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MRCNASA AcronymsMeasurement Requirements Committee
MRCUncategorized AcronymsMaintenance Requirements Card
MRCUS Military AcronymsMaintenance Requirement Card
MRCComputer And Internet AcronymsMagneto-Resistive Cluster
MRCCChemistry AcronymsMultireference Coupled Cluster
MRCEPAChemistry AcronymsMultireference Coupled-electron-pair Approxn.
MRCIChemistry AcronymsMultireference Configuration Interaction
MRCRNASA AcronymsMeasurement Requirement Change Request
MRDNASA AcronymsMaterial Review Disposition
MRDNASA AcronymsMission Requirements Document
MRDUncategorized AcronymsMotorized Rifle Division
MRDUS Military AcronymsMilitary Requirements
MRDUS Military AcronymsMilitary Requirements Determination
MRD-CIChemistry AcronymsMultireference Determinant Configuration Interaction
MRD-CIChemistry AcronymsMultireference Double-excitation Configuration Interaction
MRDDMedical AcronymsMental Retarded/Developmentally Disabled
MRDDMedical AcronymsMental Retarded/developmentally Disabled
MRDLChemistry AcronymsMaximum Residual Disinfectant Level
MRDMUS Military AcronymsModel Requirements And Development Manual
MRDRNASA AcronymsMaterial Review Disposition Record
MREChemistry AcronymsMining Research Establishment
MREChemistry AcronymsMetal Responsive Element
MREUncategorized AcronymsMeal Ready To Eat (U.S. Military Rations)
MREUS Army Acronyms (Official) Officially
MRFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMedium-Range Forecast
MRFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMeteorological Rocket Facility
MRFChemistry AcronymsMaterial Recovery Facility
MRFChemistry AcronymsMagnetorheological Fluid
MRFChemistry AcronymsMunicipal Recycle Facility
MRFChemistry AcronymsMyogenic Regulatory Factor
MRFNASA AcronymsMaintenance Responsibility File
MRFNASA AcronymsMaximum Retarding Force
MRFNASA AcronymsMeasurements/Stimuli Request Form
MRFUS Military AcronymsMaintenance Replacement Factor
MRFDKUS Military AcronymsMechanical Remote Fuze Disassembly Kit
MRFMChemistry AcronymsMagnetic Resonance Force Microscope
MRGWUncategorized AcronymsMedium-Range Guided Weapon
MRIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMeteorological Research
MRIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMeteorological Research Institute
MRIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMinority Research Initiation
MRIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMesoscale Research Initiative
MRIChemistry AcronymsMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MRIMedical AcronymsMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MRINASA AcronymsMeasurement Requirements And Interface
MRIUncategorized AcronymsMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MRIUncategorized AcronymsM?ori Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
MRINDOChemistry AcronymsModified Rydberg Intermediate Neglect Of Differential Overlap
MRINDO/SChemistry AcronymsModified Rydberg Intermediate Neglect Of Differential Overlap/spectral (or Screening)
MRIRAstronomy AcronymsMedium Resolution Infrared Radiometer
MRIRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMedium Resolution Infrared Radiometer
MRIRNASA AcronymsMedium Resolution Infrared Radiometer
MRISAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMedia Relations & Information Services
MRISChemistry AcronymsMunicipal Refuse Incineration System(s)
MRISSAChemistry AcronymsMunicipal Refuse Incineration System Simulation And Analysis Model
MRLChemistry AcronymsMaximum Residue Limit
MRLChemistry AcronymsMethod Reporting Limit
MRLChemistry AcronymsMinimal Risk Levels
MRLChemistry AcronymsMinimum Reporting Level
MRLNASA AcronymsManipulator Retention Latch
MRLNASA AcronymsManipulator Retention Latch
MRLNASA AcronymsManipulator Retention Latches
MRLNASA AcronymsManipulator Retention Lock
MRLNASA AcronymsMaterial Requirements List
MRLUncategorized AcronymsMultiple Rocket Launcher
MRLCCChemistry AcronymsMultireference Linearized Coupled Cluster
MRLVChemistry AcronymsMobile Raman Lidar Van
MRMChemistry AcronymsMultiple Reaction Monitoring
MRMChemistry AcronymsMultiresidue Method
MRMMedical AcronymsModified Radical Mastectomy
MRNAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMeteorological Rocket Network
MRNAChemistry AcronymsMessenger Ribonucleic Acid
MROAstronomy AcronymsMemory Read-Out
MROChemistry AcronymsMedium Range Order
MROUncategorized AcronymsMaintenance
MRPChemistry AcronymsMedical Removal Protection
MRPChemistry AcronymsMultidrug Resistance Protein
MRPUS Military AcronymsMilitarized Reconfigurable Processor
MRRNASA AcronymsMission Reconfiguration Request
MRRUncategorized AcronymsMaximum Rock And Roll - Minimum-Risk Route - My Restaurant Rules
MRSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMesoscale Research Section
MRSChemistry AcronymsMaterials Research Society
MRSChemistry AcronymsMagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
MRSChemistry AcronymsMicro-Raman Spectroscopy
MRSChemistry AcronymsMinimum Required Strength
MRSChemistry AcronymsMonitored Retrievable Storage (for Radioactive Wastes)
MRSNASA AcronymsManagement Review System
MRSUncategorized AcronymsMagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
MRSAChemistry AcronymsMethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
MRSAUncategorized AcronymsMethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
MRSD-CIChemistry AcronymsMultireference Single And Double Excitation CI
MRSD-CI+DChemistry AcronymsMRSD-CI (with) Davidson Correction
MRSD-CI+PChemistry AcronymsMRSD-CI (with) Pople Correction
MRSIChemistry AcronymsMagnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging
MRSPTChemistry AcronymsModified Rayleigh-Schroedinger Perturbation Theory
MRSRAstronomy AcronymsMars Rover And Sample Return
MRSRMAstronomy AcronymsMars Rover And Sample Return Mission
MRTChemistry AcronymsMean Residence Time
MRTUncategorized AcronymsMauritania (ISO 3166 Trigram)
MRTUS Military AcronymsMinimum Resolvable Temperature
MRTCNASA AcronymsMultiple Real-Time Commands

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