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SAFMChemistry AcronymsScanning Attractive Force Microscopy
SAFTChemistry AcronymsSpark Analysis For Traces
SAFTChemistry AcronymsStatistical Assocg. Fluid Theory
SAFT-VRChemistry AcronymsStatistical Assocg. Fluid Theory For Chain Mols. With Interaction Potentials Of Variable Range
SAGNASA AcronymsE SAILShuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory
SAGNASA AcronymsE Stratospheric Aerosol Gas Experiment
SAGUncategorized AcronymsSango Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
SAGAAstronomy AcronymsSolar Array Gain Augmentation
SAGAChemistry AcronymsSoviet American Gas And Aerosol Experiment
SAGATUncategorized AcronymsSituation Awareness Global Assessment Technique
SAGEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsStratospheric Aerosol And Gas Experiment
SAGEChemistry AcronymsSoviet-American Gallium Experiment
SAGEChemistry AcronymsStratospheric Aerosol And Gas Experiment
SAGEChemistry AcronymsSerial Analysis Of Gene Expression
SAGESatellite Meterology AcronymsStratospheric Aerosol And Gas Experiment (EOS)
SAGEUncategorized AcronymsSemi-Automatic Ground Environment (simulation)
SAGE IIChemistry AcronymsStratospheric Aerosol And Gas Expt. II
SAGFETChemistry AcronymsSelf-aligned Gate Field Effect Transistor
SAHBUncategorized AcronymsSensational Alex Harvey Band
SAHMText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsStay At Home Mom
SAHRSUS Military AcronymsStandard Attitude Heading Reference System
SAIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSudden Auroral Intensity
SAIChemistry AcronymsSimplified Ab Initio Method
SAIChemistry AcronymsSpline-fitted Ab Initio (potential Energy Surface)
SAIBusiness And FinanceStatement Of Additional Information
SAIAText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsStupid Asses In Action
SAICAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsScience Applications International Corporation
SAICChemistry AcronymsScience Applications International Corporation
SAICUncategorized AcronymsScience Applications International Corporation
SAICUS Military AcronymsScience Applications International Corporation
SAILAstronomy AcronymsShuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory
SAILNASA AcronymsShuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory (JSC)
SAIMChemistry AcronymsScaled Atoms-in-molecules
SAISChemistry AcronymsScience And Applications Information System
SALNASA AcronymsSALCSacramento Air Logistics Center
SALNASA AcronymsScientific Airlock
SALNASA AcronymsShuttle Avionics Laboratory
SALANUS Military AcronymsSensitivity Analysis Of Linear Active Networks
SALCCSDChemistry AcronymsSpin-adapted Linear Coupled-cluster (with) Single And Double Excitations)
SALDChemistry AcronymsSelective Area Laser Deposition
SALDIChemistry AcronymsSurface-assisted Laser Desorption/ionization
SALIChemistry AcronymsSecondary Atom Laser Ionization
SALQRChemistry AcronymsSuccessive Approximation Linear Quadratic Regulator (for Groundwater Management)
SALSChemistry AcronymsSmall-angle Light Scattering
SALSAChemistry AcronymsScoring Algorithm For Spectral Analysis
SALTUncategorized AcronymsSouthern African Large Telescope - Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
SALTUncategorized AcronymsSave A Life Today - Save A Life Today (SALT) Alert - Emergency Contact System
SAMAstronomy AcronymsShuttle Activation Monitor
SAMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSubsynoptic Advection Model
SAMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSun-angle Magnetometer
SAMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsStratospheric Aerosol Measurement
SAMChemistry AcronymsScanning Auger Microscopy
SAMChemistry AcronymsSterile Alpha Motif
SAMChemistry AcronymsStratospheric Aerosol Monitor
SAMChemistry AcronymsScanning Acoustic Microscopy
SAMChemistry AcronymsSelf-assembled Monolayer
SAMNASA AcronymsSAMPShuttle Automated Mass Properties
SAMNASA AcronymsSAMSShuttle Attachment ManiPulator SYstem
SAMNASA AcronymsShuttle Attachment ManiPulator
SAMNASA AcronymsSYstem Activation And Monitoring
SAMUncategorized AcronymsSequential-Access Memory - Sociedad Aeron˙utica De Medell­n - Surface-to-Air Missile
SAM IAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSensing With Active Microwaves
SAM1Chemistry AcronymsSemi-ab Initio Model1
SAMAChemistry AcronymsScientific Apparatus Makers Association
SAMBAChemistry AcronymsSatellite For Measurement Of Background Anisotropies
SAMHSAChemistry AcronymsSubstance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration
SAMHSAUS Govt. AcronymsSubstance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration
SAMIChemistry AcronymsSouthern Appalachian Mountains Initiative
SAMISUS Military AcronymsShip Alternate Management Information System
SAMLUncategorized AcronymsSecurity Assertion Markup Language (sam-ell)
SAMMSChemistry AcronymsSelf-assembled Monolayers On Mesoporous Supports
SAMOChemistry AcronymsSimulated Ab Initio Molecular Orbital
SAMOSChemistry AcronymsSystem For Automated Monitoring Of Org. Pollutants In Surface Water
SAMPEChemistry AcronymsSociety For The Advancement Of Material And Process Engineering
SAMPEXAstronomy AcronymsSolar Anomalous And Magnetospheric Particle EXplorer
SAMPEXChemistry AcronymsSolar Anomalous And Magnetospheric Particle Explorer (spacecraft)
SAMPLChemistry AcronymsSelective Amplification Of Microsatellite Polymorphic Loci
SAMSAstronomy AcronymsSpace Acceleration Measurement System
SAMSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsStratospheric And Mesospheric Sounder
SAMSChemistry AcronymsStratospheric And Mesospheric Sounder
SAMSONASA AcronymsSpace And Missile SYstems Organization (USAF)
SAMSONChemistry AcronymsSevere Accident Management System Online Network
SAMSORNASA AcronymsSAMSO Regulation (now SDR)
SAMTUS Military AcronymsSimulated Aircraft Maintenance Trainer
SAMTECNASA AcronymsSPace And Missile Test Center (VAF CA)
SAMTECNASA AcronymsSpace And Missile Test Center Manual
SAMTONASA AcronymsSpace And Missi E Test Organization (VAFE3)
SANChemistry AcronymsStyrene-acrylonitrile Copolymer
SANUncategorized AcronymsSanskrit Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
SANComputer Acronyms (Common)Storage Area Network
SANComputer And Internet AcronymsStorage Area Network
SANDERChemistry AcronymsSimulated Annealing With NMR-derived Energy Restraints
SANDSChemistry AcronymsStratospheric Aitken Nuclei Detection System
SANOChemistry AcronymsSymmetry-adapted Natural Orbital
SANSChemistry AcronymsSmall-angle Neutron Scattering
SAOAstronomy AcronymsSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
SAOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSurface Airways Observation
SAOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSemiannual Oscillation
SAPChemistry AcronymsScientific Advisory Panel (FIFRA)

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