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 Acronym Category Meaning
TNASA AcronymsTransformation (Matrix)
TNASA AcronymsSuperscript)
TNASA AcronymsTalk/Monitor
TNASA AcronymsTemperature
TNASA AcronymsTemperature Rate
TNASA AcronymsTest
TNASA AcronymsThermostabilized
TNASA AcronymsThrottle Command
TNASA AcronymsTime
TNASA AcronymsTop
TNASA AcronymsTotal Temperature
TNASA AcronymsLSCP Telescope
TUncategorized AcronymsTera - Tesla - Tritium
TUS Military AcronymsTop
T&CText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsTerms & Conditions
T&CDNASA AcronymsTiming And Countdown
T&CPNASA AcronymsTest And Checkout Procedure
T&DNASA AcronymsTransPortation And Docking
T&ENASA AcronymsTest And Evaluation
T&EUS Military AcronymsTest And Evaluation
T&MNASA AcronymsTime And Materials
T&ONASA AcronymsTest And Operations
T+NASA AcronymsTime Postintegration
T+Text Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsThink Positive
T-NASA AcronymsTime Prior To Launch
T-0NASA AcronymsTakeoff
T-0NASA AcronymsTime Zero
T-GASChemistry AcronymsTrace Gas Accounting System
T-J MODELChemistry AcronymsHeisenberg-Hubbard Model (Hamiltonian)
T-LAPSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTerminal LAPS
T.NASA AcronymsB.Toggle Buffer
T.P.Atmospheric Research Center AcronymsTropical Platform
T.P.NASA AcronymsTransition Period
T/ANASA AcronymsTurnaround
T/CNASA AcronymsTelecommunications
T/CNASA AcronymsTemperature Compensating
T/CNASA AcronymsTermination Check
T/CNASA AcronymsThrust Chamber
T/CAPNASA AcronymsThermal Capacitor
T/DNASA AcronymsTime Delay
T/DNASA AcronymsTouchdown
T/ENASA AcronymsTransporter/Erector
T/FUS Military AcronymsTerrain Following
T/LNASA AcronymsTalk And Listen
T/LNASA AcronymsTimeline
T/LNASA AcronymsTransformer Load
T/ONASA AcronymsTakeover
T/OUncategorized AcronymsTheatre Of Operations
T/RNASA AcronymsTape Recorder
T/RNASA AcronymsTechnical Report
T/RNASA AcronymsTransformer Rectifier
T/RNASA AcronymsTransmit/Receive
T/RNASA AcronymsTransmitter/Receiver
T/RNASA AcronymsTransmitter/Receiver
T/RNASA AcronymsTransportation Request
T/RNASA AcronymsTransportation Request
T/RNASA AcronymsTurnaround RequiremLnts
T/RUS Military AcronymsTransmitter-receiver
T/TNASA AcronymsTerminal Timing
T/TNASA AcronymsTiming/Telemetry
T/TCANASA AcronymsThrust/Translation Control Assembly
T/VNASA AcronymsThermal Vacuum
T/WNASA AcronymsThrust Weight
T/WNASA AcronymsThrust-to-Weight
T/WNASA AcronymsThrust-to-weight
T1Computer And Internet AcronymsT-One - Carrier Signal (communications)
T2US Military AcronymsCompressor Inlet Temperature
T2GOText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsTime To Go
T2ULText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsTalk To You Later
T3Medical AcronymsTriiodothyronine
T3Medical AcronymsTriiodothyronine
T3US Military AcronymsCompressor Discharge Air Temperature
T3Computer And Internet AcronymsT-Three - Carrier Signal (communications)
T4Medical AcronymsThyroxine
T42Atmospheric Research Center AcronymsTriangular 42
T@YLText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsTalk At You Later
TAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTechnology Applications
TANASA AcronymsTask Analysis
TANASA AcronymsTest Article
TANASA AcronymsTime Actual
TANASA AcronymsTravel Authorization
TANASA AcronymsTrunnion Angle
TAUncategorized AcronymsTarget Acquisition - Teaching Assistant -Tera-ampere -Territorial Army (UK) -Tristan Da Cunha (ISO 3166 Digram)
TAUncategorized AcronymsTamil Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
TAUncategorized AcronymsTantalum
TAUS Govt. AcronymsTechnology Administration
TAUS Military AcronymsTerrain Avoidance
TAUS Military AcronymsTraining Agent
TAComputer And Internet AcronymsTerminal Adapter
TASMS Chat And Text AcronymsThanks Again
TAText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsThanks Again
TA#Atmospheric Research Center AcronymsTaylor Number
TAANASA AcronymsTechnical Assistance Agreement
TAANASA AcronymsTemporary Access Authorization
TAAUncategorized AcronymsTransparency Anti-Aliasing
TAAUS Govt. AcronymsTrade Adjustment Assistance
TAACOMUncategorized AcronymsU.S. Theater Army Area Command
TAADUS Military AcronymsTask Assignment And Directive (ntsc-3930/26)
TAADCOORDUncategorized AcronymsTheatre Army Air Defence Co-ordinator
TAARUncategorized AcronymsTrace Amine-Associated Receptor

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