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PSIDNASA AcronymsPounds Per Square Inch Differential
PSIDNASA AcronymsPounds Per Square Inch Differential
PSIGNASA AcronymsPounds Per Square Inch Gage
PSIGNASA AcronymsPounds Per Square Inch Gauge
PSIGNASA AcronymsPropulsion Systems Integration Group
PSIGAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPounds Per Square Inch Gage
PSIGUS Military AcronymsPounds Per Square Inch Gauge
PSIIChemistry AcronymsPhotosystem II
PSIIChemistry AcronymsPlasma Source Ion Implantation
PSIMChemistry AcronymsPhase Shifting Interferential Microscopy
PSISNASA AcronymsPounds Per Square Inch Sealed
PSITChemistry AcronymsPlasma Source Ion Trap
PSKNASA AcronymsPhase Shift Keyed
PSLNASA AcronymsPressure Seal
PSLNASA AcronymsPropellant Seal
PSLChemistry AcronymsPhotostimulated Luminescence
PSLChemistry AcronymsPolystyrene Latex
PSLUS Military AcronymsProblem Statement Language
PSL/PPLUS Military AcronymsProcess Support Language/process Programming Language
PSLCChemistry AcronymsPolymer-stabilized Liquid Crystal
PSMChemistry AcronymsProcess Safety Management
PSMChemistry AcronymsPflanzenschutzmittel; Pesticides
PSMNASA AcronymsPhase Sensitive Modulator
PSMNASA AcronymsPropellant Storage Module
PSMNASA AcronymsPyro Substitute Monitor
PSMUS Military AcronymsProcessor Support Module
PSMAChemistry AcronymsProstate Specific Membrane Antigen
PSMBEChemistry AcronymsPlasma Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy
PSMDUS Military AcronymsPreliminary Ship Manpower Document
PSMOChemistry AcronymsPseudo MO
PSMSChemistry AcronymsPlasma Source Mass Spectrometry
PSNAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPiano Spaziale Nazionale
PSNBBusiness And FinancePublic Sector Net Borrowing
PSNOChemistry AcronymsPseudonatural Orbital
PSNSChemistry AcronymsPretreatment Standards For New Sources
PSOUncategorized AcronymsPeace Support Operations - Primary Standardisation Office (ABCA) - Protocol Supporting Organization (of The ICANN)
PSOUS Military AcronymsPressure Shut Off
PSOText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsProduct Superior To Operator
PSO/NO-AIRUS Military AcronymsPressure Shut Off No Air
PSOMChemistry AcronymsPseudostate Optical Model
PSOPNASA AcronymsPayload Systems Operating Procedures
PSOSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsProfiler Surface Observing System
PSPNASA AcronymsPayload Signal Processor
PSPNASA AcronymsPayload Signal Processor
PSPNASA AcronymsPayload Specialist Panel
PSPNASA AcronymsPayload Support Plan
PSPNASA AcronymsProgram Support Plan
PSPNASA AcronymsProject Schedule Plan
PSPUS Military AcronymsProgrammable Signal Processor (an/awg-9 Update)
PSPBusiness And FinanceProfit Sharing Plan
PSPChemistry AcronymsPressure-sensitive Paint
PSPChemistry AcronymsPancreatic Stone Protein
PSPChemistry AcronymsParalytic Shellfish Poison
PSPChemistry AcronymsProgressive Supranuclear Palsy
PSPANASA AcronymsPressure Static Probe Assembly
PSPCChemistry AcronymsPosition Sensitive Proportional Counter
PSPLNASA AcronymsPriced Spare Parts List
PSPRChemistry AcronymsPerfectly Stirred Pulsed Reactor
PSPTAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPrecision Solar Photometric Telescope
PSRAstronomy AcronymsPulSaR
PSRNASA AcronymsProgram Status Review
PSRAChemistry AcronymsPulse Surface Reaction Rate Analysis
PSRDNASA AcronymsProgram Support Requirements Document
PSRGChemistry AcronymsPosition-space Renormalization Group (for D.-of-states Calcns.)
PSRIChemistry AcronymsPlanetary Sciences Research Institute
PSRPChemistry AcronymsProcess To Significantly Reduce Pathogens (of EPA)
PSSChemistry AcronymsPerturbed Stationary State
PSSChemistry AcronymsPrimary Sewage Sludge
PSSNASA AcronymsPad Safety Supervisor
PSSNASA AcronymsPayload Specialist Station
PSSNASA AcronymsPayload Support System
PSSNASA AcronymsPropellant Supply Subsystem
PSSNASA AcronymsPropulsion Support System
PSSUncategorized AcronymsPersonnel System Support
PSSMedical Acronyms (Slang)Positive Suitcase Sign - Patients Who Are Repeated Admissions For Prolonged Periods With No Physiological Cause Of Their Problems. They Turn Up At Hospital With Packed Suitcases Ready For Admission
PSSBusiness And FinancePersonal Social Services
PSSCFChemistry AcronymsPseudo SCF
PSSPNASA AcronymsPayload Specialist Station Panel
PSSRChemistry AcronymsPerturbed Stationary State With Relativistic Effects
PSSTNASA AcronymsPeriodic Significant Scheduled Tasks
PSSUNASA AcronymsPatch Survey And Switching Unit
PSTUncategorized AcronymsPacific Standard Time (UTC-8 Hours)
PSTChemistry AcronymsPorcine Somatotropin
PSTATUS Military AcronymsPrecipitation Static
PSTCChemistry AcronymsPressure Sensitive Tape Council
PSTLChemistry AcronymsPhotostimulated Thermoluminescence
PSTMChemistry AcronymsPhoton Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
PSTNComputer And Internet AcronymsPublic Switched Telephone Network
PSUNASA AcronymsPower Switching Unit
PSUAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPennsylvania State University
PSUChemistry AcronymsPractical Salinity Units
PSVNASA AcronymsPlanetary Space Vehicle
PSVUncategorized AcronymsPhilips Sport Vereniging (Dutch For Philips Sports Union) - Public Service Vehicle
PSVTMedical AcronymsParoxysmal Supra-Ventricular Tachycardia
PSWNASA AcronymsProgram Status Word
PSXDChemistry AcronymsPosition Sensitive X-ray Detector
PSYOPUncategorized AcronymsPsychological Operations
PSZChemistry AcronymsPartially-stabilized Zirconia
PTChemistry AcronymsPerturbation Theory
PTMedical AcronymsProthrombin Time

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