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SQAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSolar Quiet
SQAPUS Military AcronymsSoftware Quality Assurance Plan
SQCChemistry AcronymsSediment Quality Criteria
SQCChemistry AcronymsStatistical Quality Control
SQCCChemistry AcronymsSemiclassical Quantization (by) Circuit Counting
SQEPUS Military AcronymsSoftware Quality Evaluation Plan
SQFChemistry AcronymsSecond-quantized Formulation (in Many-body Quantum Theory)
SQGChemistry AcronymsSmall Quantity Generator
SQIUncategorized AcronymsAlbanian Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
SQLUncategorized Acronyms Structured Query Language (seek-well)
SQLUS Military AcronymsSquelch
SQLUS Military AcronymsStandard Query Language
SQLComputer Acronyms (Common)Structured Query Language
SQLComputer And Internet AcronymsStructured Query Language
SQLChemistry AcronymsStandard Quantum Limit
SQLHuman Genome AcronymsStandard Query Language
SQMChemistry AcronymsScaled Quantum Mechanics (in Ab Initio Calcns.)
SQMBUS Military AcronymsSenior Quality Management Board
SQNUncategorized AcronymsSquadron
SQPPUS Military AcronymsSoftware Quality Program Plan
SQRDChemistry AcronymsSquare Root Darwin Term (correction To T And V Operator)
SQUIDChemistry AcronymsSuperconducting Quantum Interference Device
SQUIDUncategorized AcronymsSuperconducting QUantum Interference Device
SQWChemistry AcronymsSingle Quantum Well
SRAstronomy AcronymsSpecial Relativity
SRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsScanning Radiometer
SRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSteradian
SRNASA AcronymsScan Ratio
SRNASA AcronymsShift Register
SRNASA AcronymsStandard Repair
SRNASA AcronymsStatement Of Requirements
SRNASA AcronymsStatus Register
SRNASA AcronymsStatus Report
SRNASA AcronymsStatus Review
SRNASA AcronymsSunrise
SRNASA AcronymsSupport Request
SRNASA AcronymsSupport Room
SRUncategorized AcronymsATGW -Short-Range Anti-Tank Guided Weapon
SRUncategorized AcronymsSound Reinforcement - Supply Route -Suriname (ISO 3166 Digram) -Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio Ltd)
SRUncategorized AcronymsSerbian Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
SRUncategorized AcronymsStrontium
SRMedical AcronymsSedimentation Rate
SR&QNASA AcronymsSafety
SR&QANASA Acronyms Safety
SR-CCChemistry AcronymsSingle Reference-CC
SR-CCDChemistry AcronymsSingle Reference-CCD
SR-CCSDChemistry AcronymsSingle Reference-CCSD
SRAChemistry AcronymsSociety For Risk Analysis
SRAChemistry AcronymsSudden Rotation Approximation
SRANASA AcronymsSpin Reference Axis
SRANASA AcronymsSupport Requirements Analysis
SRAUS Military AcronymsShop Repairable Assembly
SRAGNASA AcronymsSpace Radiation Analysis Group
SRAMChemistry AcronymsStatic Random Access Memory
SRAMUncategorized AcronymsStatic Random Access Memory (ess-ram)
SRAMComputer Acronyms (Common)Static Random Access Memory
SRAMComputer And Internet AcronymsStatic Random Access Memory
SRAPWChemistry AcronymsScalar Relativistic Augmented Plane Wave
SRASEChemistry AcronymsSymmetry Restricted Annihilation Of Single Excitations
SRBChemistry AcronymsSulfate Reducing Bacteria
SRBNASA AcronymsSolid Rocket Booster
SRBNASA AcronymsSolid Rocket Booster
SRBAstronomy AcronymsSolid Rocket Booster
SRBUncategorized AcronymsSolid Rocket Booster
SRBUS Military AcronymsSafety Review Board
SRBUS Military AcronymsSolid Rocket Booster
SRBABNASA AcronymsSRB Assembly Building
SRBCChemistry AcronymsSheep Red Blood Cell
SRBDFNASA AcronymsSRB Disassembly Facility
SRBMUncategorized AcronymsShort-Range Ballistic Missile (cf. IRBM
SRBPFNASA AcronymsSolid Rocket Booster Processing Facility
SRBSNChemistry AcronymsSintered Reaction-bonded Silicon Nitride
SRCChemistry AcronymsSelective Reduction Catalysts (for Denitration)
SRCChemistry AcronymsSolvent-refined Coal
SRCChemistry AcronymsSubmarine Reactor Compartments
SRCChemistry AcronymsSynchrotron Radiation Center
SRCNASA AcronymsSample Return Container
SRCUncategorized AcronymsScheduled Removal Component
SRCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsScience Research Council
SRC-1Chemistry AcronymsSteroid Receptor Coactivator-1
SRCBNASA AcronymsSoftware Requirements Change Board
SRCBNASA AcronymsSoftware Requirements Control Board
SRCBDNASA AcronymsSoftware Requirements Change Board Directive
SRCBDNASA AcronymsSoftware Requirements Control Board Directive
SRCCChemistry AcronymsSingle-reference Coupled-cluster
SRCCSDTChemistry AcronymsSingle-reference Coupled-cluster (with) Single (and) Double (and) Triple (excitations)
SRCDChemistry AcronymsSynchrotron Radiation Circular Dichroism
SRCHNASA AcronymsSearch
SRCHUS Military AcronymsSearch
SRCHLTUS Military AcronymsSearchlight
SRCIChemistry AcronymsSingle-reference Configuration Interaction
SRDChemistry AcronymsStandard Reference Data
SRDUncategorized AcronymsScience Requirements Document -Surinam Dollar (ISO 4217 Currency Code)
SRDUncategorized AcronymsSardinian Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
SRDUS Military AcronymsSystem Readiness Test
SRDNASA AcronymsShuttle Requirements Definition
SRDNASA AcronymsShuttle Requirements Document
SRDNASA AcronymsSYstems Requirements Document
SRDHNASA AcronymsSubsystems Requirement Definition Handbook
SRDHNASA AcronymsSystem Requirements Definition Handbook

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