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PCCIChemistry AcronymsPremixed Charge Compression Ignition
PCCIPUncategorized AcronymsPresident's Commission On Critical Infrastructure Protection
PCCLUS Military AcronymsPre-contract Cost Letter
PCCMNASA AcronymsProgram Change ControlManagement
PCCNNASA AcronymsProvisioning Contract Control Number
PCCNUS Military AcronymsProvisioning Contract Control Number
PCCPNASA AcronymsPreliminary Contract Change ProPosal
PCCSChemistry AcronymsPhase-corrected Coupled-states (approxn. For Scattering Calcns.)
PCDChemistry AcronymsPhotoconductive Decay
PCDChemistry AcronymsPolycrystalline Diamond
PCDChemistry AcronymsProgrammed Cell Death
PCDNASA AcronymsProcurement Control Document
PCDUS Military AcronymsProgram Change Decision
PCDEChemistry AcronymsPolychlorinated Diphenyl Ethers
PCDSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPilot Climate Data System
PCDUNASA AcronymsPayload Command Decoder Unit
PCDWChemistry AcronymsPluvinage Continuum Distorted Wave ( A Wave Function In Calcns. On Atomic And Molecular Collisions)
PCDWChemistry AcronymsProjectile Continuum Distorted Wave (in Atom Collision Calcns.)
PCEChemistry AcronymsPolychromatic Erythrocytes
PCEChemistry AcronymsTetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene Or Perk)
PCEUncategorized AcronymsPerChlorEthylene
PCEMChemistry AcronymsPoint-charge Electrostatic Model
PCEMNASA AcronymsPropulsion Contamination Effects Module
PCETChemistry AcronymsProton-coupled Electron Transfer
PCFChemistry AcronymsPhotonic Crystal Fiber
PCFChemistry AcronymsPair Correlation Function
PCFChemistry AcronymsPlasma Centrifugal Furnace
PCFNASA AcronymsPayload Control Facility
PCFUS Military AcronymsPatrol Craft (fast) (coastal Patrol Combatants)
PCFAChemistry AcronymsPrincipal Component Factor Analysis
PCFBChemistry AcronymsPressurized Circulating Fluidized Bed (gasification Apparatus)
PCGAstronomy AcronymsProtein Crystal Growth Experiment
PCGNASA AcronymsPhonocardiogram
PCGCChemistry AcronymsParallel Column Gas Chromatography
PCGGAstronomy AcronymsPCG Glovebox
PCGVBChemistry AcronymsPairwise Correlated Generalized Valence Bond Method
PCIChemistry AcronymsPeripheral Component Interconnect
PCIChemistry AcronymsPositive-ion Chemical Ionization (mass Spectrometry)
PCIChemistry AcronymsPercutaneous Coronary Intervention
PCIChemistry AcronymsPerturbative Configuration Interaction
PCINASA AcronymsPeripheral Controller Interface
PCINASA AcronymsProcedure Change Unit
PCINASA AcronymsProduct Configuration Identification
PCINASA AcronymsProgram Control Input
PCIUncategorized AcronymsU.S. Pacific Islands Trust Territory (ISO 3166 Trigram; Obsolete 1986) -Peripheral Component Interconnect (computer Bus)
PCIUS Army Acronyms (Official)Pre-combat Inspection; An Inspection Of Equipment Before A Mission
PCIUS Military AcronymsProduct Configuration Identification
PCIComputer Acronyms (Common)Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCIComputer And Internet AcronymsPeripheral Component Interface
PCI-80Chemistry AcronymsParametrized Configuration Interaction (with Parameter) 80
PCI-XChemistry AcronymsParametrized Configuration Interaction (with Parameter) X
PCI-XComputer Acronyms (Common)Peripheral Component Interconnect Extended
PCIDChemistry AcronymsPoint-charge-induced-dipole (model
PCIEUncategorized AcronymsPeripheral Component Interconnect Express (computer Bus)
PCIEUS Govt. AcronymsPresident's Council On Integrity And Effiency
PCILNASA AcronymsPilot-Controlled Instrument Landing
PCILOChemistry AcronymsPerturbative Configuration Interaction Using Localized Orbitals
PCILOCCChemistry AcronymsPCILO For Crystal Calculations
PCINNASA AcronymsProgram Change Identification Number
PCINNASA AcronymsProgram Change Integration
PCISUS Military AcronymsPortable Common Interface Set
PCLChemistry AcronymsPhase Conjugate Laser
PCLNASA AcronymsPallet Coolant Loop
PCLNASA AcronymsPower Control List
PCLNASA AcronymsPrimary Coolant Line
PCLNASA AcronymsPrimary Coolant Loop
PCLNASA AcronymsProgramming Check List
PCLUncategorized AcronymsPassive Coherent Location
PCLUS Military AcronymsPost Conference List
PCLComputer And Internet AcronymsPrinter Control Language
PCMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsParallel Climate Model
PCMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPulse Code Modulation
PCMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPunched Card Machine
PCMChemistry AcronymsPhase Contrast Microscopy
PCMChemistry AcronymsPhase-change Material (in Heat Storage)
PCMChemistry AcronymsPhase-change Medium
PCMChemistry AcronymsPolarizable Continuum Model
PCMNASA AcronymsPower Control Mission
PCMNASA AcronymsPulse Code Modulation
PCMNASA AcronymsPulse Code Modulation
PCMNASA AcronymsPulse Code Modulator
PCMNASA AcronymsPunch Card Machine
PCMNASA AcronymsE Pulse-Code Modulation Event
PCMUS Military AcronymsPower Converter Module
PCMUS Military AcronymsPulse Code Modulation
PCMComputer And Internet AcronymsPulse Code Modulation
PCMText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsPlease Call Me
PCMCIAChemistry AcronymsPersonal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCMCIAUncategorized AcronymsPersonal Computer Memory Card International Association (People Can't Memorise Computer-Industry Acronyms)
PCMCIAComputer Acronyms (Common)Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCMCIAComputer And Internet AcronymsPersonal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCMDNASA AcronymsPulse-Code Modulation
PCMDIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsProgram For Climate Model Diagnosis And Intercomparison
PCMIChemistry AcronymsPellet Cladding Mechanical Interaction
PCMMUNASA AcronymsPCM Master Unit
PCMMUNASA AcronymsPulse Code Modulation Master Unit
PCMMUNASA AcronymsPulse-Code Modulation Master Unit
PCMOChemistry AcronymsPrecanonical Molecular Orbital
PCMSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsProcess And Change Management System
PCMSNASA AcronymsPulse-Code Modulation Shared

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