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SSONASA AcronymsSafety Signification Operation
SSONASA AcronymsSource Selection Official
SSONASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle Orbiter
SSONASA AcronymsSubsystem Operation (in Spacelab)
SSONASA AcronymsSuPport System For OEX
SSOUncategorized AcronymsSubmarine Oiler (retired US Navy Hull Classification)
SSOPChemistry AcronymsSequence Specific Oligonucleotide Probe
SSOPNASA AcronymsSpace Systems Operating Procedure(s)
SSPChemistry AcronymsSequence Specific Primer
SSPNASA AcronymsSmall Sortie Payload
SSPNASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle Program
SSPNASA AcronymsStandard Switch Panel
SSPUncategorized AcronymsSubmarine Transport (retired US Navy Hull Classification)
SSPUS Military AcronymsSoftware Support Package Udi-s-21276a/mod
SSPUS Military AcronymsStars Standards Portfilio
SSPCNASA AcronymsSpacelab Stored Program Command
SSPDNASA AcronymsShuttle System Payload Data
SSPDNASA AcronymsShuttle System Payload Definition (Study)
SSPDNASA AcronymsShuttle System Payload Description
SSPDANASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle Payload Data Activity
SSPDBNASA AcronymsSubsystem Power Distribution Box
SSPDSNASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle Payload Data Study
SSPFAstronomy AcronymsSpace Station Processing Facility
SSPGChemistry AcronymsSteady-state Plasma Glucose
SSPGSENASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle Program Ground Support Equipment
SSPMChemistry AcronymsScanning Surface Potential Microscopy
SSPMNASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle Program Manager
SSPMUS Military AcronymsSoftware Standards And Procedures Manual
SSPOAstronomy AcronymsSpace Shuttle Program Office
SSPONASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle Program Office
SSPPNASA AcronymsSYstem Safety Program Plan
SSPPUS Military AcronymsSystem Safety Program Plan
SSPPSGNASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle Payload Planning Steering Group
SSPRONASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle Program Resident Office
SSPSAstronomy AcronymsSky Survey Prototype System
SSPSNASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle Program Schedule
SSPTFNASA AcronymsSanta Susana Propulsion Test Facility (see SSFL)
SSQMChemistry AcronymsSupersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
SSQWChemistry AcronymsStrained Single Quantum Well
SSRChemistry AcronymsSimple Sequence Repeat
SSRHuman Genome AcronymsSimple Sequence Repeat
SSRNASA AcronymsShop Support Request
SSRNASA AcronymsStaff SuPport Room
SSRNASA AcronymsStation Set Requirement
SSRNASA AcronymsSystem Requirements Review
SSRUncategorized AcronymsRadar Picket Submarine (retired US Navy Hull Classification) -Solid State Recorder
SSRUS Military AcronymsSoftware Specification Review
SSRDNASA AcronymsStation Set Requirements Documents
SSRIChemistry AcronymsSelective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor
SSRIUncategorized AcronymsSelective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor - Social Systems Research Institute
SSRLChemistry AcronymsStanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
SSRMChemistry AcronymsScanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy
SSRMSAstronomy AcronymsSpace Station Remote Manipulator System
SSRNNASA AcronymsSystem Software Reference Number
SSRNUncategorized AcronymsNuclear-Powered Radar Picket Submarine (retired US Navy Hull Classification)
SSRRNASA AcronymsStation Set Requirements Review
SSRSChemistry AcronymsSubtracted Shifted Raman Spectroscopy
SSRTAstronomy AcronymsSingle Stage Rocket Technology
SSRTFChemistry AcronymsSolid Surface Room Temperature Fluorescence
SSRTPChemistry AcronymsSolid-surface Room-temperature Phosphorimetry
SSRVAstronomy AcronymsSolar-Sail Race Vehicle
SSSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSafety And Site Services
SSSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSoftware Segment Specification
SSSNASA AcronymsSound Suppression System
SSSNASA AcronymsSpace ShuttleSystem
SSSNASA AcronymsStage Separation Subsystem
SSSNASA AcronymsStation Set Specification
SSSNASA AcronymsSubsystem Segment
SSSUncategorized AcronymsSiding Spring Survey - Side Side Side (an Acronym For Remembering Congruent Triangles)
SSSUS Govt. AcronymsSelective Service System
SSSUS Military AcronymsSystem/segment Specification
SSSAChemistry AcronymsSoil Science Society Of America
SSSAUS Military AcronymsSystems Software Support Activity
SSSCAComputer And Internet AcronymsSecurity Systems Standards And Certification Act
SSSDChemistry AcronymsSmall-scale, Short-duration
SSSFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSurface Sounding Systems Facility
SSSPChemistry AcronymsSolid-state Shear Pulverization
SSSPChemistry AcronymsSimulation Of Single Sludge Processes
SSSSNASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle System Specification
SSTAstronomy AcronymsSpectroscopic Survey Telescope / SuperSonic Transport
SSTAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSea Surface Temperature
SSTAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsScalable Spectral Tool
SSTAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSupersonic Transport
SSTChemistry AcronymsSea Surface Temperature
SSTNASA AcronymsSingle System Trainer
SSTNASA AcronymsSPacecraft Systems Test
SSTNASA AcronymsStructural Static Test
SSTNASA AcronymsSubsystem Terminal On Spacelab
SSTUncategorized AcronymsSuperSonic Transport -Training Submarine (US Navy Hull Classification) - Saturated Suction Temperature (refrigeration Cycles)
SSTUS Army Acronyms (Slang)Slang For The Vehicle Used To Remove Human Waste From The Portable Toilets Meaning, "Sh*t-Sucking Truck".
SSTCNASA AcronymsSpace Shuttle Test Conductor
SSTDUS Military AcronymsSurface Ship Torpedo Decoy
SSTIChemistry AcronymsSmall System Technol. Initiative (USEPA)
SSTLChemistry AcronymsSingwi Sjolander Tosi Land (interatomic Potential)
SSTOAstronomy AcronymsSingle Stage To Orbit
SSTOUncategorized AcronymsSingle-Stage To Orbit
SSTSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSea Surface Temperatures
SSTSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSea Surface Temperatures
SSUAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsStratospheric Sounding Unit
SSUSatellite Meterology AcronymsStratospheric Sounding Unit (TOVS)

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