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SCBNASA AcronymsSoftware Control Board
SCBNASA AcronymsSpecification Control Board
SCBAChemistry AcronymsSelf-Contained Breathing Apparatus
SCBAChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Born Approximation
SCBCChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Basis And Configuration
SCBDNASA AcronymsSeller's Approved Configuration Ase Ine
SCBSAChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Boundary-site Approxn. (for D.-of-states)
SCCChemistry AcronymsSource Classification Code
SCCChemistry AcronymsStandards Council Of Canada
SCCChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Charge Method
SCCChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Collective Coordinate (in Reactive Collisions)
SCCChemistry AcronymsSemiclassical Coupled-channel
SCCChemistry AcronymsSludge Conditioning Controller
SCCChemistry AcronymsSomatic Cell Count
SCCChemistry AcronymsSquamous Cell Carcinoma
SCCChemistry AcronymsStress-corrosion Cracking
SCCChemistry AcronymsSuperposition Of Correlated Configurations (variational Method)
SCCNASA AcronymsSafety Control Center
SCCNASA AcronymsSimulation Control Center
SCCNASA AcronymsStandard Cubic Centimeters
SCCUS Military AcronymsSignificant Character Code
SCC-DVMChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent-charge-discrete-variational Method
SCC-IEHChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Charge-iterative Extended Hueckel
SCCBNASA AcronymsSite Configuration Control Board
SCCBUS Military AcronymsSoftware Configuration Control Board
SCCBUS Military AcronymsSoftware Change Control Board
SCCCChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Charge And Configuration Method
SCCCAMPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSouth Central Coast Cooperative Aerometric Monitoring Program
SCCEChemistry AcronymsSynchronized Cyclic Capillary Electrophoresis
SCCEHChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Charge Extended Hueckel Method
SCCFChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Continued Fraction
SCCFChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Crystal Field (method For Calcns. On Molecular Crystals)
SCCFChemistry AcronymsSpin-correlated Crystal Field
SCCHNASA AcronymsStandard Cubic Centimeters-per Hour
SCCMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSingle-column CCM
SCCMChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Cell Model
SCCMNASA AcronymsStandard Cubic Centimeters Per Minute
SCCMUncategorized AcronymsStandard Cubic Centimetre Per Minute (unit Of Measurement Of Fluid Flow)
SCCO2Chemistry AcronymsSupercritical Carbon Dioxide
SCCPChemistry AcronymsStrong-coupling Correspondence Principle
SCCRChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Current Relaxation (in Electronic Dynamic Structure Factor Calcns.)
SCCSUncategorized AcronymsStandard Cubic Centimetre Per Second (unit Of Measurement Of Fluid Flow)
SCCSAChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Central-site Approxn. (for D.-of-states)
SCCTChemistry AcronymsSemiclassical Complex Trajectory
SCCWRPChemistry AcronymsSouthern California Coastal Water Research Project
SCDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsScientific Computing Division
SCDChemistry AcronymsSulfur Chemiluminescence Detector
SCDChemistry AcronymsSupercritical Drying
SCDChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Dipole (approxn.)
SCDChemistry AcronymsSickle Cell Disease
SCDNASA AcronymsSource Control Document
SCDNASA AcronymsSource Control Drawing
SCDNASA AcronymsSpecification Control Document
SCDNASA AcronymsSpecification Control Drawing
SCDUS Military AcronymsSource Control Drawing
SCDANASA AcronymsSafing
SCDLChemistry AcronymsShort Cavity Dye Laser
SCDMChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Diagrammatic Method (in Calcn. On Electronic Excitation Transfer)
SCDPNASA AcronymsSimulation Control Data Package
SCDRNASA AcronymsSeller Critical Design Review
SCDRNASA AcronymsShuttle Critical Design Review
SCDRNASA AcronymsSoftware Critical Design Review
SCDRNASA AcronymsSubcontractor Critical Design Review
SCDUNASA AcronymsSignal Conditioning And Display Unit
SCDUGAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsScientific Computing Division Users Group Scelming
SCEChemistry AcronymsShort Channel Effect
SCEChemistry AcronymsSaturated Calomel Electrode
SCEChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Energy (method In At. And Mol. Calcns. With An Einsteinian Relativistic Theory
SCEChemistry AcronymsSemiclassical Exchange Approximation
SCEChemistry AcronymsSister Chromatid Exchange
SCEHuman Genome AcronymsSchool Of Continuing Education
SCENASA AcronymsSignal Conditioning Equipment
SCEUS Military AcronymsStandard Computing Element
SCEANASA AcronymsSignal Conditioning Electronics Assembly
SCEHMChemistry AcronymsSoil Chemical Exchange Of Heavy Metals Model
SCEMChemistry AcronymsSemiclassical Self-consistent Eikonal Method
SCEMR1Chemistry AcronymsSoil Chemical Exchange And Migration Of Radionuclides Model
SCEPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsStudy Of Critical Environmental Problems
SCEPChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Electron-pair Theory
SCEPMChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Empirical Pseudopotential Method
SCFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsStandard Cubic Feet
SCFChemistry AcronymsSpherical Convergent Flap
SCFChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Field
SCFChemistry AcronymsSingle Crystal Fiber
SCFChemistry AcronymsStem Cell Factor
SCFChemistry AcronymsSupercritical Fluid
SCFNASA AcronymsSafing And DeServicing Facility
SCFNASA AcronymsSatellite Control Facility
SCFNASA AcronymsSatellite Control Facility
SCFNASA AcronymsSequenced Compatibility Firing
SCFNASA AcronymsSpacecraft Control Facility
SCFNASA AcronymsStandard Charge Factor
SCFNASA AcronymsStandard Cubic Feet
SCFNASA AcronymsStatistical Collection File
SCFNASA AcronymsSunnyvale Control Facility
SCFUS Military AcronymsScheduled Change Factor (milestone Modifier)
SCF MOChemistry AcronymsSelf-consistent Field Molecular Orbital
SCF2Chemistry AcronymsTwo-electron Self-consistent Field
SCFAChemistry AcronymsShort Chain Fatty Acid
SCFBChemistry AcronymsStandard Cubic Feet Per Barrel

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