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 Acronym Category Meaning
OETPChemistry AcronymsOrbiter Electron Temp. Probe
OEXNASA AcronymsOrbiter Experiments
OEXNASA AcronymsOrbiter Experiments
OFNASA AcronymsOperational FWD DSC Or MDM
OFNASA AcronymsOperational Instrumentation MDM-FWD
OFNASA AcronymsOrbital Flight
OFNASA AcronymsOutside Face
OFNASA AcronymsOxidizer-to-Fuel Ratio
OFNASA AcronymsOxygen Fill
OFAChemistry AcronymsOil Fly Ash
OFAUncategorized AcronymsOccipital Face Area
OFAUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Family Assistance
OFABUS Military AcronymsOil Filter Actual Bypass
OFABLUS Military AcronymsOil Filter Actual Bypass Left
OFABRUS Military AcronymsOil Filter Actual Bypass Right
OFACUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Foreign Assets Control
OFAGEChemistry AcronymsOrthogonal-field-alternation Gel Electrophoresis
OFAPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsObserving Facilities Advisory Panel
OFCCNASA AcronymsOffice Of Federal Contract Compliance
OFCCPUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
OFCMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOffice Of The Federal Coordinator For Meteorology
OFDAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOffice Of Foreign Disaster Assistance
OFDAUncategorized AcronymsU.S. AID?s Office Of Foreign Disaster Assistance
OFDRChemistry AcronymsOff-frequency Decoupling Resonance
OFDSNASA AcronymsOrbiter Flight Dynamics Simulator
OFDSNASA AcronymsOxygen Fluid Distribution System
OFETChemistry AcronymsOrganic Field Effect Transistor
OFHEOUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
OFINASA AcronymsOperational Flight Instrumentation
OFINASA AcronymsOperational Flight Instrumentation
OFIBUS Military AcronymsOil Filter Impending Bypass
OFIBLUS Military AcronymsOil Filter Impending Bypass Left
OFIBRUS Military AcronymsOil Filter Impending Bypass Right
OFIGMedical Acronyms (Slang)One Foot In The Grave
OFIGATOOSMedical Acronyms (Slang)One Foot In The Grave And The Other One Slipping
OFISPChemistry AcronymsOscillating Flow Injection Stripping Potentiometry
OFKNASA AcronymsOfficiaf Flight Kit
OFKNASA AcronymsOPtical Flight Kit
OFMNASA AcronymsOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OFMUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Financial Management
OFMSWChemistry AcronymsOrganic Fraction Municipal Solid Waste
OFPNASA AcronymsOperational Flight Profile
OFPNASA AcronymsOperational Flight Program
OFPNASA AcronymsOrbiter Flight Program
OFPUS Military AcronymsOperational Flight Program
OFPSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOffice Of Field Project Support
OFPTChemistry AcronymsOperator Form (of) Perturbation Theory
OFRChemistry AcronymsOxygen Free Radical
OFRUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of The Federal Register
OFSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOffice Of Field Project Support
OFSNASA AcronymsOrbital (Orbiter) Flight System
OFSNASA AcronymsOrbiterFunctionalSimulator
OFTNASA AcronymsOrbital Flight Test
OFTUS Military AcronymsOperational Flight Trainer
OFTDSNASA AcronymsOrbital Flight Test Data System
OFTMNASA AcronymsOn-Orbit Flight Technique Meeting
OFTRNASA AcronymsOrbital Flight Test Requirement
OFWChemistry AcronymsOrganic Free Water
OGNASA AcronymsOuter Gimbal (Roll)
OGNASA AcronymsOxygen Gage
OGNASA AcronymsZero Gravity
OGAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOffice Of Government Affairs
OGANASA AcronymsOuter Gimbal Angle
OGANASA AcronymsOuter Gimbal Axis
OGCChemistry AcronymsOffice Of General Counsel
OGCUncategorized AcronymsOpen Geospatial Consortium
OGCMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOcean General Circulation Model
OGCMChemistry AcronymsOceanic General Circulation Model
OGDUncategorized AcronymsOther Government Department
OGDRChemistry AcronymsOptogalvanic Double Resonance
OGEChemistry AcronymsOne Gluon Exchange
OGEChemistry AcronymsOptogalvanic Effect
OGENASA AcronymsOperatingGroundEquipment
OGEUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Government Ethics
OGEUS Military AcronymsOut Of Ground Effect
OGMTNASA AcronymsOrbiter GreenwichMeanTime
OGOAstronomy AcronymsOrbiting Geosurvey Observatories
OGOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOrbiting Geophysical Observatory
OGOUncategorized AcronymsOther Government Organization
OGPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOffice Of Global Programs
OGPUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Governmentwide Policy
OGSNASA AcronymsOuter Glideslope
OGSNASA AcronymsOxygen Generation System
OGSNASA AcronymsQuantity Gaging System
OGTTChemistry AcronymsOral Glucose Tolerance Test
OGTTMedical AcronymsOral Glucose Tolerance Test
OGVNASA AcronymsOxygen Gage Valve
OGWDWChemistry AcronymsOffice Of Ground Water And Drinking Water
OGWDWUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Ground Water And Drinking Water
OGXUncategorized AcronymsOUARGLA -a Petrolium State In The South Of Algeria
OHNASA AcronymsOverhaul
OHNASA AcronymsOverhead
OHUncategorized AcronymsOhio (postal Symbol)
OHANASA AcronymsOperational Hazard Analysis
OHANASA AcronymsOrbital Height Adjustment Maneuver
OHAOChemistry AcronymsOrthogonalized Hybrid Atomic Orbital
OHASISUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Health And Safety Information System
OHCChemistry AcronymsOuter Hair Cell
OHCNASA AcronymsOnboard Hard Copier
OHCNASA AcronymsOptics Hand Controller

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