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TDChemistry AcronymsThermal Desorption
TDChemistry AcronymsTransmembrane Distillation
TDNASA AcronymsTechnical Directive
TDNASA AcronymsTerminal Distributor
TDNASA AcronymsTest Director (NASA)
TDNASA AcronymsTime Delay
TDNASA AcronymsTouch Down
TDUncategorized AcronymsToon Disney
TDUS Military AcronymsTechnical Directive
TDUS Military AcronymsTechnical Director
TDUS Military AcronymsTechnical Documentation
TDUS Military AcronymsTradevman
TDUS Military AcronymsTraining Device
TD&SANASA Acronyms Telephone
TD-CACChemistry AcronymsTime Dependent-coupled Arrangement Channel (method For Calcns. On Reactive And Dissociative Collisions)
TDAChemistry AcronymsTamm-Dancoff Approximation
TDAUncategorized AcronymsThe Disney Afternoon
TDAUS Govt. AcronymsTrade And Development Agency
TDA-2PHChemistry AcronymsTwo-particle One Hole Tamm-Dancoff Approximation
TDCChemistry AcronymsTime-to-Digital Converter
TDCChemistry AcronymsTop Dead Center
TDCUS Military AcronymsTechnical Directive Code
TDCUS Military AcronymsTrident Data Center
TDCCChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Close-coupling
TDCCChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Coupled-cluster
TDCHFChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Coupled Hartree-Fock
TDCIMSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsThermal Desorption Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer
TDCP-HFRChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Coupled Perturbed Hartree-Fock-roothan Approach
TDCRChemistry AcronymsTriple To Double Coincidence Ratio
TDCSChemistry AcronymsTotal Dissolved And Colloidal Solids
TDCSChemistry AcronymsTriple Differential Cross Section
TDDChemistry AcronymsTelecommunications Device For The Deaf
TDDNASA AcronymsTask Description Document
TDDUS Military AcronymsTechnical Discussion Document
TDDUS Military AcronymsTemporary Design Departure
TDDBChemistry AcronymsTime Dependent Dielectric Breakdown
TDDFTChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Density-functional Theory
TDEMSEChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Effective Mass Schroedinger Equation
TDFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTechnology Development Facility
TDFUS Military AcronymsTactical Digital Facsimile
TDFGHChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Fourier Grid Hamiltonian (method)
TDFMChemistry AcronymsTwo-surface Dirac-Frenkel-Mclachlan (variational Method)
TDGC/MSChemistry AcronymsThermal Desorption Gas Chromatography/mass Spectrometry
TDGIChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Gage-invariant (quantum Calcn. Method)
TDHChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Hartree Theory
TDHFChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Hartree-Fock Method
TDHGChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Hartree Grid (quantum Method)
TDIChemistry AcronymsTolerable Daily Intake
TDIChemistry AcronymsToluene Diisocyanate [mixt. Of Isomers]
TDKSChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Kohn-Sham (d.-functional Operator Equation)
TDLAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTechniques Development Lab
TDLAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTunable Diode Laser
TDLChemistry AcronymsTunable Diode Laser
TDLUncategorized AcronymsTactical Data Link
TDLUS Military AcronymsTactical Data Link
TDLASAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
TDLASChemistry AcronymsTunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
TDLDAChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Local-density Approximation
TDLSChemistry AcronymsTunable Diode Laser Spectrometry
TDMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsThree-dimensional Time-varying Mesoscale Model
TDMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTime Division Multiplex
TDMChemistry AcronymsTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
TDMChemistry AcronymsTime-division Multiplexing
TDMChemistry AcronymsTruncated Diagonalization Method
TDMNASA AcronymsTime-Division Multiplexing (Multiplexer)
TDMUncategorized AcronymsTime-Division Multiplexing
TDMComputer And Internet AcronymsTime Division Multiplexing
TDMText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsToo Darn Many
TDMAUncategorized AcronymsTime Division Multiple Access
TDMAUS Military AcronymsTime Division Multiple Access
TDMAComputer And Internet AcronymsTime Division Multiple Access
TDMCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTAMEX Data Management Center
TDMCSCFChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent MC-SCF
TDMFChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Mean Field
TDMOChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Molecular Orbital
TDMPUS Military AcronymsTraining Device Maintenance Plan
TDMSChemistry AcronymsThermal Desorption Mass Spectrometry
TDOChemistry AcronymsTruncated Diatomic Orbital (a MO)
TDOPMChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Optimized Potential Method
TDPChemistry AcronymsTotal Dissolved Phosphorus
TDPNASA AcronymsTemperature And Dewpoint
TDPNASA AcronymsTracking Data Processor
TDPUncategorized AcronymsTechnology Demonstration Programme
TDPUS Military AcronymsTechnical Development Plan
TDPUS Military AcronymsTurbine Exhaust Pressure
TDPACChemistry AcronymsTime Differential Perturbed Angular Correlation
TDPADChemistry AcronymsTime Differential Perturbed Angular Distribution
TDPTChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Perturbation Theory
TDRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTracking And Data Relay
TDRChemistry AcronymsTime Domain Reflectometer
TDRNASA AcronymsTechnical Design Review
TDRNASA AcronymsTechnical Documentation Report
TDRNASA AcronymsTest Discrepancy Report
TDRUS Military AcronymsTime Domaine Reflectometer
TDRHChemistry AcronymsTime-dependent Rotated Hartree (theory)
TDRRNASA AcronymsTest Data Recording And Retrieval
TDRSAstronomy AcronymsTracking And Data Relay Satellite
TDRSNASA AcronymsTelemetry Downlist Receiving Site
TDRSNASA AcronymsTracking And Data Relay Satellite
TDRSNASA AcronymsTracking And Data Relay Satellite

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