA AcronymsVoltage Regulator
VRNASA AcronymsVoltage Relay
VRUncategorized AcronymsVirtual Reality
VRComputer And Internet AcronymsVirtual Reality
VRAMComputer Acronyms (Common)Video Random Access Memory
VRAMComputer And Internet AcronymsVideo Random Access Memory
VRBNASA AcronymsVHFRecoveryBeacon
VRBSText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsVirtual Reality Bull Sh*t
VRCSNASA AcronymsVernier Reaction Control System
VRDDOChemistry AcronymsVariable Retention Of Diatomic Differential Overlap
VREChemistry AcronymsVancomycin-resistant Enterococci
VREFChemistry AcronymsVancomycin-resistant Enterococcus Faecium
VRELNASA AcronymsRelative Velocity
VRFNASA AcronymsVertical Removal Fixture
VRIText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsVery
VRIOSAChemistry AcronymsVibrational/rotational Infinite-order Sudden Approximation
VRLNASA AcronymsVertical Recovery Line
VRLNASA AcronymsVertical Reference Line
VRLAChemistry AcronymsValve-regulated Lead-acid (batteries)
VRMAstronomy AcronymsVenus Radar Mapper
VRMChemistry AcronymsViscous Remanent Magnetization
VRMComputer And Internet AcronymsVoltage Regulator Module
VRMLComputer Acronyms (Common)Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VRMLComputer And Internet AcronymsVirtual Reality Modeling Language
VRMSNASA AcronymsVolts Root MeanSquare
VRMS OR VRMSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsVolt Root Mean Square
VRNRNASA AcronymsVernier
VROCUS Military AcronymsVertical Rate Of Climb
VRPAChemistry AcronymsVariational Random Phase Approxn.
VRRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsVisual Radio Range
VRRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsVisual Radio Range
VRRNASA AcronymsVerification Readiness Review
VRRUS Military AcronymsVoice Recognition Response
VRSUS Military AcronymsVideo Recording System
VRSGUncategorized AcronymsVirtual Reality Scene Generator
VRUComputer And Internet AcronymsVirus Research Unit
VSAstronomy AcronymsSNGVooruzhennikh Sil SNG
VSChemistry AcronymsVolatile Solids
VSNASA AcronymsStaging Velocity
VSNASA AcronymsVersus
VSUncategorized AcronymsVery Special (brandy Grade) - Vide Supra (Latin
VSUS Military AcronymsStall Speed
VSUS Military AcronymsVertical Speed
VSAChemistry AcronymsVacuum Swing Adsorption
VSAMedical AcronymsVital Signs Absent
VSANASA AcronymsVariable Stability Aircraft
VSANASA AcronymsVerification Site Approval
VSAComputer And Internet AcronymsVirtual Storage Architecture
VSATUncategorized AcronymsVery Small Aperture Terminal (vee-satt)
VSBNASA AcronymsVestigial Side Band
VSBUS Military AcronymsVast System Bulletin (tdc 86)
VSCUS Military AcronymsVast System Change (tdc 85)
VSDChemistry AcronymsVirtually Safe Dose
VSDMedical AcronymsVentricular Septal Defect
VSDNASA AcronymsVertical Situation Display
VSDUS Military AcronymsVendor Shipping Document
VSDUS Military AcronymsVertical Situation Display
VSEPChemistry AcronymsVibratory Shear Enhanced Process
VSEPRChemistry AcronymsValence-shell Electron-pair Repulsion
VSFText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsVery Sad Face
VSFGChemistry AcronymsVibrational Sum-frequency Generation
VSFSChemistry AcronymsVibrational Sum Frequency Spectroscopy
VSHORADUncategorized AcronymsVery Short Range Air Defence
VSINASA AcronymsVertical Speed Indicator
VSINASA AcronymsVideo Simulation Interface
VSIUS Military AcronymsVertical Speed Indicator
VSILUS Military AcronymsV-22 System Integration Display
VSIPChemistry AcronymsValence State Ionization Potential
VSLEDUS Military AcronymsVibration Structural Life And Engine Diagnostics
VSMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsVertical Slab Model
VSMChemistry AcronymsVariable Screening Model (for Quasimols. And MO Correlation Diagrams)
VSMChemistry AcronymsVascular Smooth Muscle
VSMChemistry AcronymsVibrating Sample Magnetometer
VSMCChemistry AcronymsVascular Smooth Muscle Cell
VSMOWChemistry AcronymsVienna Standard Mean Ocean Water
VSNNASA AcronymsVideo SwitchingNetwork
VSONASA AcronymsVery Stable Oscillator
VSOUncategorized AcronymsVoluntary Services Overseas
VSOPUncategorized AcronymsVariations S?culaires Des Orbites Plan?taires (French
VSPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsVisiting Scientist Programs
VSPChemistry AcronymsVertical Seismic Profile
VSQGChemistry AcronymsVery Small Quantity Generator
VSRUncategorized AcronymsVery Special Relativity
VSSChemistry AcronymsVolatile Suspended Solids
VSSPChemistry AcronymsViscous Suspension Spinning Process
VSTAChemistry AcronymsVirus-Serum-Toxin Act

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