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MCPUS Military AcronymsMaximum Continuous Power
MCP2PChemistry AcronymsMulticonfigurational Particle-particle Propagator
MCPAChemistry Acronyms2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic Acid
MCPAChemistry AcronymsMolecular Coherent-potential Approximation
MCPBChemistry Acronyms(4-(2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxy)butyric Acid
MCPCNASA AcronymsManipulator Controller Power Conditioner
MCPFChemistry AcronymsModified Coupled-pair Functional (method In CI Calcns.)
MCPF+RChemistry AcronymsModified Coupled-pair Functional (method With) Relativistic (correction)
MCPIChemistry AcronymsMonte Carlo Path Integration
MCPNChemistry AcronymsMatrix Coherent Potential Approximation
MCPPChemistry Acronyms(+/-)-2-(4-chloro-2-methylphenoxy)propionic Acid (REG: 7085190)
MCPSNASA AcronymsMajor Cost Proposal System
MCPSAGChemistry AcronymsMarcus-Coltrin-Path Semiclassical Adiabatic Ground-state (transmission Coeffs.)
MCQDAChemistry AcronymsMultichannel Quantum Defect Analysis
MCQDPT2Chemistry AcronymsSecond-order Multiconfigurational Quasi-degenerate Perturbation
MCQDTChemistry AcronymsMultichannel Quantum Defect Theory
MCQRChemistry AcronymsMulticonfigurational Quadratic Response
MCRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMultichannel Cloud Radiometer
MCRChemistry AcronymsMax. Continuous Rating
MCRChemistry AcronymsMetabolic Clearance Rate
MCRChemistry AcronymsMicrocarbon Residue
MCRChemistry AcronymsMinimum Creep Rate
MCRChemistry AcronymsMultivariate Curve Resolution
MCRChemistry AcronymsMutual Climate Range
MCRNASA AcronymsMaster Change Record
MCRUncategorized AcronymsMy Chemical Romance
MCRUS Military AcronymsManual Change Release
MCRGChemistry AcronymsMonte Carlo Renormalization Group
MCRHFChemistry AcronymsMulticonfigurational Relativistic Hartree-Fock
MCRLUS Military AcronymsMaster Cross Reference List
MCRPAChemistry AcronymsMulticonfigurational Random Phase Approxn.
MCRRPAChemistry AcronymsMulticonfiguration Relativistic Random Phase Approxn.
MCRTChemistry AcronymsMean Cell Residence Time
MCSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMesoscale Convective System
MCSChemistry AcronymsMonte Carlo Simulation
MCSChemistry AcronymsManagement Control System
MCSChemistry AcronymsMedia Cleanup Standard
MCSChemistry AcronymsMultiple Cloning Site
MCSNASA AcronymsMaintenance And Checkout Station
MCSNASA AcronymsMeasurements Calibration System
MCSSCUBA Diving AcronymsMarine Conservation Society
MCSCFChemistry AcronymsMulti Configuration Self Consistent Field
MCSCOChemistry AcronymsMulticonfiguration Self-consistent Orbital
MCSCRFChemistry AcronymsMulticonfigurational Self-consistent Reaction Field
MCSEUS Military AcronymsMagnetic Course
MCSFChemistry AcronymsMacrophage Colony Stimulating Factor
MCSFUncategorized AcronymsMarine Corps Security Forces
MCSTEPChemistry AcronymsMulticonfigurational Spin-tensor Electron Propagator
MCSXChemistry AcronymsMulticonfiguration Single Excitation
MCTChemistry AcronymsMOS Controlled Thyristor
MCTChemistry AcronymsMercury Cadmium Telluride
MCTNASA AcronymsMaximum Climb Thrust
MCTNASA AcronymsMission Control Table
MCTUncategorized AcronymsMovement Control Team
MCTCAUS Military AcronymsNavy Meterology And Calibration Program
MCTDHChemistry AcronymsMulticonfigurational Time-dependent Hartree (theory)
MCTDH/BSEChemistry AcronymsMCTDH (with) Basis Set Expansion
MCTDHFChemistry AcronymsMulticonfiguration Time-dependent Hartree-Fock
MCTEXAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMaritime Continent Thunderstorm Experiment
MCTISUncategorized AcronymsMounted Co-operative Target Identification System
MCTLUS Govt. AcronymsMilitarily Critical Technologies List
MCUNASA AcronymsMaster Control Unit
MCUNASA AcronymsMission Control Unit
MCVAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMesoscale Cyclonic Vortex
MCVChemistry AcronymsMean Corpuscular Volume
MCVChemistry AcronymsMesoscale Convective Vortex
MCVUS Military AcronymsMain Control Valve
MCVDChemistry AcronymsModified Chemical Vapor Deposition
MCVPChemistry AcronymsMetal Chemical Vapor Deposition
MCVPNASA AcronymsMaterials Control And Verification Program
MCWNASA AcronymsModulated Continuous Wave
MCWFChemistry AcronymsMonte-Carlo Wave Function (method In Study Of Dissipative Processes In Quantum Optics)
MCXDChemistry AcronymsMagnetic Circular X-ray Dichroism
MCYChemistry AcronymsMatsuoka-Clementi-Yoshimine (potential Function)
MCZDOChemistry AcronymsMany Center Zero Differential Overlap
MDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMaster Directory
MDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsModernization Division
MDNASA AcronymsBiomedical Office (KSC Directorate)
MDNASA AcronymsMalfunctionDetection
MDNASA AcronymsManual Direct
MDNASA AcronymsManual Disconnect
MDNASA AcronymsMaster Dimension
MDNASA AcronymsMicrodot
MDNASA AcronymsMission Director
MDUncategorized AcronymsFifteen Hundred (in Roman Numerals) - Maryland (postal Symbol) -Medicinae Doctor (Doctor Of Medicine/Medical Doctor) - Mentioned In Dispatches (military) -Moldova (FIPS 10-4 Country Code; ISO 3166 Digram)
MDUncategorized AcronymsMendelevium
MD FILEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsN/A
MD/MC-CEMChemistry AcronymsMolecular Dynamics/Monte Carlo-corrected Effective Medium
MDAChemistry AcronymsMetal Deactivator
MDAHuman Genome AcronymsMuscular Dystrophy Assoc.
MDANASA AcronymsMain Distribution Assembly
MDANASA AcronymsMaintainability Design Approach
MDANASA AcronymsMiddeck Assembly (FDF)
MDANASA AcronymsMotor Drive Amplifier
MDANASA AcronymsMultiple Docking Adapter
MDAUncategorized AcronymsMain Defensive Action/Area -Moldova (ISO 3166 Trigram) - Muscular Dystrophy Association
MDAComputer And Internet AcronymsMonochrome Display Adapter
MDACNASA AcronymsMcDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company
MDARNASA AcronymsMalfunction Detection
MDASNASA AcronymsMeteorological Data Acquisition System

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