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 Acronym Category Meaning
MELNASA AcronymsMaster EquipmentList
MELNASA AcronymsMinimum Equipment List
MELUncategorized AcronymsMaya Embedded Language - Michigan Electronic Library
MELASChemistry AcronymsMitochondrial Myopathy
MELINASA AcronymsMaster Equipment List Index
MELINASA AcronymsMinimum Equipment List Index
MELISAChemistry AcronymsMultianalyte Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay
MELODRAMAChemistry AcronymsMelding Of Spin-locking Dipolar Recovery At The Magic Angle
MELTERAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMesosphere/ Lower Thermosphere Explorer
MEMChemistry AcronymsMaximum Entropy Method
MEMNASA AcronymsMeteoroid Exposure Module
MEMNASA AcronymsModule Exchange Mechanism
MEMUncategorized AcronymsMessage Exchange Mechanism -Microelectromechanical
MEMUS Military AcronymsMemory
MEMOSAChemistry AcronymsMicroelectromechanical Optical Sensor Array
MEMPTChemistry AcronymsMany-electron Many-photon Theory (in Dynamic-polarizability Calcns. For Atoms And Ions)
MEMSChemistry AcronymsMicroelectromechanical Systems
MEMSHuman Genome AcronymsMicroelectromechanical Systems
MEMSUncategorized AcronymsMicroelectromechanical System
MEMSComputer And Internet AcronymsMicroElectro-Mechanical System
MEMTBChemistry AcronymsMany-electron Mol. Tight-binding (for Electronic Structures)
MEN1Chemistry AcronymsMultiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1
MENSUS Military AcronymsMission Element Needs Statement
MEOUncategorized AcronymsMedium Earth Orbit - Most Efficient Organization
MEOPNASA AcronymsMaximum Expected Operating Pressure
MEORChemistry AcronymsMicrobially Enhanced Oil Recovery
MEPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMinority Engineering Program
MEPChemistry AcronymsMatrix Effective Potential (for Scattering Calcns.)
MEPChemistry AcronymsMolecular Electrostatic Potential
MEPChemistry AcronymsMultiple Extraction Procedure
MEPNASA AcronymsMain Engine Propellant
MEPNASA AcronymsMain Entry Point
MEPNASA AcronymsManagement Engineering Program
MEPNASA AcronymsMean Effective Pressure
MEPNASA AcronymsMinimum Entry Point
MEPNASA AcronymsMinimum Entry Point
MEPUncategorized AcronymsMechanical Electrical Plumbing - Member Of The European Parliament - Missions ?trang?res De Paris (French For Paris Foreign Missions) - Model European Parliament
MEPASChemistry AcronymsMultimedia Environmental Pollution Assessment System
MEPCChemistry AcronymsMarine Environment Protection Committee
MEPEDChemistry AcronymsMedium Energy Proton & Electron Detector
MEPSUS Military AcronymsModification Engineering Program Status
MEPSAGChemistry AcronymsMinimum Energy Path Semiclassical Adiabatic Ground-state (tunneling Approxn.)
MERNASA AcronymsMeridian
MERNASA AcronymsMission Evaluation Room
MERUncategorized AcronymsMars Exploration Rover
MERDChemistry AcronymsMetal-enhanced Reductive Dehalogenation
MERDChemistry AcronymsMine Emergency Responsiveness Development
MERIEChemistry AcronymsMagnetically Enhanced Reactive Ion Etching
MERISAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMedium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MERISChemistry AcronymsMedium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MERITAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMERIT
MERLNASA AcronymsMaterials Engineering Research Laboratory
MERLNASA AcronymsMaterials Equipment Requirement List
MERLUncategorized AcronymsMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
MERLINChemistry AcronymsMulti-element Radio-linked Interferometer Network
MERRFChemistry AcronymsMyoclonic Epilepsy Associated With Ragged-red Muscle Fibers
MERSATNASA AcronymsMeteorology And Earth Observation Satellite
MERTAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMedical Emergency Response Team
MERTChemistry AcronymsMedical Emergency Response Team
MERTChemistry AcronymsMicroelectrical Resistance Tomography
MERTChemistry AcronymsModified Effective-range Theory (for Electron-mol. Scattering)
MERUNASA AcronymsMilliearth Rate Unit
MESChemistry Acronyms2-(N-morpholino)ethanesulfonic Acid
MESChemistry AcronymsMethyl Ester Sulfonates (surfactants)
MESChemistry AcronymsMolecular Emission Spectroscopy
MESNASA AcronymsMain Engine Start
MESNASA AcronymsMated Events Simulator
MESNASA AcronymsMated Elements Simulator
MESNASA AcronymsMission Events Sequence
MESUncategorized AcronymsMarconi Electronic Systems - Medium Edison Screw
MESAChemistry AcronymsMass Concentration Extinction Size Analyzer
MESAChemistry AcronymsMaximum Entropy Spectral Analysis
MESAChemistry AcronymsMesoscale Self-assembly
MESCNASA AcronymsMaster Events Sequencer Controller
MESFETChemistry AcronymsMetal Semiconductor Field-effect Transistor
MESHUS Govt. AcronymsMedical Subject Headings
MESIChemistry AcronymsMembrane Extn. With A Sorbent Interface
MESIMSChemistry AcronymsMatrix-enhanced Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
MESIPChemistry AcronymsModeling Environmental Scenarios In Ponds
MESMUS Military AcronymsMission Essential Subsystem Matrix
MESNAChemistry AcronymsSodium 2-mercaptoethane Sulfonate
MESONETAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMesoscale Network
MESPChemistry AcronymsMolecular Electrostatic Potential
MESQUAC-MOChemistry AcronymsMixed Electrostatic Quantum Chemical Calculation-MO
METAstronomy AcronymsMission Elapsed Time
METChemistry AcronymsMany Electron Theory (for Singlet Ground State)
METChemistry AcronymsMultichannel Eikonal Theory (in Atom Electron-impact Excitation)
METNASA AcronymsMaster Events Timer
METNASA AcronymsMeteorological
METNASA AcronymsMission Elapsed Time
METNASA AcronymsMission Elapsed Time
METNASA AcronymsMission Events Timer
METUncategorized AcronymsMeteorological -Middle European Time
METAALICUSChemistry AcronymsMercury Experiment To Assess Atmospheric Loading In Canada And The US
METAPPSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMeteorological Applications Task Force
METARAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMeteorological Aviation Reports
METARUncategorized Acronyms[Meteorological] Aviation Routine Weather Report
METCChemistry AcronymsMorgantown Energy Technology Center
METEORAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMultiple Experiment Transporter Into Earth Orbit And Return
METEOSATAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMeteorological Satellite

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