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TANJText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsThere Ain't No Justice
TANPUncategorized AcronymsTerrain-Aware Network Planner
TANSTAAFLChatting AcronymsThere Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TANSTAAFLUncategorized AcronymsThere Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (coined By Author Robert A. Heinlein In His The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress)
TANSTAAFLComputer And Internet AcronymsThere Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TANSTAAFLSMS Chat And Text AcronymsThere Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TANSTAAFLText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsThere Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TAOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTropical Atmosphere Ocean
TAOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsThermal Array In The Ocean
TAONASA AcronymsTrans-Atlantic Abort
TAOCUS Military AcronymsTactical Air Operations Center
TAPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTransportation Alternatives Program
TAPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDiffusion Transport Models
TAPChemistry AcronymsTemporal Anal. Of Products
TAPChemistry AcronymsToxic Air Pollutant
TAPNASA AcronymsTechnical Achievement Plan
TAPNASA AcronymsTelemetry Acceptance Pattern
TAPNASA AcronymsTest Administration Plan
TAPNASA AcronymsTotal Air Pressure
TAPText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsTake A Pill
TAP BLAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsNon-reactive Gases
TAP IRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsReactive Gases
TAP LSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsLiquid And Solid Particles
TAPIComputer And Internet AcronymsTelephony Application Programming Interface
TAPPIChemistry AcronymsTechnical Association Of The Pulp And Paper Industry
TAPSChemistry AcronymsTris-aminopropanesulfonic Acid
TAPSMedical Acronyms (Slang)Thick As Pig Sh*t
TARAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsThird Assessment Report
TARNASA AcronymsTechnical Analysis Request
TARNASA AcronymsTest Action Requirement
TARNASA AcronymsTest Agency Report
TARCChemistry AcronymsTiered Area Response Capability
TARCNASA AcronymsTASTelemetry Antenna Subsystem
TARCNASA AcronymsTest Article Specification
TARCNASA AcronymsThrough Axis Rotational Control
TARCNASA AcronymsTrue Airspeed
TARDISUncategorized AcronymsTime And Relative Dimensions In Space (from Doctor Who)
TARFOXChemistry AcronymsTropospheric Aerosol Radiative Forcing Observation Experiment
TARFUChatting AcronymsThings Are Really Foobared Up
TARFUUS Army Acronyms (Slang)Things Are Really Fucked Up. A Situation Worse Than SNAFU, But Not Quite FUBAR.
TARFUMedical Acronyms (Slang)Things Are Really F*cked Up
TARFUSMS Chat And Text AcronymsThings Are Really F*cked Up
TARFUText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsThings Are Really F*cked Up
TARISChemistry AcronymsThermal Atomization Resonance Ionization Spectrometry
TAROTUncategorized AcronymsT?lescope ? Action Rapide Pour Les Objets Transitoires (French
TARPChemistry AcronymsTechnical Assistance Response Program
TARPSUS Military AcronymsTactical Airborne Reconnaissance Program System
TARTChemistry AcronymsTip-angle Reduced T1 Imaging
TASAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTrue Air Speed
TASChemistry AcronymsTotal Analysis Systems
TASUncategorized AcronymsTasmania (postal Symbol)
TASUS Military AcronymsTarget Acquisition System (tacdew Mk 23)
TASUS Military AcronymsTrue Airspeed
TASText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsTaking A Shower
TASCUS Govt. AcronymsTransportation Administrative Service Center
TASCCChemistry AcronymsChalk River Tandem Accelerator Superconducting Cyclotron Facility
TASERUncategorized AcronymsThomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle
TASIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTime-assingment Speech Interpolation
TASMUncategorized AcronymsTactical Air-to-Surface Missile
TASOChemistry AcronymsTerminal Atom Symmetry Orbital
TASPChemistry AcronymsTemplate-assembled Synthetic Proteins
TASPEUS Military AcronymsTowed Array Signal Processing Equipment
TASPRNASA AcronymsTATTechnical Acceptance Team
TASPRNASA AcronymsTATITotal Air TemPerature Indicator
TASPRNASA AcronymsTechnical And Schedule Performance Report
TASPRNASA AcronymsTotal Air Temperature
TASPRNASA AcronymsTurnaround Time
TASUAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTime-alternating Space-uncentered
TATChemistry AcronymsTechnical Assistance Team
TATUncategorized AcronymsTourism Authority Of Thailand
TATUncategorized AcronymsTatar Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
TATUS Military AcronymsTurnaround Time
TATPChemistry AcronymsTriacetone Triperoxide
TATPUncategorized AcronymsTriAcetone TriPeroxide
TATTUncategorized AcronymsTired All The Time (medical Diagnosis In-joke)
TATTMedical Acronyms (Slang)Talks All The Time (also "Tired All The Time")
TAUAstronomy AcronymsThousand Astronomical Unit
TAWText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsTeachers Are Watching
TBAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTerabytes
TBAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTerabits
TBMedical AcronymsTuberculosis/Trouble Breathing
TBNASA AcronymsTalk Back
TBNASA AcronymsTerminal Base
TBNASA AcronymsTerminal Board
TBNASA AcronymsTime Base
TBNASA AcronymsTime Duration Of Burn
TBNASA AcronymsToggle Buffer
TBUncategorized AcronymsTuberculosis
TBUncategorized AcronymsTerbium
TBAChemistry AcronymsTight Binding Approximation
TBAChemistry AcronymsTrue Bicarbonate Activity
TBANASA AcronymsTo Be Added
TBANASA AcronymsTo Be Announced
TBAUncategorized AcronymsTo Be Announced
TBAUS Military AcronymsTo Be Assigned
TBAText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsTo Be Advised
TBABChemistry AcronymsTetrabutylammonium Bromide
TBARSChemistry AcronymsThiobarbituric Acid Reactive Substances
TBATUS Military AcronymsTowed Buoy Antenna Trainer (trident-8d35)
TBBAChemistry AcronymsTightly-bound-on-the-bond Approxn. (band Structure Crystal)

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