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OTTHSMS Chat And Text AcronymsOn The Third Hand
OTTLEChemistry AcronymsOptically Transparent Thin-layer Electrode
OTTOMHSMS Chat And Text AcronymsOff The Top Of My Head
OTTOMHText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsOff The Top Of My Head
OTVAstronomy AcronymsOrbital Transfer Vehicle
OTVNASA AcronymsOperational Television
OTVNASA AcronymsOrbital Transfer Vehicle
OTVNASA AcronymsOrbiter Transfer Vehicle
OTWText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsOff The Wall
OTYNASA AcronymsQuantity
OUAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsUniversity Of Oklahoma
OUChemistry AcronymsOdor Units
OUMedical AcronymsBoth Eyes
OUASSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOmega Upper Atmospheric Sounding Systems
OUINASA AcronymsQuito
OUPNASA AcronymsOFS UPlink Processor
OURChemistry AcronymsOxygen Uptake Or Utilization Rate
OUSTChemistry AcronymsOffice Of Underground Storage Tanks
OUSUText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsOh, You Shut Up
OUTNASA AcronymsOrbiter Utilities Tray
OUTNASA AcronymsOutlet
OUTNASA AcronymsOutput
OUTBDNASA AcronymsOutboard
OVAstronomy AcronymsOrbital Vehicle
OVNASA AcronymsOrbiter Vehicle
OVNASA AcronymsOrbiter Vehicle
OVNASA AcronymsOxygen Vent
OVAEUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Vocational And Adult Education
OVBChemistry AcronymsOrthogonalized Valence Bond Method
OVBDNASA AcronymsOverboard
OVCChemistry AcronymsOptimized Valence Configuration
OVCUncategorized AcronymsOvercast (METAR Code)
OVCUS Govt. AcronymsOffice For Victims Of Crime
OVCONASA AcronymsOperational Voice Communication Office
OVDChemistry AcronymsOptically Variable Device
OVDChemistry AcronymsOutside Vapor Deposition
OVFNASA AcronymsOverfill
OVFFChemistry AcronymsOrbital Valence Force Field
OVFLNASA AcronymsOverf Low
OVGFChemistry AcronymsOuter-valence Green Function (for Ionization-energy Calcns.)
OVHDNASA AcronymsOverhead
OVHDUS Military AcronymsOverhead
OVHTNASA AcronymsOverheat
OVINASA AcronymsOperational Validation Inspection
OVLDNASA AcronymsOverload
OVMOChemistry AcronymsOccupied Valence-type Mol. Orbital
OVOCChemistry AcronymsOther Volatile Organic Compound
OVOSChemistry AcronymsOptimized Virtual Orbital Space Approximation (for Correlated Calcns.)
OVRDNASA AcronymsOverride
OVSNASA AcronymsOperational Voice System
OVTQUS Military AcronymsOvertorque
OVVNASA AcronymsOvervoltage
OVVUncategorized AcronymsOptically Visually Violent
OWChemistry AcronymsOffice Of Water
OWNASA AcronymsOptical Window
OWUncategorized AcronymsOld Wykehamist
OWUS Military AcronymsObstacle Warning
OWUS Military AcronymsOperating Wing
OWUS Military AcronymsOuter Wing
OWSCUBA Diving AcronymsOpen Water Certification; First Certification Level.
OW(D)SCUBA Diving AcronymsOpen Water (Diver) (PADI)
OWBOUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Women's Business Ownership
OWCPUS Govt. AcronymsOffice Of Workers' Compensation Programs
OWDNASA AcronymsOne-Way Doppler
OWDENASA AcronymsOne-Way Doppler Extraction
OWDMUS Military AcronymsOriginal Water Depth Mine
OWECChemistry AcronymsOffice Of Wastewater Enforcement And Compliance
OWFNASA AcronymsOPtimum Working Frequency
OWGChemistry AcronymsOptical Waveguide
OWHUS Govt. AcronymsOffice On Women's Health
OWISCUBA Diving AcronymsOpen Water Instructor (BSAC)
OWICSCUBA Diving AcronymsOpen Water Instructor Course (BSAC)
OWLSChemistry AcronymsOptical Waveguide Lightmode Spectroscopy
OWOWChemistry AcronymsOffice Of Wetlands
OWPEChemistry AcronymsOffice Waste Programs Enforcement
OWRRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOffice Of Water Resources Research
OWRSChemistry AcronymsOffice Water Regulations And Standards (US EPA)
OWSISCUBA Diving AcronymsOpen Water SCUBA Instructor (PADI)
OWTTEText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsOr Words To That Effect
OWVPChemistry AcronymsOutgoing Wave Variational Principle
OWWSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsOffice Of World Weather Systems
OXNASA AcronymsOxidizer
OXDNASA AcronymsOxide
OXDZRNASA AcronymsOxidizer
OXIDNASA AcronymsOxidizer
OXYNASA AcronymsOxygen
OZNASA AcronymsOunce
OZNASA AcronymsOzone
OZText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsAustralia
OZIPMChemistry AcronymsOzone Isopleth Plotting With Optional Mechanisms
O[-<]:SMS Text Smileys And EmoticonsI Am A Skater Or I Like To Skate

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