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OCCSDChemistry AcronymsOpen-shell Coupled-cluster (with) Single (and) Double (excitations)
OCDChemistry AcronymsOffshore And Coastal Dispersion (modeling Of Air Quality)
OCDChemistry AcronymsOverlapping Charge Density (model In Electronic Structure)
OCDNASA AcronymsOperational Capability Development
OCDUncategorized AcronymsObsessive-Compulsive Disorder
OCDUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Community Development
OCDUS Military AcronymsOperational Concept Document
OCDText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsObsessive Compulsive Disorder
OCDRNASA AcronymsOrbiter Critical Design Review
OCDUNASA AcronymsOptics Coupling Data Unit (G&N)
OCEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDivision Of Oceanic Sciences
OCEChemistry AcronymsOne-center Expansion (SCF MO Method)
OCEChemistry AcronymsOverall Control Efficiency
OCENASA AcronymsOcean Color Experiment
OCEUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of The Chief Economist
OCE-DFChemistry AcronymsOne-center Expansion Dirac-Fock
OCECChemistry AcronymsOpen-channel Electrochromatography
OCEEChemistry AcronymsOverlap Corrected Electronegativity Equalization
OCEFTChemistry AcronymsOffice Of Criminal Enforcement
OCEPAChemistry AcronymsOffice Of Communications
OCFNASA AcronymsOnboard Computational Facility
OCFNASA AcronymsOrbiter Computational Facilities
OCFSUncategorized AcronymsOracle Cluster File System
OCFS2Uncategorized AcronymsOracle Cluster File System Release 2
OCGAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOcean Catalog Group
OCGFAstronomy AcronymsOrganic Crystal Growth Facility
OCHChemistry AcronymsOchkur (approxn. In Electron-atom Scattering Calcns.)
OCHNASA AcronymsOrbiter Common Hardware
OCIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOcean Color Imager
OCIUncategorized AcronymsOccitan Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
OCIDSUncategorized AcronymsOptical Combat Identification System
OCISChemistry AcronymsOSHA Computerized Information System
OCISChemistry AcronymsOptics Classification And Indexing Scheme
OCLCChemistry AcronymsOnline Computer Library Center
OCMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOcean Circulation Model
OCMNASA AcronymsOrganic Content Monitor
OCMUS Military AcronymsOn Condition Maintenance
OCMEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOceanographic Community Modeling Effort
OCNNASA AcronymsOrder Control Number
OCNUncategorized AcronymsOncology Certified Nurse
OCONASA AcronymsOMS Cutoff
OCONASA AcronymsOpen-Close-Open
OCOUncategorized AcronymsOort Cloud Object
OCOKAUncategorized AcronymsObservation
OCONUSUS Army Acronyms (Official) Outside CONtinental United States
OCONUSUS Army Acronyms (Slang)Outside CONtinental United States
OCOSChemistry AcronymsOrbital Charge-ordering State
OCPChemistry AcronymsOrganochlorine Pesticide
OCPNASA AcronymsOutput Control Pulse
OCPUS Military AcronymsOperational Computer Program
OCPABusiness And FinanceOffice Of The Commissioner For Public Appointments
OCPSFChemistry AcronymsOrganic Chemical, Plastics, And Synthetic Fiber Industry
OCRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOptical Character Reader
OCRChemistry AcronymsOptical Character Recognition
OCRNASA AcronymsOptical Character Recognition
OCRUncategorized AcronymsOptical Character Recognition
OCRUS Army Acronyms (Official)Office (Officer) Of Co-Responsibility
OCRUS Govt. AcronymsOffice For Civil Rights (Dept. Of Education)
OCRComputer Acronyms (Common)Optical Character Recognition
OCRComputer And Internet AcronymsOptical Character Recognition
OCRMNASA AcronymsOrbiter Crash And Rescue Manuals
OCRWMChemistry AcronymsOffice Of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
OCRWMUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
OCSChemistry AcronymsOuter Continental Shelf
OCSNASA AcronymsOnboard Checkout System
OCSUncategorized AcronymsSee Entry
OCSUS Army Acronyms (Official)Officer Candidate School
OCSUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Community Services
OCSUS Military AcronymsOfficer Candidate School
OCSCChemistry AcronymsOrbital-charge-self-consistent (in Electronic State Calcn.)
OCSEUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Child Support Enforcement
OCSTAstronomy AcronymsOffice Of Commercial Space Transportation
OCTChemistry AcronymsOptical Coherence Tomography
OCTChemistry AcronymsOptical Current Transducer
OCTChemistry AcronymsOptimized Cluster Theory
OCTNASA AcronymsOctal
OCTAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOxidizing Capacity Of The Troposphere Atmosphere
OCTAChemistry AcronymsOxidizing Capacity Of The Tropospheric Atmosphere
OCTGChemistry AcronymsOil Country Tubular Goods
OCTSAstronomy AcronymsOcean Color And Temperature Scanner
OCTSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOcean Color And Temperature Scanner
OCTSChemistry AcronymsOcean Color And Temperature Sensor
OCTWAstronomy AcronymsOptical Communications Through The Shuttle Window
OCXComputer And Internet AcronymsOLE Custom Control
ODAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOutside Diameter
ODChemistry AcronymsOrder-Disorder (in Mineral Structure)
ODChemistry AcronymsOptical Density
ODMedical AcronymsRight Eye
ODMedical AcronymsOverdose
ODNASA AcronymsOperational Downlink/Downlist
ODNASA AcronymsOperations Directive
ODNASA AcronymsOutside Diameter
ODNASA AcronymsOxygen Drain
ODSCUBA Diving AcronymsOcean Diver (BSAC)
ODUncategorized AcronymsOld Dragon - Ordnance Datum (nautical Charts) -Overdose
ODAOrganizations AcronymsOverseas Development Agency (United Kingdom)
ODAUS Military AcronymsOffice Document Architecture
ODADSUS Military AcronymsOmnidirectional Air Data Sensor
ODASChemistry AcronymsOcean Data Acquisition System
ODASUncategorized AcronymsOCA-DLR Asteroid Survey

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