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TABOOMAText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsTake A Bite Out Of My Ass
TACChemistry AcronymsToxic Air Contaminant
TACChemistry AcronymsTotal Antioxidn. Capacity
TACNASA AcronymsKennedy Space Center Landing Site
TACNASA AcronymsTactical Air Command
TACNASA AcronymsTotal Average Cost
TACUncategorized AcronymsU.S. Tactical Air Command (1946-1992)
TACUS Military AcronymsTable Assignment Chart
TACUS Military AcronymsTotal Accumulated Cyclestmttactical Air Control/command
TAC/RANASA AcronymsTACAN Radar Altimeter
TACAMOUncategorized AcronymsTake Charge And Move Out (U.S. Military)
TACAMOUS Military AcronymsTake Charge And Move Out
TACANAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTactical Air Navigation System
TACANNASA AcronymsTactical Air Command And Navigation System
TACANNASA AcronymsTactical Air Navigation
TACANNASA AcronymsTactical Air Navigation
TACANUncategorized AcronymsTactical Air Navigation
TACANUS Military AcronymsTactical Air Navigation
TACBChemistry AcronymsTexas Air Control Board
TACCUncategorized AcronymsTactical Air Control Centre - (USAF) Tanker Airlift Control Center
TACCUS Military AcronymsTatical Air Control Center
TACCOUncategorized AcronymsTactical Coordinator
TACCOUS Military AcronymsTactical Coordinator
TACCSFUncategorized AcronymsU.S. Theater Aerospace Command & Control Simulation Facility
TACDARUncategorized AcronymsTactical Detection And Reporting
TACDEWUS Military AcronymsTactical Advanced Combat Direction & Electronic Warfare
TACEChemistry AcronymsTumor Necrosis Factor Alpha-converting Enzyme
TACHNASA AcronymsTachometer
TACIChemistry AcronymsTransmembrane Activator And CAML Interactor
TACLUS Military AcronymsTac Left
TACLERONUS Military AcronymsTacticial Eletronic Warfare Squadron
TACNAVUS Military AcronymsTactical Navigator
TACONASA AcronymsTest And Checkout Operations
TACPUncategorized AcronymsTactical Air Control Party - Technology Applications Certification Program
TACPText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsTake Chill A Pill
TACRUS Military AcronymsTac Right
TACSOPUncategorized AcronymsTactical SOP (Standing Operating Procedure)
TACSOPUS Army Acronyms (Official) TACtical Standard Operation Procedure. The ?game-plan? That Units Follow When Conducting Tactical Operations. Similar To Sports Team And ?secret? Plays
TACTChemistry AcronymsTrans Alaska Crustal Transect
TACTASUS Military AcronymsTactical Towed Array Sonar
TACTERMUS Military AcronymsTactical Terminal
TACTSUS Military AcronymsTactical Aircrew Combat Training System
TADChemistry AcronymsThermophilic Aerobic Digestion (of Sewage Sludge)
TADNASA AcronymsTemperature And Dewpoint
TADUS Military AcronymsTemporary Additional Duty
TADAPChemistry AcronymsTransport And Deposition Of Acidifying Pollutants (European Environmental Model)
TADCUS Military AcronymsTactical Air Direction Center
TADILUncategorized AcronymsTactical Digital Information Link
TADIXSUS Military AcronymsTactical Data Info Exchange Subsystem
TADLUncategorized AcronymsTactical Air Data Link (taddle)
TADMUSUS Military AcronymsTactical Decision Making Under Stress
TADSSUncategorized AcronymsTraining Aids
TADSTANDUS Military AcronymsTactical Digital System Standards
TAEASUS Military AcronymsTactical Asw Environmental Acoustic Support
TAEGUS Military AcronymsTraining Analysis And Evaluation Group
TAEMNASA AcronymsTerminal Area Energy Management
TAEMNASA AcronymsTerminal Area Energy Management
TAFText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsThat's All, Folks!
TAFEChemistry AcronymsTransverse Alternating-field Electrophoresis
TAFIChemistry AcronymsThrombin Activatable Fibrinolysis Inhibitor
TAFNSMS Chat And Text AcronymsThat's All For Now
TAFNText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsThat's All For Now
TAGChemistry AcronymsTrans-Atlantic Geotraverse
TAGNASA AcronymsTechnical Air-to-Ground
TAGBUS Military AcronymsTilt Axis Gearbox
TAGGSIChemistry AcronymsTransfer Of Aerosols And Gases To The Greenland Snow And Ice
TAGSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsText And Animation Graphics Server
TAGSNASA AcronymsText And Graphics System
TAHUncategorized AcronymsTahitian Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
TAHSMS Chat And Text AcronymsTake A Hike
TAHText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsTake A Hike
TAIAstronomy AcronymsInternational Atomic Time
TAIChemistry AcronymsThermal Alteration Index
TAIUncategorized AcronymsTarget[ed] Area Of Interest
TAIRNASA AcronymsTest Assembly Inspection Record
TAJUncategorized AcronymsTom And Jerry
TAJTUncategorized AcronymsTom And Jerry Tales
TAKSText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsThat's A Knee Slapper
TALAstronomy AcronymsTransatlantic Abort Landing
TALChemistry AcronymsThreshold Ambient Level
TALNASA AcronymsTransatlantic Abort Landing
TALNASA AcronymsTransoceanic Abort Landing
TALARNASA AcronymsTactical Approach And Landing Radar
TALESUncategorized AcronymsTechnical Advice And Lexicon For Enabling Simulation
TALESTChemistry AcronymsTandem Arrayed Ligation Of Expressed Sequence Tags
TALIFChemistry AcronymsTwo-photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence
TALMSChemistry AcronymsTunable Atomic Line Molecular Spectroscopy
TAMNASA AcronymsThermal Analytical Model
TAMUncategorized AcronymsTamil Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
TAMUS Military AcronymsTable Assignment Metrix
TAMEChemistry AcronymsTert-amyl Methyl Ether
TAMEXAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsTaiwan Mesoscale Experiment
TAMFRUS Army Acronyms (Slang)This Ain't My First Rodeo. Often Used By Newly Promoted Officers.
TAMSChemistry AcronymsToxic Air Monitoring System (US EPA)
TAMSChemistry AcronymsTandem Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
TANChemistry AcronymsTotal Acid Number
TANNASA AcronymsTananarive
TANFUS Govt. AcronymsTemporary Assistance For Needy Families
TANGOChemistry AcronymsTesting For Adjacent Nuclei With A Gyration Operator
TANJUncategorized AcronymsThere Ain't No Justice (used As Expletive In The Ringworld Novels)

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