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SSUSatellite Meterology AcronymsStratospheric Sounding Unit (TOVS)
SSULIChemistry AcronymsSpecial Sensor Ultraviolet Limb Imager
SSUSNASA AcronymsSpinning Solid Upper Stage
SSUS-ANASA AcronymsSSUS For Atlas-Centaur Class Spacecraft
SSUS-DNASA AcronymsSSUS For Delta Class Spacecraft
SSUSIChemistry AcronymsSpecial Sensor UV Spectrographic Imager
SSUSPNASA AcronymsSpinning Solid Upper Stage Project
SSUWPChemistry AcronymsSingle Sided Universal Wet Processor
SSVNASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle Vehicle
SSVUncategorized AcronymsSoft-Skinned Vehicle (i.e
SSWUncategorized AcronymsSouth South-West
SSWUncategorized AcronymsSwati Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
SSWUS Military AcronymsSurface Ship Warfare
SSWChemistry AcronymsSolid-state Welding
SSWGUS Military AcronymsSystem Safety Working Group
SSXBTUS Military Acronyms(an/bqh-7)
STUncategorized AcronymsSaint Lucia (FIPS 10-4 Country Code) - S?o Tom? And PrĀ­ncipe (ISO 3166 Digram)
STUncategorized AcronymsSotho Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
STUS Military AcronymsSelf Test
STUS Military AcronymsSoftware Test
STMedical AcronymsSinus Tachycardia (cardiac)
STNASA AcronymsSelf Test
STNASA AcronymsSequential Timer
STNASA AcronymsSimPlification Task
STNASA AcronymsSPace Telescope
STNASA AcronymsSpacelab Technology
STNASA AcronymsSpecial Tooling
STNASA AcronymsStar Tracker
STNASA AcronymsStar Tracker
STNASA AcronymsStarter
STNASA AcronymsStatic
STNASA AcronymsStructural
ST4CCDChemistry AcronymsCoupled Cluster (with) Double (substitutions And) Single (and) Triple (substitutions Incorporated Via) Fourth-order (perturbat
ST506/412Computer And Internet AcronymsSeagate Technologies 506 And 412 Controller (older Technology)
STAUncategorized AcronymsScheduled Time Of Arrival - Surveillance And Target Acquisition
STAUS Military AcronymsStatic Test Article
STAUS Military AcronymsStation
STAChemistry AcronymsScience And Technology Agency (Japan)
STAChemistry AcronymsSimultaneous Thermal Analysis
STAChemistry AcronymsSingle-transition Approximation
STAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSystem Technology Associates
STANASA AcronymsShuttle Training Aircraft
STANASA AcronymsStatic Test Article
STANASA AcronymsStation
STANASA AcronymsStructural Test Article
STANASA AcronymsStructural Test Article
STANASA AcronymsRScientific And Technical Report
STANASA AcronymsRShuttle Turnaround AnalYsis Report
STABNASA AcronymsStabilize
STABUS Military AcronymsStabilizer
STACAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsScientific And Technological Activities Commission
STACSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSubtropical Atlantic Climate Studies
STACSUS Military AcronymsA-6e
STADChemistry AcronymsSimple Town Air Dispersion Model (of Air Pollution)
STADACNASA AcronymsStation Data Acquisition And Control
STADANNASA AcronymsSatellite Tracking And Data Acquisition Network
STADANNASA AcronymsSpace Tracking And Data Acquisition Network
STADNNASA AcronymsSpace Tracking And Acquisition Network
STADUNASA AcronymsSystem Termination And Display Unit
STAGNASA AcronymsShuttle Turnaround AnalYsis Group
STAGUncategorized Acronyms(U.S.) Strategy And Tactics Group
STAGEUncategorized AcronymsScenario Toolkit And Generation Environment
STAIRSChemistry AcronymsStorage And Information Retrieval System
STAMPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSecond Thunderstorm And Microburst Project
STANAGUncategorized Acronyms(NATO) Standardisation Agreement
STAPPAChemistry AcronymsState And Territorial Air Pollution Program Administrators
STARChemistry AcronymsSolenoidal Tracker At RHIC
STARUncategorized AcronymsScientific And Technical Aerospace Reports (NASA) - Simulation Of Tactical Alternative Responses - Special Threat Analysis And Recognition
STARCALAstronomy AcronymsStar Calibration
STAREAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSouthern Tropical Atlantic Regional Experiment
STARRNASA Acronyms Schedule
STARRChemistry AcronymsStaged Approach To Risk Reduction
STARSChemistry AcronymsStrategic Targeting Activities Reporting System
STARSUS Military AcronymsSoftware Technology For Adaptable, Reliable Systems
STARTUS Govt. AcronymsStrategic Arms Reduction Talks
STARTChemistry AcronymsStrategic Arms Reduction Treaty
STASChemistry AcronymsScientific And Technical Attribute And Element Set
STATChemistry AcronymsSignal Transducer And Activator Of Transcription
STATChemistry AcronymsSlotted Tube Atom Trap
STATUncategorized AcronymsSignal Transducers And Activators Of Transcription (cell Biology) - Special Tertiary Admissions Test (Australia)
STATUS Military AcronymsStation
STATUS Military AcronymsStatus
STATNASA AcronymsStatistics
STATNASA AcronymsStatus
STAT.US Govt. AcronymsUnited States Statutes At Large
STATEChemistry AcronymsSulfur Transport And Transformation In The Environment
STATIONNASA Acronyms(KSStation (KSC)
STBUS Govt. AcronymsSurface Transportation Board
STBChemistry AcronymsSemiempirical Tight Binding
STBDNASA AcronymsStarboard
STBFChemistry AcronymsSlater-type Basis Function
STBYNASA AcronymsStandby
STBYText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsSucks To Be You
STBYUS Military AcronymsStandby
STCUncategorized AcronymsSuperior Temporal Cortex
STCBusiness And FinanceSecurities Training Corporation
STCNASA AcronymsSatellite Test Center
STCNASA AcronymsSpacecraft Test Conductor
STCNASA AcronymsStandard Test Configuration
STCNASA AcronymsSystems Test Complex

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