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RDEChemistry AcronymsRotating Disk Electrode
RDECOMUncategorized Acronyms(U.S.) Research
RDEQChemistry AcronymsReduced Dimensionality Exact Quantum (method For Reactive Scattering)
RDFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsReal-data Forecast
RDFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRadio Direction Finding
RDFChemistry AcronymsRadial Distribution Function
RDFChemistry AcronymsRefuse Derived Fuel
RDFChemistry AcronymsRestricted Dirac-Fock (quantum Calcn. Method)
RDFNASA AcronymsRadio Direction Finder
RDFNASA AcronymsResource Data File
RDFComputer Acronyms (Common)Resource Description Framework
RDFComputer And Internet AcronymsResource Description Framework
RDGTUS Military AcronymsReliability Development Growth Test
RDGTOChemistry Acronyms(back-)rotated Distributed Gaussian-type Orbital
RDHChemistry AcronymsRapid Displacement Heating (pulping - For Paper)
RDIChemistry AcronymsReference Daily Intake
RDMNASA AcronymsReal-Time Data Manager
RDMUncategorized AcronymsRemotely Delivered/Deliverable Mine
RDMTRNASA AcronymsRadiometer
RDNPChemistry AcronymsReverse Differential Normal Pulse
RDOChemistry AcronymsReduced Density Operator
RDOUncategorized AcronymsRapid
RDOCNASA AcronymsReference Designation Overflow Code
RDOUTNASA AcronymsReadout
RDPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsResearch Data Program
RDPNASA AcronymsReceiver And Data Processor
RDPNASA AcronymsRequirements Data Plan
RDPNASA AcronymsRequirements Development Plan
RDPSCUBA Diving AcronymsRecreational Dive Planner
RDPPChemistry AcronymsReverse Differential-pulse Polarography
RDPVChemistry AcronymsReverse Differential-pulse Voltammetry
RDQChemistry AcronymsReduced-dimensionality Quantum (calcn. Method)
RDRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRadar
RDRNASA AcronymsRaw Data Recorder
RDRNASA AcronymsRudder
RDRUS Military AcronymsRadar
RDR CTRLUS Military AcronymsRadar Control
RDRAMComputer Acronyms (Common)Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory
RDRAMComputer And Internet AcronymsRambus DRAM
RDSChemistry AcronymsRaman Difference Spectroscopy
RDSChemistry AcronymsReflectance-difference Spectroscopy
RDSChemistry AcronymsRespiratory Distress Syndrome
RDSNASA AcronymsRocketdyne Digital Simulator
RDSGAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsResearch Data Support Group
RDSSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsResearch Data Support System
RDSSUS Military AcronymsRapidly Deployable Surveillance System
RDTUncategorized AcronymsRemote Digital Terminal
RDTUS Military AcronymsReliability Development Test
RDT&EAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsResearch, Development, Test And Evaluation
RDT&ENASA AcronymsResearch, Development, Test And Evaluation
RDT&EUS Military AcronymsResearch, Development, Test And Evaluation
RDT&ENUS Military AcronymsResearch, Development, Test And Evaluation, Navy
RDTE OR RDT&EUncategorized AcronymsResearch
RDTRNASA AcronymsRadiator
RDVUncategorized AcronymsRemote Detection Vehicle
RDVTUS Military AcronymsReliability Design Verification Test
RDWChemistry AcronymsRelativistic Distorted Wave
RDWMedical AcronymsRed Cell Distribution Width
RDWNASA AcronymsResponse Data Word
RDWNASA AcronymsReturn Data Words
RDXChemistry AcronymsRoyal Demolition Explosive
RDXNASA AcronymsCyclotrimethylenetrinitramine
RDYNASA AcronymsReady
RDYUS Military AcronymsReady
REChemistry AcronymsRecoupled States (in Orbiting Resonances Calcns. In Atom-mol. Inelastic Scattering)
REChemistry AcronymsRelativistic Eikonal
RENASA AcronymsResponsible Engineer
REUncategorized AcronymsRhenium
REUncategorized AcronymsRoyal Engineers
REText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHello Again
REText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsRegards
REText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsReply
RE&TNASA AcronymsResearch Engineering And Test
REAChemistry AcronymsRelaxed Eddy Accumulation
REAChemistry AcronymsRestriction Endonuclease Anal.
REAChemistry AcronymsRetrospective Exposure Assessment
REAChemistry AcronymsReactive Arthritis
REAUS Military AcronymsRequest For Equitable Adjustment
REACNASA AcronymsReactant
REACCSChemistry AcronymsReaction Access System
REACHChemistry AcronymsRegistration
REACHUncategorized AcronymsRegistration
REACQNASA AcronymsReacquisition
REACTUncategorized AcronymsRemote Electronically Activated Control Technology
READSChemistry AcronymsRestriction Enzyme Analysis Of Differentially-expressed Sequences
READSUS Military AcronymsRequirements Entry Allocation Decomposition System
REAMUncategorized AcronymsRetired Educators Association Of Minnesota
REAPDORChemistry AcronymsRotational-echo Adiabatic-passage Double-resonance
RECNASA AcronymsReceive
RECNASA AcronymsRecord (RCD Preferred)
RECOrganizations Acronyms Regional Environment Centre (Budapest
RECUS Military AcronymsReceiver
RECUS Military AcronymsRecord
RECAChemistry AcronymsRegional Energy Convergence Approxn. (in Total Energies Calcns.)
RECDUS Govt. AcronymsRural Economic & Community Development (replaced By RD)
RECERTNASA AcronymsRecertification
RECHGNASA AcronymsRecharge
RECIPNASA AcronymsReci Procate
RECIRCUS Military AcronymsRecirculating
RECLAIMChemistry AcronymsRegional Clean Air Incentives Market

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