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MNPComputer And Internet AcronymsMicrocom Networking Protocol
MNRASAstronomy AcronymsMonthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society
MNRASAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMonthly Notes Of The Royal Astronomical Society
MNSUncategorized AcronymsMission Needs Statement
MNSRChemistry AcronymsMiniature Neutron Source Reactor
MNTChemistry AcronymsMolecular Nanotechnology
MNTUncategorized AcronymsMolecular Nanotechnology -Mongolian Tugrik (ISO 4217 Currency Code)
MNVRNASA AcronymsManeuver
MOChemistry AcronymsMolecular Orbital
MONASA AcronymsMajor Objective
MONASA AcronymsManned Orbiter
MONASA AcronymsManual Orientation
MONASA AcronymsManufacturing Order
MONASA AcronymsMaster Oscillator
MONASA AcronymsMiddeck Overhead
MONASA AcronymsMission Operations
MONASA AcronymsMolybdenum
MONASA AcronymsMove
MOUncategorized AcronymsMacao (ISO 3166 Digram) -Medical Officer -Missouri (postal Symbol) -modus Operandi (Latin
MOUncategorized AcronymsMoldovan Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
MOUncategorized AcronymsMolybdenum
MOText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsMove On
MO&DSDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMission Operations And Data Systems Directorate
MOAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMemorandum Of Agreement
MOAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMemorandum Of Agreement
MOAChemistry AcronymsMaximum Overlap Approximation
MOANASA AcronymsMake On Arrival
MOANASA AcronymsMemorandum Of Agreement
MOANASA AcronymsMinute-of-Angle
MOAUncategorized AcronymsMuseum Of Art (Brigham Young University)
MOAUS Military AcronymsMemorandum Of Agreement
MOABUncategorized AcronymsMassive Ordnance Air Blast (official) - Mother Of All Bombs (slang)
MOABUS Army Acronyms (Official) Officially
MOABSMedical AcronymsMonoclonal Antibodies
MOAGChemistry AcronymsMINDO Optimized Adjusted Geometries
MOBUncategorized AcronymsMan Over Board - Marching Owl Band - Movable Object Block
MOBUS Army Acronyms (Official) Short For MOBilization. Also
MOBIChemistry AcronymsMO Bond Index
MOBILHYAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsModelisation Du Bilan Hydrique
MOBKChemistry AcronymsModified Oppenheimer-Brinkman-Kramers (approxn. In Calcns. On Atomic And Molecular Collisions With Ions)
MOCAstronomy AcronymsMars Observer Camera
MOCNASA AcronymsMarine Operation Center
MOCNASA AcronymsMission Operations Computer
MOCUncategorized AcronymsMacedonian Orthodox Church - Measure Of Capability - Mission Operations Centre - My Own Creation (Lego)
MOCASUncategorized AcronymsMechanization Of Contract Administration Services
MOCCAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMobile Operations Center For Communication And Analysis
MOCDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMagneto-optics Compact Disk
MOCDChemistry AcronymsMolecular Orbital Correlation Diagram
MOCEChemistry AcronymsMarine Optical Characterization Experiment
MOCEDChemistry AcronymsMolecular Orbital Constrained Electron Diffraction Method
MOCETGAOChemistry AcronymsMolecule-optimized Contracted Even-tempered Gaussian Atomic Orbital
MOCFNASA AcronymsMission Operations Computational Facilities
MOCICChemistry AcronymsMO Constraint Of Interaction Coordinates
MOCRNASA AcronymsMission Operations Control Room
MOCSNASA AcronymsMultichannel Ocean Color Sensor
MOCVNASA AcronymsManual 02 Control Valve
MOCVDChemistry AcronymsMetal Org. Chem. Vapor Deposition
MODChemistry AcronymsMetalorganic Decomposition
MODHuman Genome AcronymsMarch Of Dimes
MODNASA AcronymsModulation
MODNASA AcronymsModule
MODNASA AcronymsMission Objectives Document
MODNASA AcronymsMission Operations Director
MODNASA AcronymsModification
MODNASA AcronymsModify
MODSCUBA Diving AcronymsMaximum Operating Depth
MODUncategorized AcronymsMagneto-optical Disc - Masters Of Deception - Minimum Object Distance - Multiple Organ Dysfunction
MODUncategorized AcronymsMinistry Of Defence (United Kingdom) And Various Other Countries
MODUS Military AcronymsModification
MODUS Military AcronymsModify
MOD (+/OR DSIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMinistry Of Defense
MODACAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMeteorological Observation And Data Assimilation Center
MODAFUncategorized AcronymsMinistry Of Defence Architecture Framework (moh-daff)
MODARI-NASA AcronymsMethods Of Defeating Advanced Radar Threats
MODCOMPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsA Machine Manufactured By Modular Computer Systems Inc.
MODDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMeteorological And Omega Data Digitizer
MODEAstronomy AcronymsMiddeck Zero-Gravity Dynamics Experiment
MODEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMid-Oceanic Dynamics Experiment
MODEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMODE In Cospar Papers
MODEMNASA AcronymsModulator-Demodulator
MODEMUncategorized AcronymsModulator-Demodulator
MODEMComputer And Internet AcronymsModulator/Demodulator
MODESCChemistry AcronymsMagnetooptically Detected Spin Conversion Spectroscopy
MODFETChemistry AcronymsModulation-doped Field-effect Transistor
MODISAstronomy AcronymsModerate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MODISAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsModerate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
MODISChemistry AcronymsModerate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
MODISSatellite Meterology AcronymsMODerate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (EOS)
MODIS-NAstronomy AcronymsMODIS-Nadir
MODIS-NSatellite Meterology AcronymsMODerate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer-Nadir (EOS)
MODIS-TAstronomy AcronymsMODIS-Tilt
MODIS-TAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsModerate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer-Tilt
MODPOTChemistry AcronymsModel Potential
MODRChemistry AcronymsMicrowave Optical Double Resonance
MODSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMission Operations And Data Systems
MODSChemistry AcronymsMagneto-Optical Difference Spectroscopy
MODSChemistry AcronymsMultiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome
MODSNASA AcronymsModifications
MODSAFUncategorized AcronymsModular Semi-Automated Forces (military Simulation)
MODULUSChemistry AcronymsMethods Of Determining And Understanding Light Elements From Unequivocal Stable Isotope Compositions

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