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SAUNASA AcronymsSignal Acquisition Unit
SAUNASA AcronymsStraP Around Unit
SAUUncategorized AcronymsSaudi Arabia (ISO 3166 Trigram)
SAUUS Military AcronymsSignal Acquisition Unit
SAVAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsState-of-the-atmosphere Variable
SAVAKUncategorized AcronymsSazamane Etelaat Va Amniate Kechvar (Iranian Security And Intelligence Service)
SAVEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsStratospheric Aerosol Validation Experiment
SAVEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSouth Atlantic Ventilation Experiment
SAVEUS Govt. AcronymsSystematic Alien Verification For Entitlement
SAVERNASA AcronymsShuttle Avionics Verification And Evaluation
SAWChemistry AcronymsSurface Acoustic Wave
SAWChemistry AcronymsSelf-avoiding Walk [modeling]
SAWChemistry AcronymsSubmerged Arc Welding
SAWUncategorized AcronymsSquad Automatic Weapon - Surface Acoustic Wave
SAWDChemistry AcronymsSolid Amine Water Desorbed
SAWDNASA AcronymsSolid Amine Water Desorbed
SAWEUncategorized AcronymsSociety Of Allied Weight Engineers
SAWRSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSupplementary Aviation Weather Reporting System
SAWSChemistry AcronymsSurface Acoustic Wave Sensor
SAXPSChemistry AcronymsSelected Area X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
SAXRDChemistry AcronymsSmall-angle X-ray Diffraction
SAXSChemistry AcronymsSmall Angle X-ray Scattering
SBAstronomy Acronyms Spiral
SBChatting AcronymsSmiles Back
SBMedical AcronymsSpina Bifida
SBNASA AcronymsSpace Base
SBNASA AcronymsSpeed Brake
SBNASA AcronymsSynchronization Base
SBNASA AcronymsSynchronization Bit
SBUncategorized AcronymsSexy Bitch - Sexy Bastard - Sexy Boy
SBUncategorized AcronymsAntimony (Latin Stibium)
SBUncategorized AcronymsSolomon Islands (ISO 3166 Digram)
SBSMS Chat And Text AcronymsSmiles Back
SBText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsStand By
SBAChemistry AcronymsSmall Business Administration
SBAChemistry AcronymsSecond Born Approximation
SBAChemistry AcronymsShort Bed Adsorbers
SBAChemistry AcronymsSlurry Blasting Agents
SBANASA AcronymsSeat Back Assembly
SBANASA AcronymsSmall Business Administration
SBANASA AcronymsStructure Borne Acoustic
SBAUncategorized AcronymsSimulation-Based Acquisition - Sovereign Base Area
SBAUS Govt. AcronymsSmall Business Administration
SBAMedical Acronyms (Slang)Silver Bracelet Award - Patient Is A Prisoner Brought In Wearing Cuffs
SBARChemistry AcronymsSequencing Batch Anaerobic Reactor(s)
SBASNASA AcronymsS-Band AntennaSwitch
SBBUncategorized AcronymsGerman For The Swiss Federal Railways
SBBUS Military AcronymsSupplied By Bidder
SBBComputer And Internet AcronymsStorage Bridge Bay Working Group
SBCNASA AcronymsSpeedBrakeCommand
SBCUncategorized AcronymsSensotronic Brake Control - Single-Board Computer
SBCCOMUncategorized AcronymsU.S. Army Soldier And Biological Chemical Command (disbanded 2003)
SBCODChemistry AcronymsSlowly Biodegradable Chemical Oxygen Demand
SBCPAChemistry AcronymsSingle-bond Coherent Potential Approximation
SBCRNASA AcronymsStock Balance And Consumption Report
SBCSUncategorized AcronymsSingle-Byte Character Set
SBCTUncategorized AcronymsStryker Brigade Combat Team
SBCTUS Army Acronyms (Official)Stryker Brigade Combat Team
SBDChemistry AcronymsSchottky-barrier Diode
SBDNASA AcronymsSchematic Block Diagram
SBDUncategorized AcronymsSolomon Islands Dollar (ISO 4217 Currency Code)
SBDDChemistry AcronymsStructure-based Drug Design
SBEChemistry AcronymsSingle Base Extension
SBEChemistry AcronymsStarch Branching Enzyme
SBEChemistry AcronymsSulfobutyl Ether
SBENASA AcronymsSub-Bit Encoder
SBFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsScientific Balloon Facility
SBFChemistry AcronymsSimulated Body Fluid
SBFUS Army Acronyms (Official)Support By Fire
SBHChemistry AcronymsSchottky-barrier Height
SBHChemistry AcronymsSequencing By Hybridization
SBHHuman Genome AcronymsSequencing By Hybridization
SBHCNASA AcronymsSpeed Brake Hand Controller
SBIMedical Acronyms (Slang)Something Bad Inside E.g. Undiagnosed Cancer/unexpected Serious Condition Found When Performing Surgery
SBIText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsSorry 'Bout It
SBIGChemistry AcronymsSubject-based Information Gateway
SBIRAstronomy AcronymsSmall Business Innovation Research
SBIRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSmall Business Innovative Research
SBIRChemistry AcronymsSmall Business Innovative Research Program
SBIRHuman Genome AcronymsSmall Business Innovation Research
SBIRUS Military AcronymsSmall Business Innovative Research
SBLAChemistry AcronymsSealed Bipolar Lead Acid (battery)
SBLEOMedical Acronyms (Slang)(pronounced S-B-Leo) Suicide By Law Enforcement Officer
SBMFChemistry AcronymsSlave-boson Mean Field (in Electronic-structure Calcns.)
SBMOChemistry AcronymsSubjacent Molecular Orbital
SBOMedical AcronymsSmall Bowel Obstruction
SBODMedical Acronyms (Slang)Stupid Bitch / Bastard On Drugs
SBPChemistry AcronymsSystolic Blood Pressure
SBPNASA AcronymsSan Luis Obispo (TACAN Station)
SBPNASA AcronymsSonic Boom Panel
SBRChemistry AcronymsSequential Batch Reactor
SBRChemistry AcronymsStyrene Butadiene Rubber
SBSChemistry AcronymsSociety For Biomolecular Screening
SBSChemistry AcronymsSick Building Syndrome
SBSChemistry AcronymsStimulated Brillouin Scattering
SBSNASA AcronymsSatellite Business System
SBSUncategorized AcronymsSpecial Boat Service - Special Broadcasting Service
SBSLChemistry AcronymsSingle-bubble Sonoluminescence
SBSRChemistry AcronymsSingle Bead String Reactor
SBTAText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsSorry, Being Thick Again

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