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PTNASA AcronymsAdvanced Planning And Technology Office (KSC Dir.)
PTNASA AcronymsPint
PTNASA AcronymsPitch Trim
PTNASA AcronymsPoint
PTNASA AcronymsPressure Transducer
PTUncategorized AcronymsPetatesla -Physical Training (in The Army) -Portugal (ISO 3166 Digram)
PTUncategorized AcronymsPicotesla
PTUncategorized AcronymsPlatinum
PTUncategorized AcronymsPortuguese Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
PTUS Army Acronyms (Official) Physical Training. Used In The Plural (PTs)
PTUS Military AcronymsPart
PTUS Military AcronymsPlain Test
PTUS Military AcronymsPoint
PTUS Military AcronymsPoint Mode
PT-MVDChemistry AcronymsPerturbation Theory (with) Mass-velocity And Darwin (operators)
PT2DChemistry AcronymsSecond-order Perturbation Theory (with) Diagonal (part Of Fock Matrix)
PT2FChemistry AcronymsSecond-order Perturbation Theory (with) Fock (matrix)
PTAChemistry AcronymsPacked Tower Aeration
PTAChemistry AcronymsPlasma Transferred Arc
PTAChemistry AcronymsPulse Thermal Analysis
PTANASA AcronymsPositest Analysis
PTANASA AcronymsPotential Toxic Area
PTANASA AcronymsPropulsion Test Article
PTAUncategorized AcronymsParent-Teacher Association
PTAUS Military AcronymsProposed Technical Approach
PTALUncategorized AcronymsPublic Transport Accessibility Level
PTANUncategorized AcronymsPrecision Terrain Aided Navigation
PTAWChemistry AcronymsPlasma Transfer Arc Weld
PTBChemistry AcronymsPhosphotyrosine Binding
PTBNASA AcronymsPayload Timing Buffer
PTCAstronomy AcronymsPassive Thermal Control
PTCChemistry AcronymsPhase Transfer Catalysis
PTCChemistry AcronymsPositive Temperature Coefficient [elec. Conducting Material]
PTCNASA AcronymsPassive Thermal Control
PTCNASA AcronymsPassive Thermal Control
PTCNASA AcronymsPortable Temperature Controller
PTCNASA AcronymsRPad Terminal Connection Room
PTCAChemistry AcronymsPercutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty
PTCAMedical AcronymsPercutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty
PTCRChemistry AcronymsPositive Temperature Coefficient Of Resistance (of Semiconductors)
PTCSNASA AcronymsPlanning
PTCSNASA AcronymsPassive Thermal Control Section
PTCSNASA AcronymsPassive Thermal Control System
PTCSNASA AcronymsPropellant Tanking Computer System
PTDChemistry AcronymsProbable Toxic Dose
PTDChemistry AcronymsPhotothermal Deflection
PTDChemistry AcronymsProtein Transduction Domain
PTDNASA AcronymsProvisioning Technical Documentation
PTDUS Military AcronymsProvisioning Technical Documentation
PTDDSSNASA AcronymsPTD Data Selection Sheet
PTDSChemistry AcronymsPhotothermal Deflection Spectroscopy
PTEAMChemistry AcronymsParticle Total Exposure Assessment Methodology
PTEFChemistry AcronymsPhotochem. Thermodynamic Efficiency Factor
PTELUS Military AcronymsPrequalified Training Equipment List
PTENChemistry AcronymsPhosphatase And Tensin Homolog (mutated In Multiple Advanced Cancers 1)
PTEPUS Military AcronymsPrequalified Training Equipment Program
PTFEUncategorized AcronymsPolyTetraFluoroEthylene
PTGCChemistry AcronymsProgrammed-temperature Gas Chromatography
PTGFChemistry AcronymsPerturbative-type Green Function
PTGSChemistry AcronymsPicosecond Transient Grating Spectroscopy
PTGSChemistry AcronymsPost-transcriptional Gene Silencing
PTHChemistry AcronymsParathyroid Hormone
PTHComputer And Internet AcronymsPlated Through-Hole
PTHText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsPrime Tanning Hours
PTIChemistry AcronymsPositive Thermal Ionization (for Mass Spectrometry)
PTINASA AcronymsPreliminary Test Information
PTINASA AcronymsProgrammed Test Input
PTISChemistry AcronymsPhotothermal Ionization Spectroscopy
PTISNASA AcronymsProgram Test Input System
PTKChemistry AcronymsProtein Tyrosine Kinase
PTLUncategorized AcronymsPatrol -Primary Target Line
PTMChemistry AcronymsPerturbation Trajectory Method (in Gas-surface Collision Dynamics)
PTMChemistry AcronymsPosttranslational Modification
PTMNASA AcronymsPulse Time Modulation
PTMGChemistry AcronymsPolytetramethylene Glycol
PTMMText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsPlease Tell Me More
PTMSNASA AcronymsPrecision Torque Measuring System
PTMTChemistry AcronymsPoly (tetramethylene Terephthalate)
PTNOChemistry AcronymsPerturbation Theory Natural Orbital
PTOChemistry AcronymsU.S. Patent And Trademark Office
PTONASA AcronymsParticipating Test Organizations
PTONASA AcronymsPower Test Operations
PTOUncategorized AcronymsPatent & Trademark Office - Please Turn Over
PTOUS Govt. AcronymsPatent And Trademark Office
PTORUS Military AcronymsPower Turn On Reset
PTPChemistry AcronymsProtein Tyrosine Phosphatase
PTPNASA AcronymsPoint-to-Point Phone(s)
PTPUS Military AcronymsProgram Test Plans
PTPText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsPardon The Pun
PTPOPText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsPat The Pissed Off Primate
PTPRUS Military AcronymsProgram Test Procedures And Reports
PTRChemistry AcronymsPhotothermal Radiometry
PTRChemistry AcronymsProton Transfer Reaction
PTRNASA AcronymsPreliminary Test Report
PTRNASA AcronymsPrinter
PTRNASA AcronymsProgram Trouble Report
PTRUS Military AcronymsProblem Trouble Report
PTR-MSChemistry AcronymsProton Transfer Reaction-mass Spectrometry
PTRIChemistry AcronymsProgrammed Temperature Retention Index
PTSChemistry AcronymsPressure Tuning Spectroscopy

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