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RRTNASA AcronymsRendezvous Radar Transducer
RRTNASA AcronymsRendezvous Radar Transponder
RRWDSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRadar Remote Weather Display System
RSChemistry AcronymsRayleigh Schroedinger (perturbation Theory)
RSNASA AcronymsRawinsonde
RSNASA AcronymsRedundancy Status
RSNASA AcronymsRedundant Set
RSNASA AcronymsRedundant Set (computers)
RSNASA AcronymsRefurbishment Spare
RSNASA AcronymsRemote Station
RSNASA AcronymsRight Side
RSUncategorized AcronymsRussia (FIPS 10-4 Country Code)
RS&HNASA AcronymsReynolds
RS&SNASA AcronymsReceiving
RS-HFPTChemistry AcronymsRayleigh-Schroedinger Hartree-Fock Perturbation Theory
RS-LMTO-ASAChemistry AcronymsReal Space-linear Combination Of Muffin-tin Orbitals-atomic Sphere Approxn.
RSAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRange Standardization And Augmentation Project
RSAChemistry AcronymsRat Serum Albumin
RSAChemistry AcronymsReverse Saturable Absorption
RSANASA AcronymsReference Satellite A
RSAUncategorized AcronymsRegimental Support Area - Republic Of South Africa -Rivest-Shamir-Adleman Encryption
RSAUS Govt. AcronymsRehabilitation Services Administration
RSACChemistry AcronymsRemote Sensing Applications Center (US Forest Service)
RSBNASA AcronymsRudderSpeedBrake
RSCChemistry AcronymsRisk Specific Concentration
RSCChemistry AcronymsThe Royal Society Of Chemistry
RSCChemistry AcronymsRelative Source Contribution
RSCChemistry AcronymsResidual Sodium Carbonate
RSCMedical AcronymsRight Subclavian
RSCNASA AcronymsRange Safety Control/Command
RSCAChemistry AcronymsRelativistic Semiclassical Approximation (for At. Scattering)
RSCFChemistry AcronymsRelativistic Self-consistent Field
RSCIENASA AcronymsRemote Station Communication Interface Equipment
RSCPAChemistry AcronymsReduced (second Order) Self-consistent Phonon Approxn. (a Green-function Calcn. Method)
RSCSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRemote Spooling Communications Subsystem
RSDChemistry AcronymsRelative Standard Deviation
RSDChemistry AcronymsRisk-specific Dose
RSDNASA AcronymsRequirements And Specifications Document
RSDUncategorized AcronymsReflex Sympathetic Dystrophy -Serbian Dinar (ISO 4217 Currency Code)
RSDPNASA AcronymsRemote Site Data Processor
RSEChemistry AcronymsRelativistic Symmetric Eikonal
RSEWChemistry AcronymsResistance Seam Welding
RSFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsRemote Sensing Facility
RSFChemistry AcronymsRadial Structure Function
RSFChemistry AcronymsRelative Sensitivity Factor
RSFNASA AcronymsReceiving-Safing Facility
RSFNASA AcronymsRefurbishment And Subassembly Facilities
RSFNASA AcronymsRefurbishment And Subassembly Facility (KSC)
RSFQChemistry AcronymsRapid Single Flux Quantum
RSGBusiness And FinanceRevenue Support Grant
RSINASA AcronymsReusable Surface Insulation
RSIUncategorized AcronymsRepetitive Strain Injury
RSJUncategorized AcronymsRolled Steel Joist (construction)
RSKChemistry AcronymsRajagopal-Singhal-Kimball (local-spin-d. Potential For Electronic Structure Calcns.)
RSKChemistry AcronymsRibosomal S6 Kinase
RSKERLChemistry AcronymsRobert S. Kerr Environmental Research Laboratory
RSLNASA AcronymsResource Support List
RSLVNASA AcronymsResolve
RSMChemistry AcronymsReactive Scavenging Module
RSMChemistry AcronymsRapeseed Meal
RSMChemistry AcronymsReduction Symmetry Method (in Crystal Field Theory)
RSMChemistry AcronymsResponse Surface Method
RSMNASA AcronymsResume
RSMCChemistry AcronymsRegional Specialized Meteorological Centre
RSMMNASA AcronymsRedundant System Monitor Model
RSMPChemistry AcronymsRayleigh-Schroedinger-Moeller-Plesset Perturbation
RSMRChemistry AcronymsRayleigh Scattering Of Moessbauer Radiation
RSMSTChemistry AcronymsReal-space Multiple-scattering Theory (in Electronic Structure)
RSNAstronomy AcronymsRadio SuperNova
RSNChatting AcronymsReal Soon Now
RSNUncategorized AcronymsReal Soon Now (coined By Author Jerry Pournelle)
RSNComputer And Internet AcronymsReal Soon Now
RSNSMS Chat And Text AcronymsReal Soon Now
RSNText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsReal Soon Now
RSNAChemistry AcronymsRenal Sympathetic Nerve Activity
RSONASA AcronymsRadiological Safety Office
RSONASA AcronymsRange Safety Officer
RSPChemistry AcronymsRespirable Suspended Particulates
RSPNASA AcronymsRendezvous Station Panel
RSPAChemistry AcronymsResearch And Special Programs Administration (Dept. Of Transportation)
RSPAUS Govt. AcronymsResearch And Special Programs Administration
RSPBUncategorized Acronyms(UK) Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds
RSPCAUncategorized AcronymsRoyal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals
RSPEChemistry AcronymsRayleigh Schroedinger Perturbation Expansion
RSPLNASA AcronymsRecommended Spare Parts List
RSPTChemistry AcronymsRayleigh-Schroedinger Perturbation Theory
RSQUS Military AcronymsRescue
RSRChemistry AcronymsRapid Solidification Rate
RSRMedical AcronymsRegular Sinus Rhythym
RSRUncategorized AcronymsRequired Supply Rate
RSRUS Military AcronymsRepair Survival Rate
RSREUncategorized AcronymsUK Royal Signals And Radar Establishment (1976?1991)
RSRGChemistry AcronymsReal-space Renormalization Group (method In Calcn. Of Green Functions For Electrons In Crystals)
RSRMChemistry AcronymsReusable Solid Rocket Motor
RSSChemistry AcronymsRecombination Signal Sequence
RSSChemistry AcronymsResidual Sum Of Squares
RSSNASA AcronymsRange SafetySwitch
RSSNASA AcronymsRange SafetySystem
RSSNASA AcronymsRange Safety System
RSSNASA AcronymsReactants Supply System

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