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 Acronym Category Meaning
IRSChemistry AcronymsInfrared Soldering
IRSChemistry AcronymsInsulin Receptor Substrate
IRSChemistry AcronymsInterferon-responsive Sequence
IRSChemistry AcronymsInternal Recognition Subsequence
IRSChemistry AcronymsInternal Reflection Spectroscopy
IRSChemistry AcronymsInverse Raman Scattering
IRSUncategorized AcronymsU.S. Internal Revenue Service
IRSUS Govt. AcronymsInternal Revenue Service
IRSUS Military AcronymsInfared Suppressor
IRSUS Military AcronymsInterface Requirements Specification
IRSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsIndian Remote-sensing Satellite
IRSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsInformation Retrieval Service
IRSIDChemistry AcronymsFrench Research Institute Of Siderurgy
IRSLChemistry AcronymsIR Stimulated Luminescence
IRSNUncategorized AcronymsInstitut De Radioprotection Et De S?ret? Nucl?aire (French
IRSTUncategorized AcronymsInfra-red Search And Track
IRSTUS Military AcronymsInfrared Search And Track System
IRSTBOSMS Chat And Text AcronymsIt Really Sucks The Big One
IRTFChemistry AcronymsNASA Infrared Telescope Facility
IRZChemistry AcronymsImmediate Response Zone
ISChemistry AcronymsIonization Spectroscopy
ISAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsInstitute Sponsors
ISUncategorized AcronymsIceland (ISO 3166 Digram) - Israel (FIPS 10-4 Country Code)
ISUncategorized AcronymsIcelandic Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
ISSMS Chat And Text AcronymsI'm Sorry
ISAUncategorized AcronymsIndividual Savings Account - Industry Standard Architecture - Instruction Set Architecture - International Seabed Authority
ISAComputer Acronyms (Common)Industry Standard Architecture
ISAComputer And Internet AcronymsIndustry Standard Architecture
ISAChemistry AcronymsInstrument Society Of America
ISAChemistry AcronymsIonic Strength Adjuster
ISAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsInstrument Society Of America
ISAAAUncategorized AcronymsInternational Service For The Acquisition Of Agri-biotech Applications
ISAACChemistry AcronymsInternational Study Of Asthma And Allergies In Childhood
ISAFUncategorized AcronymsInternational Sailing Federation - International Security Assistance Force
ISAGHuman Genome AcronymsIntl. Society For Animal Genetics
ISAGNText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsI See A Great Need
ISAMUS Military AcronymsIndexed Sequential Access Method
ISAMComputer And Internet AcronymsIndexed Sequential Access Method
ISAMChemistry AcronymsIonically Self-assembled Monolayer
ISAMSChemistry AcronymsImproved Stratospheric And Mesospheric Sounder
ISAMSAstronomy AcronymsImproved Stratospheric And Mesospheric Sounder
ISAMSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsImproved Stratospheric And Mesospheric Sounder
ISAPIComputer And Internet AcronymsInternet Server API
ISARUncategorized AcronymsInverse SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar)
ISARSUS Military AcronymsImproved Ssbn Recorder Outline System (an/bqh-8)
ISASChemistry AcronymsJapanese Institute Of Space And Astronomical Science
ISASAstronomy AcronymsInstitute Of Space AND Astronautical Science
ISASAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsInstitute Of Space And Astronautical Science
ISASTChemistry AcronymsIrreversible Sorption Affected Solute Transport [model]
ISATChemistry AcronymsIn Situ Adaptive Tabulation
ISAWChemistry AcronymsInteractive Self-avoiding Walk [modeling]
ISBUncategorized AcronymsIntermediate Staging Base
ISBBusiness And FinanceInvest To Save Budget
ISBNUncategorized AcronymsInternational Standard Book Number (ISO 2108)
ISBNChemistry AcronymsInternational Standard Book Number
ISBNAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsInternational Standard Book Number
ISCUS Military AcronymsIcing System Controller
ISCUS Military AcronymsIntercommunication Set Control
ISCChemistry AcronymsIndustrial Source Complex
ISCChemistry AcronymsInitial Safe Concentration
ISCChemistry AcronymsIntersystem Crossing
ISCChemistry AcronymsShort-circuit Current
ISCNASA AcronymsJohnson Space Center (formerly MSC)
ISC-PEM-MOChemistry AcronymsIterative Self-consistent Partition Of Energy Method And MO Formalism
ISC3Chemistry AcronymsIndustrial Source Complex Version 3
ISCAChemistry AcronymsIonization Spectroscopy For Chemical Analysis
ISCATChemistry AcronymsInvestigation Of Sulfur Chemistry In The Antarctic Troposphere
ISCATAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsInvestigation Of Sulfur Chemistry In Antarctic Troposphere
ISCCChemistry AcronymsIntergranular Stress-corrosion Cracking
ISCCPChemistry AcronymsInternational Satellite Cloud Climatology Project
ISCCPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsInternational Satellite Cloud Climatology Program
ISCCPUncategorized AcronymsInternational Satellite Cloud Climatology Project
ISCIChemistry AcronymsInitial-state Configuration Interaction
ISCIIUncategorized AcronymsIndian Standard Code For Information Interchange
ISCLTChemistry AcronymsIndustrial Source Complex Long Term (dispersion Model)
ISCMNASA AcronymsJSC Manual
ISCNChemistry AcronymsInternational System For Human Cytogenetic Nomenclature
ISCRFChemistry AcronymsInhomogeneous Self-consistent Reaction Field Theory
ISCSIComputer Acronyms (Common)Internet Small Computer Systems Interface
ISCSTChemistry AcronymsIndustrial Source Complex Short Term Model (US EPA)
ISDChemistry AcronymsInclined Substrate Deposition
ISDChemistry AcronymsIon Stimulated Desorption
ISDUS Military AcronymsInstructional Systems Development
ISDNUncategorized AcronymsIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISDNComputer Acronyms (Common)Integrated Services Digital Network
ISDNComputer And Internet AcronymsIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISDNChemistry AcronymsIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISDNChemistry AcronymsIsosorbide Dinitrate
ISDNAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISEUS Military AcronymsIn-service Engineer
ISEChemistry AcronymsIon Selective Electrode
ISEChemistry AcronymsIterative Secular Equation (method For Solving The Schroedinger Equation)
ISEAChemistry AcronymsInternational Society For Exposure Analysis
ISECChemistry AcronymsInverse Size-exclusion Chromatography
ISECChemistry AcronymsInverse Steric Exclusion Chromatography
ISEEChemistry AcronymsInternational Society For Environmental Epidemiology
ISEEOrganizations AcronymsInternational Society For Ecological Economics
ISEEUS Military AcronymsIntegrated Software Engineering Environment
ISEELSChemistry AcronymsInner-shell Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
ISEFUncategorized AcronymsIntel International Science And Engineering Fair

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