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PVRONASA AcronymsPyrotechnics
PVSUS Military AcronymsPeriscope View Simulators (associated With 21a Series)
PVSChemistry AcronymsPerformance Verification Sample
PVSGUS Military AcronymsPeriscope Visual Scene Generator
PVTNASA AcronymsPressure
PVTNASA AcronymsPreflight Verification Test
PVTNASA AcronymsPressure/Volume/Temperature
PVTNASA AcronymsPrivate
PVTNASA AcronymsPyrotechnic Verification Test
PVWANASA AcronymsPlanned Value Of Work Accomplished
PVWSNASA AcronymsPlanned Value Of Work Scheduled
PWNASA AcronymsPulse Width
PWUncategorized AcronymsPalau (postal Symbol; ISO 3166 Digram) - Petawatt
PWUncategorized AcronymsPicowatt
PWUS Army Acronyms (Official)Prisoner Of War
PWUS Military AcronymsPulse Width
PW-LDAChemistry AcronymsPlane Wave-local Density Approxn.
PW-TDSEChemistry AcronymsPlane Wave-time Dependent Schroedinger Equation
PWANASA AcronymsPratt And Whitney Aircraft
PWANASA AcronymsPrivate Write Area
PWANASA AcronymsProduct Work Authorization
PWAUncategorized AcronymsPirates With Attitude
PWBUS Military AcronymsPrinted Wiring Board
PWBComputer And Internet AcronymsPrinted Wire Board
PWBChemistry AcronymsPrinted Wiring Board
PWBNASA AcronymsPrinted Wire Board
PWBAUS Govt. AcronymsPension And Welfare Benefits Administration (replaced By EBSA)
PWBAChemistry AcronymsPlane-Wave Born Approximation
PWBA-CChemistry AcronymsCoulomb Corrected Plane Wave Born Approxn.
PWBA-C-EXChemistry AcronymsCoulomb Corrected Plane Wave Born Approxn. (with) Exchange
PWBA-EXChemistry AcronymsPlane-wave Born Approxn. (with) Exchange
PWBA-RChemistry AcronymsPlane-wave Born Approxn. With Relativistic Effects
PWBEChemistry AcronymsPlane-wave Born Approxn. With Exchange
PWBSNASA AcronymsProgram Work Breakdown Structure
PWCUncategorized AcronymsPieceWise Constant (describing A Mathematical Function)
PWEMChemistry AcronymsPartial-wave-expansion Method (in Electron Scattering Calcns.)
PWETFChemistry AcronymsPlane-wave Electronic Translational Factor (ion-atom Collisions)
PWFBChemistry AcronymsPlane-wave First Born
PWFSMedical Acronyms (Slang)Post-Weekend Fatigue Syndrome - An Ailment Which Presents At GP Surgeries On Monday Mornings
PWG SCFChemistry AcronymsPlane-wave Gaussian Self-consistent Field Method
PWHFChemistry AcronymsPlane-wave Hartree-Fock
PWHTChemistry AcronymsPost-weld Heat Treatment
PWIAChemistry AcronymsPlane-wave Impulse Approximation
PWLUncategorized AcronymsPieceWise Linear (describing A Mathematical Function)
PWLBBusiness And FinancePublic Works Loan Board
PWLCUncategorized AcronymsPieceWise Linear And Concave/Convex (describing A Mathematical Function)
PWMChemistry AcronymsPokeweed Mitogen
PWMChemistry AcronymsPulse Width Modulation
PWMNASA AcronymsPulse-Width Modulation
PWMDNASA AcronymsPrinted Wiring Master Drawing
PWNText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsOwn (Take On The Word, Owned)
PWNDText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsOwned See PWN
PWNTText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsOwned See PWN
PWOChemistry AcronymsPlane Wave Orbital
PWPUncategorized AcronymsPlot
PWPText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsPlot, What Plot?
PWPPChemistry AcronymsPlane-wave Pseudopotential
PWRChemistry AcronymsPressurized Water Reactor
PWRNASA AcronymsPower
PWRUncategorized AcronymsPressurized Water Reactor
PWRUS Military AcronymsPower
PWRUS Military AcronymsPrepositioned War Reserves
PWR/GNDUS Military AcronymsPower/ground
PWRIChemistry AcronymsPublic Works Research Institute (Japan)
PWSChemistry AcronymsPublic Water System
PWSNASA AcronymsPricing Work Statement
PWSAChemistry AcronymsPorts And Waterways Safety Act
PWSBChemistry AcronymsPlane-wave Second Born
PWSCFChemistry AcronymsPartial-wave Self-consistent Field
PWTMedical Acronyms (Slang)Poor White Trash (with A Condition Related To Their Lifestyle)
PWTFChemistry AcronymsPlane-wave Translation Factors (in Atom-ion Inelastic Collisions)
PWTMChemistry AcronymsPlane-wave T-matrix (for Electron-atom Scattering)
PWVAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPrecipitable Water Vapor
PXMedical AcronymsPneumothorax
PXUncategorized AcronymsPost EXchange
PXUS Army Acronyms (Official)Post EXchange. A Multi-purpose Store Which Usually Includes A Barber Shop And A Convenience Store.
PXBTAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsExpendable Bathythermograph (water Dropped Temperature Device)
PXDChemistry AcronymsPowder X-ray Diffraction
PXRChemistry AcronymsPregnane X Receptorpar
PXRChemistry AcronymsParametric X-ray
PXRDChemistry AcronymsPowder X-ray Diffraction
PXRFChemistry AcronymsPolarized X-ray Fluorescence
PYUncategorized AcronymsParaguay (ISO 3166 Digram) - Person-Year -Portsmouth Yardstick
PYUS Military AcronymsProgram Year
PYNASA AcronymsProgram Year
PYFUncategorized AcronymsFrench Polynesia (ISO 3166 Trigram)
PYGUncategorized AcronymsParaguayan Guarani (ISO 4217 Currency Code)
PYIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPresidential Young Investigators
PYMSChemistry AcronymsPyrolysis Mass Spectrometry
PYRONASA AcronymsPyrotechnics
PYSChemistry AcronymsPartial Yield Spectroscopy
PZUncategorized AcronymsPanama Canal Zone (ISO 3166 Digram; Obsolete 1980) -Pickup Zone
PZAText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsPizza
PZCChemistry AcronymsPolyzirconium Compound (isopropyl Alc.-zirconium Chloride Copolymer)
PZCChemistry AcronymsPoint Of Zero Charge (of Water)
PZCChemistry AcronymsPotential Of Zero Charge
PZEVChemistry AcronymsPartial Zero Emission Vehicle
PZNChemistry AcronymsLead Zinc Niobate
PZTChemistry AcronymsLead Zirconate Titanate

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