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PO-MOChemistry AcronymsPars Orbital-MO
PO-TDSEChemistry AcronymsPeriodic Orbit-time Dependent Schroedinger Equation
PO2Medical AcronymsPartial Pressure Of O2
POAChemistry AcronymsPeierls-Onsager Approxn. (in Electronic Structure Calcns.)
POAChemistry AcronymsPreoptic Area
POANASA AcronymsPlan Of Action
POAHFSMS Chat And Text AcronymsPut On A Happy Face
POAHFText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsPut On A Happy Face
POAKText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsPassed Out At Keyboard
POAMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPolar Ozone And Aerosol Measurement
POAMChemistry AcronymsPolar Ozone And Aerosol Measurements
POAMUS Military AcronymsPlan Of Action And Milestones
POAVChemistry AcronymsPi Orbital Axis Vector Analysis (electronic-structure Model)
POBITUS Military AcronymsPower-on Built-in Test
POCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsProof Of Concept
POCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsProject Operations Center
POCChemistry AcronymsPoint Of Compliance
POCChemistry AcronymsPurgeable Organic Carbon
POCChemistry AcronymsParticulate Organic Carbon
POCChemistry AcronymsProduct Of Combustion
POCNASA AcronymsPaYload Operations Center
POCNASA AcronymsPurchase Order Closeout
POCUS Army Acronyms (Official)Point Of Contact
POCUS Military AcronymsPoint Of Contact
POCCAstronomy AcronymsPayload/Platform Operations Control Center
POCCNASA AcronymsPayload Operations Control Center
POCCNASA AcronymsPayload Operations Control Center
POCDUncategorized AcronymsPost-Operative Cognitive Dysfunction
POCDUS Military AcronymsProcess Operational Concept Document
POCHChemistry AcronymsPolarized Ochkur
POCIChemistry AcronymsParent Orbital Configuration Interaction
POCIBOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPolar Circling Balloon Observatory
POCMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsParallel Ocean Climate Model
POCNNASA AcronymsPurchase Order Change Notice
POCPChemistry AcronymsPhotochem. Ozone Creation Potential
POCTChemistry AcronymsPoint-of-care Testing
POCVChemistry AcronymsPair Orthogonality Constrained Variation Method
PODAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsProbability Of Detection
PODNASA AcronymsPayload Operations Division (JSC)
PODUncategorized AcronymsPlain Old Documentation
PODUncategorized AcronymsPort Of Debarkation
PODSChemistry AcronymsPeriodic Orbit Dividing Surfaces (in Potential Surface Calcn.)
POEChemistry AcronymsPoint Of Entry
POENASA AcronymsProximity OPticai Device
POEUncategorized AcronymsPerl Object Environment -Port Of Embarkation
POEMAstronomy AcronymsPolar Orbiting Earth Mission
POEMChemistry AcronymsPhysical Oceanography Of The Eastern Mediterranean
POEMSChemistry AcronymsPlasma Optical Emission Mass Spectrometer
POESAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPolar Operational Environmental Satellite
POESChemistry AcronymsPolar Orbiting Environmental Satellites
POESSatellite Meterology AcronymsPolar Operational Environmental Satellite
POETUS Military AcronymsH Band Expendable Jammer
POETSUncategorized AcronymsPortable Occultation
POFChemistry AcronymsPlastic Optical Fiber
POFChemistry AcronymsPolymer Optical Fiber
POFChemistry AcronymsPremature Ovarian Failure
POFAUS Military AcronymsProgrammed Operational & Functional Appraisal
POGChemistry AcronymsPost-orogenic Granitoids
POGUncategorized AcronymsPassionfruit
POGUS Army Acronyms (Official)Psychological Operations Group
POGUS Army Acronyms (Slang)People Other Than Grunts (US Army Infantry); Permanently On The Ground (US Air Force, US Naval Aviation And US Army Aviation)
POGOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPolar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
POGOChemistry AcronymsPolar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
POGONASA AcronymsP090 Suppression System
POGONASA AcronymsPilot Operational EquiPment
POGONASA AcronymsPolar Orbiting GeophYsical Observatory
POGOUncategorized AcronymsProject On Government Oversight
POHChemistry AcronymsPurgeable Organic Halogen(s)
POHCChemistry AcronymsPrincipal Organic Hazardous Constituents
POIChemistry AcronymsPlagioclase-olivine Inclusions
POINASA AcronymsProduct Of Inertia
POINASA AcronymsPropellant Quantity Indicator
POIUncategorized AcronymsProgram Of Instruction
POILUS Military AcronymsEngine Delta Oil Pressure
POISE-98Atmospheric Research Center AcronymsPOlarimetric Instrument For Solar Eclipse-98
POKUncategorized AcronymsPlane Of Knowledge
POLNASA AcronymsPetroleum, Oil, And Lubricant
POLUncategorized AcronymsPetroleum, Oil, And Lubricant
POLUncategorized AcronymsPolish Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
POLUS Military AcronymsPetroleum, Oil, And Lubricant
POLUS Military AcronymsPolarity
POL-CIChemistry AcronymsPolarization Configuration Interaction
POLADUncategorized AcronymsPolitical Advice
POLARNASA AcronymsProduction Order Location And Reporting
POLARISAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPhotochemistry Of Ozone Loss In The Arctic Region In Summer
POLARISChemistry AcronymsPhotochem. Of Ozone Loss In The Arctic Region In Summer
POLEXAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsPolar Experiment
POLINATChemistry AcronymsPollution From Aircraft Emissions In The North Atlantic Flight Corridor
POMChemistry AcronymsParticulate Organic Matter
POMChemistry AcronymsPolarized Optical Microscopy
POMChemistry AcronymsProjection-operator Method
POMNASA AcronymsPallet-Only Mode
POMNASA AcronymsPrinter OutPut Microfilm
POMUncategorized AcronymsProgram Objective Memorandum - PolyOxyMethylene
POMUS Army Acronyms (Official)Program Objective Memorandum
POMUS Military AcronymsProgram Objective Memorandum
POMText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsParent Over My Shoulder
POMDPUncategorized AcronymsPartially Observable Markov Decision Process
POMTNASA AcronymsPlanning Operations Management Team
POMTMedical Acronyms (Slang)Please Optimize Medical Treatment - Don't Call Us Until You've Done Your Job First

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