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SDIChemistry AcronymsSilt Density Index
SDINASA AcronymsSelective Dissemination Of Information
SDIUncategorized AcronymsSee Entry
SDIFNASA AcronymsSoftware Development And Integration Facility
SDIMChemistry AcronymsScaled Diatomics-in-molecules
SDIOAstronomy AcronymsStrategic Defense Initiative Organization
SDIOChemistry AcronymsStrategic Defense Initiative Organization
SDIOUS Military AcronymsStrategic Defense Initiative Office
SDKComputer And Internet AcronymsSoftware Development Kit
SDKText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsScottie Doesn't Know (reference To Star Trek
SDKText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsSoftware Developer's Kit
SDLUS Military AcronymsSoftware Development Library
SDLMUS Military AcronymsScheduled Depot Level Maintenance
SDLTSChemistry AcronymsScanning Deep-level Transient Spectroscopy
SDMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSuit Of Software For UNIX-based Computing Platforms
SDMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsScientific Data Management
SDMNASA AcronymsShuttle Data Management
SDMNASA AcronymsSubsystem Design Manuals
SDMNASA AcronymsSYstem Definition Manual
SDMEChemistry AcronymsSingle-drop Microextraction
SDMEChemistry AcronymsStatic Mercury Drop Electrode
SDMMChemistry AcronymsScanning Desorption Molecular Microscope
SDMSUS Military AcronymsShipboard Data Multiplex System
SDNNASA AcronymsSoftware Development Note
SDNUncategorized AcronymsSudan (ISO 3166 Trigram)
SDOChemistry AcronymsShielded Diatomic Orbital
SDOUncategorized AcronymsScattered Disc Object
SDOUS Army Acronyms (Official)Staff Duty Officer. Same Duty As CQ (see Above) But Done By A Senior NCO At Battalion-level Or Above.
SDOSSChemistry AcronymsSodium Dioctylsulfosuccinate
SDPNASA AcronymsShuttle Data Processor
SDPNASA AcronymsSite Data Processor
SDPNASA AcronymsSoftware Development Plan
SDPNASA AcronymsSupplier Data Package
SDPUncategorized AcronymsSocial Democratic Party (European Politics)
SDPUS Military AcronymsSoftware Development Plan
SDPAChemistry Acronyms4,4'-sulfonyldiphthalic Anhydride
SDPCNASA AcronymsShuttle Data Processing Complex
SDPCNASA AcronymsShuttle Data Processing Complex
SDPIOrganizations Acronyms Sustainable Development Policy Institute (Karachi
SDPMChemistry AcronymsSpin-dependent Photomodulation
SDQ-MBPTChemistry AcronymsSingle (and) Double (and) Quadruple (substituted States) Many-body Perturbation Theory
SDQ-MBPTChemistry AcronymsSingle-double-quadruple Excitation Many-body Perturbation Theory
SDRChemistry AcronymsSpin-dependent Resonance
SDRNASA AcronymsSoftware Design Requirements
SDRNASA AcronymsSoftware Design Review
SDRNASA AcronymsSpace Division Regulation
SDRNASA AcronymsSpacelab DisPosition Record (ESA)
SDRNASA AcronymsSystem Design Review
SDRUncategorized AcronymsStrategic Defence Review
SDRUS Military AcronymsSoftware Design Review
SDRUS Military AcronymsSoftware Discrepancy Report
SDRUS Military AcronymsSystem Design Review
SDRAMChemistry AcronymsSynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SDRAMUncategorized AcronymsSynchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (ess-dee-ram)
SDRAMComputer Acronyms (Common)Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SDRAMComputer And Internet AcronymsSynchronous Dynamic RAM
SDRBNASA AcronymsSoftware Design Review Board
SDRBNASA AcronymsSUPPlier Documentation Review Board
SDRDNASA AcronymsSuPplier Data Requirements Description
SDRDNASA AcronymsSuPplier Documentation Review Data
SDRDUS Military AcronymsSupportability Design Requirements Document
SDRIOrganizations AcronymsSustainable Development Research Institute (Vancouver)
SDRLNASA AcronymsSupplier Data Requirements List
SDRLUS Military AcronymsSupplier Data Requirement List
SDRSChemistry AcronymsSurface Differential Reflectance Spectroscopy
SDSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSolar Disk Sextant
SDSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsScientific Data Systems
SDSChemistry AcronymsSimulated Distribution System [for Water]
SDSChemistry AcronymsSodium Dodecyl Sulfate
SDSNASA AcronymsShuttle Dynamic Simulation (Simulator)
SDSNASA AcronymsSoftware Design Specification
SDSNASA AcronymsSteering Damping System
SDSSatellite Meterology AcronymsSatellite Data Services
SDSUncategorized AcronymsStudents For A Democratic Society
SDSCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSan Diego Supercomputing Center
SDSDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSatellite Data Services Division
SDSDChemistry AcronymsSatellite Data Services Division
SDSLChemistry AcronymsSite-directed Spin Labeling
SDSLComputer Acronyms (Common)Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line
SDSLComputer And Internet AcronymsSymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
SDSMTAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSouth Dakota School Of Mines & Technology
SDSR-CIChemistry AcronymsSingle And Double Excitations From Single Ref. State Function-CI Method
SDSSAstronomy AcronymsSloan Digital Sky Survey
SDSSChemistry AcronymsSloan Digital Sky Survey
SDSSNASA AcronymsSpace Division Shuttle Simulator
SDSSUncategorized AcronymsSloan Digital Sky Survey
SDTNASA AcronymsScaling And Display Task
SDTNASA AcronymsShuttle Data Tape
SDTNASA AcronymsStructural Dynamic Test
SDTANASA AcronymsStructural Dynamic Test Article
SDTQ-MBPTChemistry AcronymsSingle-double-triple-quadruple Excitation (contribution) MBPT
SDVUS Military AcronymsSwimmer Delivery Vehicle (special Warfare)
SDVFNASA AcronymsSoftware DeveloPment And Verification Facilities
SDVRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsSingle-Doppler Velocity Retrieval
SDWChemistry AcronymsSpin Density Wave
SDWAChemistry AcronymsSafe Drinking Water Act
SDWISUS Govt. AcronymsSafe Drinking Water Information System
SDYChemistry AcronymsSpin Drawn Yarn
SEChemistry AcronymsStandard Error
SEChemistry AcronymsSymmetric Eikonal (approxn. In Calcns. On Ion Scattering)

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