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MCCCAstronomy AcronymsMaragone Convection On Closed Containers
MCCCNASA AcronymsMission Control And Computing Center
MCCEMChemistry AcronymsMulti-chamber Concentration And Exposure Model
MCCHFChemistry AcronymsMulticonfiguration Coupled Hartree-Fock
MCCPChemistry AcronymsMountain Cloud Chemistry Program
MCCRUS Military AcronymsMission Critical Computer Resources
MCCSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMesoscale Convective Complexes
MCCSNASA AcronymsMission Control Center Simulation (System)
MCCSUS Military AcronymsMission Critical Computer System
MCCTUS Military AcronymsMission Control Operator Trnr (f14-15c3a)
MCDChemistry AcronymsMagnetic Circular Dichroism
MCDHuman Genome AcronymsMouse Cytogenetic Database
MCDUncategorized AcronymsMinimal Cerebral Dysfunction
MCDFChemistry AcronymsMulti-configuration Dirac-Fock
MCDF-EALChemistry AcronymsMulticonfiguration Dirac-Fock-extended Average Level (for Energy Levels And Wave Functions Calcn. For Atoms)
MCDF-OLChemistry AcronymsMulticonfiguration Dirac-Fock Optimum Level
MCDLUncategorized AcronymsModel Composition Definition Language
MCDSNASA AcronymsMaintenance Control And Display System
MCDSNASA AcronymsMultifunction CRT Display System
MCDSNASA AcronymsMultifunction CRT Display System
MCDUNASA AcronymsMultifunction CRT Display Unit
MCDWChemistry AcronymsMatrix Continuum Distorted Wave
MCEChemistry AcronymsMagnetocaloric Effect
MCEChemistry AcronymsMicrochannel Epitaxy
MCEChemistry AcronymsMicrochip Electrophoresis
MCEChemistry AcronymsMixed Cellulose Ester
MCEChemistry AcronymsMultichannel Eikonal (method For Scattering Calcns.)
MCEBChemistry AcronymsMulticonfiguration Energy Bound
MCEB-NEVChemistry AcronymsMulticonfigurational Energy Bound-natural Eigenvalue Method
MCEPChemistry AcronymsMulticonfigurational Electron Propagator (in Ionization Potential Calcns.)
MCFChemistry AcronymsMonocyte Cytotoxicity Factor
MCFChemistry AcronymsMutually Consistent Field Method (in Calcns. On Intermolecular Interactions)
MCFNASA AcronymsMaintenance And Checkout Facility
MCFNASA AcronymsMission Control Facility
MCFCChemistry AcronymsMolten Carbonate Fuel Cells
MCGAComputer And Internet AcronymsMulti-Color Graphics Array
MCGRChemistry AcronymsMonte-Carlo Renormalization Group
MCHChemistry AcronymsMean Cell Hemoglobin
MCHChemistry AcronymsMelanin Concentrating Hormone
MCHBUS Govt. AcronymsMaternal And Child Health Bureau
MCHCChemistry AcronymsMean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (occupational Exposure)
MCHFChemistry AcronymsMulticonfiguration Hartree-Fock
MCHF-BPChemistry AcronymsMulticonfiguration Hartree-Fock Breit-Pauli
MCIChemistry AcronymsMild Cognitive Impairment
MCIUncategorized AcronymsMicrowave Communications
MCIComputer And Internet AcronymsMedia Control Interface
MCICChemistry AcronymsMetals And Ceramics Information Center
MCIDASAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMan-computer Interactive Data Access System
MCIDASSatellite Meterology AcronymsMan Computer Interactive Data Access System
MCISUncategorized AcronymsMellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
MCIUNASA AcronymsManipulator Controller Interface Unit
MCIUNASA AcronymsManipulator Controller Interface Unit
MCIUNASA AcronymsMaster Control And Interface Unit
MCIUNASA AcronymsMission Control And Interface Unit
MCKChemistry AcronymsMuscle Creatine Kinase
MCLChemistry AcronymsMaximum Contaminant Level
MCLChemistry AcronymsMethod Calibration Limit
MCLMedical AcronymsModified Chest Lead
MCLNASA AcronymsMass Change Log
MCLNASA AcronymsMaster Configuration List
MCLUS Military AcronymsMaster Configuration List
MCLEDChemistry AcronymsMicrocavity Light-emitting Diode
MCLGChemistry AcronymsMaximum Contaminant Level Goal
MCLRChemistry AcronymsMulticonfigurational Linear Response (an MC-SCF Method)
MCLTChemistry AcronymsMinority Carrier Lifetime
MCLTNASA AcronymsMaximum Cruise Level Thrust
MCMChemistry AcronymsMesoporous Crystalline Material
MCMChemistry AcronymsMinichromosome Maintenance
MCMChemistry AcronymsMultichip Modules
MCMChemistry AcronymsMulticonfigurational (variation Of) Moments (for Mo Correlation Diagrams Calcn.)
MCMNASA AcronymsMADS Control Module
MCMUncategorized AcronymsMine Counter-Measures
MCMUS Military AcronymsMemory Controller Moduletmtmine Countermeasures
MCMUS Military AcronymsMine Countermeasures Ship
MCM 41Chemistry AcronymsMobil Catalytic Material 41
MCMCChemistry AcronymsMarkov Chain Monte Carlo
MCMMUS Military AcronymsMemory Controller Module With Memory
MCMPChemistry AcronymsModified Corrugated Morse Potential
MCMVUncategorized AcronymsMine Counter-Measure Vessel
MCNChemistry AcronymsMicroconcentric Nebulizer
MCNNASA AcronymsMaster Change Notice
MCNDOChemistry AcronymsModified Complete Neglect Of Differential Overlap
MCNPChemistry AcronymsGeneral Monte Carlo Code For Neutron And Photon Transport
MCONASA AcronymsMission Control Operations
MCOUncategorized AcronymsMonaco (ISO 3166 Trigram) -Movement Control Officer -Major Combat Operation
MCOPNASA AcronymsMission Control Operations Panel
MCOPMChemistry AcronymsMulticonfiguration Optimized Potential Model
MCORUS Military AcronymsMarine Corps
MCPChemistry AcronymsMajor Capsid Protein
MCPChemistry AcronymsMicrochannel Plate
MCPChemistry AcronymsModel Core Potential
MCPChemistry AcronymsMonocyte Chemoattractant Protein
MCPNASA AcronymsMaster ComputerProgram
MCPNASA AcronymsMaster Change Proposal
MCPNASA AcronymsMaterials Control Plan
MCPNASA AcronymsMeasurements Control Procedure
MCPNASA AcronymsMission Control Programmer
MCPNASA AcronymsMonitoring And Control Panel
MCPNASA AcronymsMonitoring And Control Panel
MCPUncategorized AcronymsMaintenance Collection Point - Male Chauvinist Pig

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