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SAUncategorized AcronymsSanskrit Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
SAUS Military AcronymsSystems Analysis
SA-CAS-SCFChemistry AcronymsState-averaged-complete Active Space-SCF
SA-LCAOChemistry AcronymsSymmetry-adapted Linear Combination Of Atomic Orbitals
SA-MCSCFChemistry AcronymsState Averaged Multiconfiguration Self-consistent Field (wave Function) (see Also ICF-CI)
SAAAstronomy AcronymsSouth Atlantic Anomaly / Single Access Antenna
SAAChemistry AcronymsSerum Amyloid A
SAANASA AcronymsSafety Assurance Analysis
SAANASA AcronymsSouth Atlantic Anomaly
SAASCUBA Diving AcronymsSub-Aqua Association
SAAComputer And Internet AcronymsSystem Application Architecture
SAABUncategorized AcronymsSvenska Aeroplan AB (Swedish Aircraft And Automobile Manufacturer)
SAACNASA AcronymsSchedule Allocation And Control
SAACGSChemistry AcronymsState Ambient Air Concentration Guidelines Or Standards
SAAFRUncategorized AcronymsStandard Use Army Aircraft Flight Route (safer)
SAALCNASA AcronymsSan Antonio Air Logistics Center
SAAMNASA AcronymsSpecial Air Force Airlift Mission
SAAMANASA AcronymsSan Antonio Air Material Area
SAAOChemistry AcronymsSymmetry-adapted Atomic Orbital
SAAPChemistry AcronymsSpin Adapted Antisymmetrized Product (in MC-SCF Theory)
SAARCUncategorized AcronymsSouth Asian Association For Regional Cooperation
SAASNASA AcronymsShuttle Aerosurface Actuator Simulation
SABChemistry AcronymsScience Advisory Board (USEPA)
SABChemistry AcronymsSubstratum-aerated-biofilm Reactor
SABMedical AcronymsSpontaneous Abortion
SABNASA AcronymsSACstrategic Air Command(USAF)
SABNASA AcronymsShuttle Avionics Breadboard
SABNASA AcronymsSpacecraft Assembly Building
SABNASA AcronymsStorage And Assembly Building
SABSatellite Meterology AcronymsSatellite Applications Branch (old. NESDIS)
SABUS Military AcronymsShared Avionics Bench
SABAMedical AcronymsSupplied Air Breathing Apparatus
SABENAUncategorized AcronymsSoci?t? Anonyme Belge D'exploitation De La Navigation A?rienne (French For Belgian Company For Exploiting Aerial Navigation
SABERChemistry AcronymsSounding Of The Atmosphere Using Broadband Emission Radiometry
SABLAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsScanning Aerosol Backscatter Lidar
SABRUncategorized AcronymsSociety For American Baseball Research
SABREChemistry AcronymsSweden And Britain Radar Experiment
SABSChemistry AcronymsSouth African Bureau Of Standards
SACAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsStrategic Air Command
SACAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsScience Advisory Committee
SACChemistry AcronymsSelf-Aligned Contact
SACChemistry AcronymsSpectral Absorption Coeff.
SACChemistry AcronymsSymmetry-adapted Cluster (expansion Method For Calcg. Wave Functions)
SACUncategorized AcronymsStandards Activity Committee (of SISO) - U.S. Strategic Air Command (1946-1992)
SACUS Military AcronymsSystem Auxiliary Computer
SAC-CAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsArgentina's Scientific Applications Satellite
SAC-CIChemistry AcronymsSymmetry-adapted Cluster Configuration Interaction (theory For Wave-function Expansion)
SACEURUncategorized AcronymsSupreme Allied Commander EURope
SACFChemistry AcronymsSymmetry-adapted Configuration Function
SACGUS Military AcronymsSelective Antenna Coupler Group
SACLANTUncategorized AcronymsSupreme Allied Commander AtLANTic
SACLOSUncategorized AcronymsSemi-Automatic Command To Line Of Sight
SACMChemistry AcronymsSuperfund Accelerated Cleanup Model
SACMChemistry AcronymsStatistical Adiabatic Channel Method (in Ion-mol. Reactions)
SACREDChemistry AcronymsSilicon Array For ConveRsion Electron Detection
SACSNASA AcronymsSADshuttle AuthorizedDocument
SACSNASA AcronymsSoftware Avionics Command SuPport
SACSNASA AcronymsSpacecraft Attitude Display
SACSNASA AcronymsSuPport Action Center
SACSNASA AcronymsSYstems AllocationDocument
SACSNASA AcronymsSystems Software Avionics Command SuPport
SADChemistry AcronymsSelected Area Diffraction Patterns (crystal Chemistry)
SADUncategorized AcronymsSeasonal Affective Disorder - Situational Awareness Display
SADADText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsSuck A Dick And Die
SADCCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSouth African Development Coordination Conference
SADDUncategorized AcronymsStudents Against Drunk Driving (national School Related Group)
SADECNASA AcronymsSAEsociety Of Automotive Engineers
SADECNASA AcronymsSAEFspacecraft Assembly And EncaPsulation Facility
SADECNASA AcronymsSAFESan Andreas Fault Experiment
SADECNASA AcronymsSpin Axis Declination
SADECNASA AcronymsStand-Alone Engine Simulator
SADLUncategorized AcronymsSituation Awareness Data Link (saddle) - Structural Architecture Description Language
SADPChemistry AcronymsSelected Area Diffraction Patterns
SADPTChemistry AcronymsSymmetry-adapted Double Perturbation Theory
SADRUS Military AcronymsSelective Address
SADTChemistry AcronymsSelf Accelerating Decomposition Temperature
SADTUS Military AcronymsStructured Analysis And Design Techniques
SADVRChemistry AcronymsSymmetry-adapted Discrete Variable Representation (in Mol. Wave Function Calcn. For Nuclear Motion On A Given PES)
SAEChemistry AcronymsSociety Of Automotive Engineers
SAEUncategorized AcronymsSociety Of Automotive Engineers - Stamped Addressed Envelope
SAEDChemistry AcronymsSelected Area Electron Diffraction
SAEDMedical AcronymsSemiAutomatic External Defibrillator
SAEFNASA AcronymsSpacecraft Assembly And Encapsulation Facility (KSC)
SAESChemistry AcronymsState Agricultural Experiment Stations
SAESChemistry AcronymsScanning Auger Electron Spectroscopy
SAESTChemistry AcronymsSociety For Advancement Of Electrochemical Science And Technology
SAFChemistry AcronymsSymmetry Adapted Function (in CI Calcns.)
SAFARIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSouthern African Fire-Atmospheric Research Initiative
SAFARIChemistry AcronymsSouthern African Regional Science Initiative
SAFARI-2000Atmospheric Research Center AcronymsThe Southern African Regional Science Initiative
SAFEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsA Proposed Australian Savanna Fire Experiment
SAFERUncategorized AcronymsSteel And Foam Energy Reduction
SAFETIChemistry AcronymsSoftware For The Assessment Of Fire
SAFICTUncategorized AcronymsSoftware Agents As Facilitators Of Interoperability In Collective Training
SAFIRChemistry AcronymsSingle Aperture Far-Infrared Observatory
SAFIRChemistry AcronymsSmoke Gas Anal. By Fourier Transform IR Spectroscopy
SAFIREChemistry AcronymsSpectroscopy Of The Atmosphere Using Far Infrared Emission
SAFIRESatellite Meterology AcronymsSpectroscopy Of The Atmosphere Using Far InfraRed Emission
SAFMChemistry AcronymsScanning Acoustic Force Microscopy

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