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QDMALUS Military AcronymsQdma Left
QDMARUS Military AcronymsQdma Right
QDMMUS Military AcronymsQuantitative Debris Monitor Maintenance Alert Status
QDMMLUS Military AcronymsQdmm Left
QDMMRUS Military AcronymsQdmm Right
QDOChemistry AcronymsQuantum-defect Orbital (theory)
QDOSUncategorized AcronymsQuick And Dirty Operating System (cue-doss)
QDPTChemistry AcronymsQuasi-degenerate Perturbation Theory
QDRNASA AcronymsQualification Design Review
QDRUncategorized AcronymsQuadrennial Defense Review
QDSNASA AcronymsQuality Data System
QDTChemistry AcronymsQuantum-defect Theory
QDVPTChemistry AcronymsQuasidegenerate Variational Perturbation Theory
QDWTChemistry AcronymsQuantum Density-wave Theory (in Theory Of Freezing Of Quantum Systems)
QENASA AcronymsQuality Engineer
QEBUS Military AcronymsQuick Engine Bulletin (tdc 04)
QECNASA AcronymsQuick Engine Change
QECUS Military AcronymsQuick Engine Change (tdc 03)
QECISDTQChemistry AcronymsQuadratic Size-extensive CISDTQ
QEDChemistry AcronymsQuantum Electrodynamics
QEDUncategorized AcronymsQuantum Electrodynamics -quid Es Demonstrata Or Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Latin
QEECChemistry AcronymsQuasimol. Extended Elementary Cell (for Electronic Structure Calcns. Of Crystals)
QEHUncategorized AcronymsQueen Elizabeth's Hospital
QELChemistry AcronymsQuantity Exclusion Limit
QELSChemistry AcronymsQuasi-Elastic Light Scattering
QENSChemistry AcronymsQuasielastic Neutron Scattering
QETChemistry AcronymsQuasi-equilibrium Theory
QFAAChemistry AcronymsQuartz Furnace Atomic Absorption
QFAASChemistry AcronymsQuartz Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
QFDChemistry AcronymsQuantum Fluid Dynamics
QFDFTChemistry AcronymsQuantum-fluid Density-functional Theory
QFEUncategorized AcronymsQuoted For Emphasis -Local Ground Level Atmospheric Pressure (aeronautical Q Code)
QFEBChemistry AcronymsQuasi-free Electron Bremsstrahlung
QFEPChemistry AcronymsQuantum Free Energy Perturbation (calcn. Method)
QFTChemistry AcronymsQuantum Field Theory
QFTText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsQuit F*cking Talking
QFTText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsQuoted For Truth
QGAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsQuasi-Geostrophic Analysis
QGLEChemistry AcronymsQuantum Generalized Langevin Equation
QGPChemistry AcronymsQuark Gluon Plasma
QHAChemistry AcronymsQuasi-harmonic Approxn. (in Intramol. Vibrational Relaxation)
QHDChemistry AcronymsQuantum Hadrodynamics
QHEChemistry AcronymsQuantum Hall Effect
QICComputer And Internet AcronymsQuarter-Inch Cartridge
QIDMedical AcronymsFour Times A Day
QIDUncategorized AcronymsQuater In Die (Latin
QIDMedical Acronyms (Slang)Queen In Distress (hissy Fit)
QIOSChemistry AcronymsQuantum Infinite-order Sudden (method For Collisions)
QIPChemistry AcronymsQuality Improvement Program
QIPChemistry AcronymsQuantum Information Processing
QIPUncategorized AcronymsQuadrilateral Interoperability Programme (ancestor Of MIP; Quip)
QISMChemistry AcronymsQuantum Inverse Scattering Method
QITChemistry AcronymsQuadrupole Ion Trap
QITMSChemistry AcronymsQuadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry
QJRMSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsQuarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society
QKUncategorized AcronymsAir Canada Jazz (IATA Airline Designator)
QKMChemistry AcronymsQuadratic Kohn Method (variational Method For Scattering)
QLNASA AcronymsQuick Look
QLUS Military AcronymsQuick Look
QLSMS Chat And Text AcronymsQuit Laughing
QLText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsQuit Laughing
QLARChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Localization Activity Relationship
QLCPMETChemistry AcronymsQuasilinearized Coupled-pair-many-electron Theory
QLDUncategorized AcronymsQueensland
QLDAChemistry AcronymsQuasilocal Density Functional Approxn.
QLDSNASA AcronymsQuick Look Data Station
QLGMChemistry AcronymsQuantum Lattice Gas Model (in Helium Superfluid Transition Temperature In Zeolite Pores)
QLSNASA AcronymsQuick Look Station
QLSText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsReply
QLSMChemistry AcronymsQuadratic Least-squares Method (variational For Scattering)
QLUCChemistry AcronymsQuasimolecular Large Unit Cell (model For Electronic-structure Calcns. On Solids)
QMNASA AcronymsQualification Motor
QMUncategorized AcronymsQuality Management - Quantum Mechanics - Queen Mother
QMUS Military AcronymsMast Torque
QMARChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Migration-activity Relationship
QMBChemistry AcronymsQuartz Microbalance
QMCChemistry AcronymsQuantum Monte-Carlo (theory For Many-electron Atoms And Mols.)
QMCRGChemistry AcronymsQuantum Monte-Carlo Renormalization Group (for Quantum Phase Transitions)
QMDChemistry AcronymsQuantum Molecular Dynamics (for Calcns. On The Dynamics Of A Quantum Particle Coupled To A Classical Many-body System)
QMMMChemistry AcronymsQuantum Mechanics-molecular Mechanics ~
QMOChemistry AcronymsQuaternionic Molecular Orbital Method
QMOMChemistry AcronymsQuadrature Method Of Moments
QMREChemistry AcronymsQuantum Mechanical Resonance Energy
QMSChemistry AcronymsQuadrupole Mass Spectrometry
QNHAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsQuasi-nonhydrostatic Model
QNHUncategorized AcronymsRegional Mean Sea Level Atmospheric Pressure (aeronautical Q Code)
QNSMedical AcronymsQuantity Not Sufficient
QODMedical AcronymsEvery Other Day
QOSComputer And Internet AcronymsQuality Of Service
QOTDText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsQuote Of The Day
QPAChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Phase Analysis
QPCRChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction
QPDChemistry AcronymsQuadrature Phase Detection
QPENChemistry AcronymsQuantum-mech. Potential (based On Interactios Of) Electrons (and) Nuclei
QPFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsQuantitative Precipitation Forecasting
QPFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsQuantitative Prediction Of Precipitation
QPFChemistry AcronymsQuantitative Precipitation Forecasts
QPLNASA AcronymsQualified Parts List
QPLNASA AcronymsQualified Products List
QPLUS Military AcronymsQualified Parts List

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