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QNASA AcronymsDynamic Pressure
QNASA AcronymsPitch Rate (Angular Rate)
QNASA AcronymsAlpha Pitch Dynamic Pressure
QNASA AcronymsBeta Yaw Dynamic Pressure
QUS Military AcronymsTorque
Q/IUS Military AcronymsQuestion/issue
Q1Uncategorized AcronymsFirst Quarter
Q2Uncategorized AcronymsSecond Quarter
Q2CText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsQuick To Cum
Q3Uncategorized AcronymsThird Quarter
Q4Uncategorized AcronymsFourth Quarter
Q:-)SMS Text Smileys And EmoticonsCatcher (baseball)
QAChemistry AcronymsQuality Assurance
QANASA AcronymsQuality Assurance
QAUncategorized AcronymsQatar (FIPS 10-4 Country Code; ISO 3166 Digram)
QAUS Military AcronymsQuality Assurance
QA&RUS Military AcronymsQuality Assurance And Revalidation
QA/QCChemistry AcronymsQuality Assurance/quality Control
QACChemistry AcronymsQuaternary Ammonium Compound
QACADNASA AcronymsQuality Assurance Corrective Action Document
QAEMChemistry AcronymsQuality Assurance For Environmental Measurements
QAFMChemistry AcronymsQuantum Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg Model
QALEChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Analysis Of Ligand Effects
QAMNASA AcronymsQuality Assurance Manual
QAMBChemistry AcronymsQuality Assurance Materials Bank (USEPA)
QAMSChemistry AcronymsQuality Assurance Management Staff (US EPA)
QANTASUncategorized AcronymsQueensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services
QAPChemistry AcronymsQuality Assurance Plan
QAPNASA AcronymsQuality Assurance Procedure
QAPUncategorized AcronymsQuadripartite Advisory Publication (kwapp)
QAPPChemistry AcronymsQuality Assurance Project Plan
QAPPUS Military AcronymsQuality Assurance Program Plan
QAPWChemistry AcronymsQuadratic Augmented Plane Wave (in Band-structure Calcn.)
QARChemistry AcronymsQuality Assurance Reagent
QARNASA AcronymsQuality Assurance Responsible/Witness
QARUncategorized AcronymsQatari Rial (ISO 4217 Currency Code)
QASChemistry AcronymsQuality Assurance Standard
QATChemistry AcronymsQuality Assurance Technical Materials
QATUncategorized AcronymsQatar (ISO 3166 Trigram)
QATTNASA AcronymsQualification For Acceptance Thermal Testing
QAVTNASA AcronymsQualification Acceptance Vibration Test
QAVTNASA AcronymsQualification For Acceptance Vibration Testing
QBUncategorized AcronymsQuarterback (football)
QBEComputer Acronyms (Common)Query By Example
QBEComputer And Internet AcronymsQuery By Example
QBMChemistry AcronymsQuantal Brownian Motion (model)
QBOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsQuasi-Biennial Oscillation
QBOChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Basis Orbital (an MO Or AO)
QBOChemistry AcronymsQuasi-biennial Oscillation (atm.)
QCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsQuality Control
QCChemistry AcronymsQuality Control
QCUncategorized AcronymsQuality Control -Qu?bec (postal Symbol) -Queen's Counsel
QCUS Military AcronymsQuality Control
QC-SCFChemistry AcronymsQuadratically Convergent SCF (for Closed-shell Systems)
QCAChemistry AcronymsQuantum-dot Cellular Automata
QCAChemistry AcronymsQuasichemical Approxn. (in Calcns. On Semiconductors)
QCAChemistry AcronymsQuasicrystalline Approximation
QCAUncategorized AcronymsQualifications And Curriculum Authority - Quality Council Of Alberta
QCBNASA AcronymsQueue Control Block
QCCChemistry AcronymsQuadrupole Coupling Constant
QCCAChemistry AcronymsQuasiclassical Close-coupling Approximation
QCDChemistry AcronymsQuantum Chromodynamics
QCDUncategorized AcronymsQuantum ChromoDynamics
QCDLChemistry AcronymsQuenched Cavity Dye Laser
QCDRNASA AcronymsQuality Control Deficiency Report
QCELPComputer And Internet AcronymsQualComm Code Excited Linear Predictive Coding
QCFF/PIChemistry AcronymsQuantum Mechanical Consistent Force Field Method For Pi-electron Systems
QCFIUS Military AcronymsQuality Conformance Final Inspection (on-site)
QCIChemistry AcronymsQuadratic Configuration Interaction
QCIFComputer And Internet AcronymsQuarter Common Intermediate Format
QCISDChemistry AcronymsQuadratic Configuration Interaction With Single And Double Excitation
QCISD(T)Chemistry AcronymsQuadratic CI (with) Single (and) Double (excitations) (and) [triple Excitations Added Perturbatively]
QCISDTChemistry AcronymsQuadratic CI (with) Single (and) Double (and) Triple (excitations)
QCLChemistry AcronymsQuantum Cascade Laser
QCMChemistry AcronymsQuartz Crystal Microbalance
QCMDChemistry AcronymsQuantum-classical Mol. Dynamics
QCMSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsQuality Control Monitoring System
QCOPNASA AcronymsQuality Control Operating Procedure
QCPChemistry AcronymsQuantized Classical Path (method For Calcg. Quantum-mech. Rate Consts.)
QCPEChemistry AcronymsQuantum Chemistry Program Exchange
QCPIUS Military AcronymsQuality Conformance Preliminary Inspection (in-plant)
QCRChemistry AcronymsQuartz Crystal Resonator
QCSEChemistry AcronymsQuantum-confined Stark Effect
QCTChemistry AcronymsQuasiclassical Trajectory (method For Mol. Collision Calcns.)
QCT-IEQMTChemistry AcronymsQuasiclassical Trajectory-internal Energy Quantum Mechanical Threshold
QDChemistry AcronymsQuantum Dot
QDMedical AcronymsEveryday
QDMedical AcronymsEveryday
QDNASA AcronymsQuick Disconnect
QDNASA AcronymsQuick Disconnect
QDUncategorized AcronymsQuaque Die (Latin
QD-MBPTChemistry AcronymsQuasi-degenerate Many-body Perturbation Theory
QDAChemistry AcronymsQuadratic Discriminant Analysis
QDFMChemistry AcronymsQuantitative DNA Fiber Mapping
QDFMHuman Genome AcronymsQuantitative DNA Fiber Mapping
QDIPChemistry AcronymsQuantum Dot Infrared Photodetector
QDMChemistry AcronymsQuadrature Discretization Method (in Electron Transport Properties Calcns.)
QDMChemistry AcronymsQuantum Defect Method
QDMUS Military AcronymsQuantitative Debris Monitor
QDMAUS Military AcronymsQuantitative Debris Monitor Mission Alert Status

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