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MTTPChemistry AcronymsMaximum Total Trihalomethane Potential
MTTRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMean Time To Repair
MTTRNASA AcronymsMean TimetoRepair
MTTRUS Military AcronymsMean Time To Repair
MTUNASA AcronymsMagnetic Tape Unit
MTUNASA AcronymsMaster Timing Unit
MTUNASA AcronymsMaster Timing Unit
MTUNASA AcronymsMobileTrainingUnit
MTUUncategorized AcronymsTankovei Mostoukladchik (Russian ???????? ?????????????
MTUComputer Acronyms (Common)Maximum Transmission Unit
MTUComputer And Internet AcronymsMaximum Transmission Unit
MTVUncategorized AcronymsMainosTeleVisio (Finnish Commercial TV Company) - Music TeleVision
MTVUS Military AcronymsMessage Translation & Validation
MTVCNASA AcronymsManual Thrust Vector Control
MTVCNASA AcronymsManual Thrust Vector Control
MTVLUncategorized AcronymsMobile Tracked Vehicle
MTWNASA AcronymsMaximumTaxiWeight
MTWSUncategorized AcronymsMAGTF Tactical Warfare System
MTX(ALPHA)Chemistry AcronymsMuffin-tin X(alpha) Statistical Exchange
MUNASA AcronymsMaster Unit
MUNASA AcronymsMobile Unit
MUNASA AcronymsMockup
MUNASA AcronymsMultiple Unit
MUUncategorized AcronymsMauritius (ISO 3166 Digram) - Oman (FIPS 10-4 Country Code; From Muscat)
MUUS Military AcronymsMemory Unit
MU PAINMedical Acronyms (Slang)Made Up Pain (especially For Sick Notes And Insurance Claims)
MUANASA AcronymsMaterial(s) Usage Agreement
MUANASA AcronymsMaximum Usable Altitude
MUAUncategorized AcronymsMeritorious Unit Award - Military Utility Assessment
MUAHText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsThe Sound Of A Kiss
MUBARText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsMessed Up Beyond All Recognition
MUBFFChemistry AcronymsModified Urey Bradley Force Field
MUCAChemistry AcronymsMolecular Unit Cell Approxn.
MUCSChemistry AcronymsMinimum-uncertainty Coherent States (wave Functions)
MUCTChemistry AcronymsMultiphase Unsaturated Zone Contaminant Transport Model
MUDChatting AcronymsMulti User Dungeon
MUDComputer And Internet AcronymsMultiple User (or Multi-User) Dungeon (Dimension)
MUDSMS Chat And Text AcronymsMulti User Dungeon
MUDPITChemistry AcronymsMultidimensional Protein Identification Technology
MUEUS Military AcronymsModification Unique Equipment
MUFNASA AcronymsMaximum Usable Frequency
MUFAChemistry AcronymsMonounsaturated Fatty Acids
MUGAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMcIDAS Users Group
MUHMedical Acronyms (Slang)Messed Up Heart
MULAPChemistry AcronymsMulliken Approximation
MULSAMChemistry AcronymsMultispectral Analytical Electron Microscope
MULTNASA AcronymsMultiple
MULTNASA AcronymsMultiply
MULTIMEDChemistry AcronymsMultimedia Exposure Assessment Model
MULTOTSUS Military AcronymsMultiple Units Link 11 Test And Operational Training System
MUMSNASA AcronymsMultiple Use Marc System
MURNASA AcronymsManpower Utilization Report
MURUncategorized AcronymsMauritius Rupee (ISO 4217 Currency Code)
MURINESChemistry AcronymsMuon Ring Neutrino Experiments
MUSUncategorized AcronymsMauritius (ISO 3166 Trigram)
MUSACChemistry AcronymsMeasurement Uncertainty Software In Analytical Chemistry
MUSATNASA AcronymsCanadian Government Satellite
MUSEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMonitor Of Ultraviolet Solar Energy
MUSGEChemistry AcronymsMiniaturized Ultrathin Slab Gel Electrophoresis
MUSHComputer And Internet AcronymsMulti-User Shared Hallucination
MUSICChemistry AcronymsMultiplicity Selective In-phase Coherence Transfer
MUSICUS Military AcronymsMulti-use Special Intelligence Communication
MUSLEChemistry AcronymsModified Universal Soil Loss Equation (erosion Model)
MUSMSMS Chat And Text AcronymsMiss You So Much
MUSMText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsMiss You So Much
MUSSNASA AcronymsModule Utility Support Structure
MUTEUS Military AcronymsMultiplex Unit For Transmission Elimination
MUTTSUS Military AcronymsMulti Unit Tactical Training System
MUXNASA AcronymsMultiplex
MUXUS Military AcronymsMultiplex
MVNASA AcronymsManual Valve
MVNASA AcronymsManufacturing Verification
MVNASA AcronymsMillivolt
MVUncategorized AcronymsMaldives (FIPS 10-4 Country Code; ISO 3166 Digram) - Megavolt -Motor Vehicle - Motor Vessel
MVUncategorized AcronymsMillivolt
MVAChemistry AcronymsMuellverbrennungsanlage (German) Waste Incineration Plant
MVAMedical AcronymsMotor Vehicle Accident
MVANASA AcronymsMain Valve Actuator
MVANASA AcronymsMegavolt Ampere
MVARUS Military AcronymsMagnetic Variation
MVASNASA AcronymsMultipurpose Ventricular Actuating System
MVCChemistry AcronymsMechanical Vapor Compression
MVCChemistry AcronymsMulti-variable Control
MVCNASA AcronymsManual VolumeControl
MVCNASA AcronymsMaster VolumeControl
MVCDChemistry AcronymsMagnetic Vibrational Circular Dichroism
MVEChemistry AcronymsMethyl Vinyl Ether
MVEGChemistry AcronymsMotor Vehicle Emissions Group
MVELChemistry AcronymsMotor Vehicle Emission Laboratory
MVFNASA AcronymsManned Vertical Flight
MVFFChemistry AcronymsModified Valence Force Field
MVGVTNASA AcronymsMated Vertical Ground Vibration Test
MVIAstronomy AcronymsMicrogravity Vestibular Investigation
MVMNASA AcronymsMarinerVenus/Mercury
MVMAChemistry AcronymsMotor Vehicle Manufactures Association
MVOChemistry AcronymsModified Virtual Orbital
MVPChemistry AcronymsMajor Vault Protein
MVPChemistry AcronymsMitral Valve Prolapse
MVPNASA AcronymsMaster Verification Plan
MVP-LUS Military AcronymsMultiple Views Project - Language

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