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RAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRayleigh
RAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRoentger
RNASA AcronymsGas Constant
RNASA AcronymsRadius
RNASA AcronymsRange
RNASA AcronymsRange Rate
RNASA AcronymsRankine
RNASA AcronymsRatio
RNASA AcronymsRear
RNASA AcronymsReceive
RNASA AcronymsRedundant
RNASA AcronymsRegulate
RNASA AcronymsRehydratable
RNASA AcronymsReliability
RNASA AcronymsReplace
RNASA AcronymsResistance
RNASA AcronymsRight
RNASA AcronymsRoentgen
RNASA AcronymsRoll
RNASA AcronymsYaw Rankine Rate
RNASA AcronymsLEO Request Liaison Engineering Order
RNASA AcronymsLSS Regenerative Life Support System
RNASA AcronymsBARRadius Vector Axis
RNASA AcronymsDOTRange Rate To Target
RNASA AcronymsETSReconfigurable Electrical Test Stand
RNASA AcronymsETSReconfiguration Electrical Test Stand
RNASA AcronymsIMPMinimum Range To Avoid Plum Impingement
RUncategorized AcronymsReinforcing - Right -R?ntgen
RUS Military AcronymsRight
RText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsAre
R UText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsAre You?
R&BUncategorized AcronymsRhythm And Blues
R&CCNASA AcronymsRecorder And Communication Control
R&DAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsResearch And Development
R&DAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsResearch & Development
R&DChemistry AcronymsResearch And Development
R&DNASA AcronymsResearch And Development
R&DUncategorized AcronymsResearch & Development
R&DUS Military AcronymsResearch And Development
R&DText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsResearch & Development
R&DONASA AcronymsResearch And Development Operations (MSFC)
R&MUS Military AcronymsReliability And Maintainability
R&OANASA AcronymsReliability And Quality Assurance
R&PNASA AcronymsReserve And Process
R&PMNASA AcronymsResearch And Program Management
R&RNASA AcronymsRemove And Replace
R&RNASA AcronymsRendezvous And Recovery
R&RUncategorized AcronymsRest & Relaxation
R&RText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsRest & Relaxation
R&SUncategorized AcronymsReconnaissance & Surveillance
R&ZNASA AcronymsRange And Zero
R-CNDO/1XChemistry AcronymsRelativistic Complete Neglect Of Differential Overlap (method)
R-GVBChemistry AcronymsResonating-generalized Valence Bond (wave Function)
R-TNASA AcronymsResistance Test
R-Z RELATIONSHIPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsR = Precipitation Rate
R-Z RELATIONSHIPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsR = Precipitation Rate
R/ANASA AcronymsRadar Altimeter
R/CNASA AcronymsRadio Command
R/CNASA AcronymsRate Of Climb
R/CNASA AcronymsRemote Control
R/DNASA AcronymsRate Of Descent
R/ENASA AcronymsReentry
R/INASA AcronymsReceiving Inspection
R/LNASA AcronymsRate/Limited
R/LNASA AcronymsRemote/Local
R/MUS Military AcronymsReliability And Maintainability
R/ONASA AcronymsRollout
R/OUS Military AcronymsRead Outtmtread Only
R/RUS Military AcronymsRemove And Replace
R/SNASA AcronymsRange Safety
R/SNASA AcronymsRedundantSet
R/TAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsReceiver/Transmitter
R/TAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsReciever/Transmitter
R/TNASA AcronymsReal Time
R/TNASA AcronymsReceiver/Transmitter
R/TUS Military AcronymsReceiver Transmitter
R/WNASA AcronymsRead/Write
R/WNASA AcronymsRunway
R2IUncategorized AcronymsResistance To Interrogation
R2PIChemistry AcronymsResonant Two-photon Ionization
R3PUncategorized AcronymsRearm
RAAstronomy AcronymsRight Ascension
RAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRadio Antenna
RAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRadio Active
RAChemistry AcronymsReduced Aggregate (interplanetary Dust Particle)
RAChemistry AcronymsRemedial Action
RAMedical AcronymsRheumatoid Arthritis
RAMedical AcronymsRheumatoid Arthritis
RANASA AcronymsRadar Altimeter
RANASA AcronymsRadar Altimeter (R/A Preferred)
RANASA AcronymsRadium
RANASA AcronymsRange Area
RANASA AcronymsRight Aft
RANASA AcronymsRight Ascension
RAUncategorized AcronymsRadium
RAUncategorized AcronymsRain (METAR Code) -Rear Area - Reinforced Alert - Republican Army - Right Ascension - Royal Artillery (UK) - Royal Academy
RAUS Govt. AcronymsReserve Affairs
RABusiness And FinanceRevenue Account
RA#Atmospheric Research Center AcronymsRaleigh Number
RAAChemistry AcronymsRigid-atom Approxn. (in Electronic Structure Calcns.)

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