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HFTSNASA AcronymsHorizontal Flight Test Simulator
HFWGChemistry AcronymsHollow Fiber Waveguide
HFXNASA AcronymsHigh Frequency Transceiver
HGNASA AcronymsHigh Gain
HGNASA AcronymsMercury
HGUncategorized AcronymsMercury (Latin Hydrargyrum)
HGUS Military AcronymsInches Of Mercury
HG-AASChemistry AcronymsHydride Generation-at. Absorption Spectroscopy
HGAAstronomy AcronymsHigh Gain Antenna
HGANASA AcronymsHigh Gain Antenna
HGAASChemistry AcronymsHydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
HGAFSChemistry AcronymsHydride Generation Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
HGBMedical AcronymsHemoglobin
HGCUncategorized AcronymsUK Human Genetics Commission
HGCCHuman Genome AcronymsHuman Genome Coordinating Committee
HGCUChemistry AcronymsHot Gas Cleanup
HGCUChemistry AcronymsHot-gas Particulate Cleanup
HGCUChemistry AcronymsHot-gas-cleanup Unit
HGDBChemistry AcronymsHydrogeologic Database
HGDSNASA AcronymsHazardous Gas Detection System
HGFChemistry AcronymsHermite Gaussian Function
HGFChemistry AcronymsHepatocyte Growth Factor
HGFUncategorized AcronymsHuman Growth Factor
HGGChemistry AcronymsHot Gas Generator
HGHChemistry AcronymsHuman Growth Hormone
HGHRChemistry AcronymsHuman Growth Hormone Receptor
HGMHuman Genome AcronymsHuman Genome Meeting
HGMNASA AcronymsHot-Gas Manifold
HGMDChemistry AcronymsHuman Gene Mutation Database
HGMFChemistry AcronymsHigh Gradient Magnetic Filtration
HGMISChemistry AcronymsHuman Genome Management Information System
HGMISHuman Genome AcronymsHuman Genome Management Information System
HGMSChemistry AcronymsHigh Gradient Magnetic Separation (for Water Treatment)
HGNHuman Genome AcronymsHuman Genome News
HGNCChemistry AcronymsHUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee
HGPChemistry AcronymsHuman Genome Project
HGPChemistry AcronymsHepatic Glucose Production
HGPHuman Genome AcronymsHuman Genome Project
HGRNASA AcronymsHangar
HGRUS Military AcronymsHanger
HGR&SPTFACNASA AcronymsHangar And Support Facility
HGRFChemistry AcronymsHuman Growth Hormone-releasing Factor
HGSNASA AcronymsHydrogen Gas Saver
HGSIChemistry AcronymsThe Human Genome Sequencing Index
HGSILMedical AcronymsHigh Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion
HGTFChemistry AcronymsHermite Gaussian-type Function
HGVNASA AcronymsHydrogen Gas Valve
HGVTNASA AcronymsHorizontal Ground Vibration Test
HHAstronomy AcronymsHitchhiker
HHChatting AcronymsHolding Hands
HHSMS Chat And Text AcronymsHa-ha
HHSMS Chat And Text AcronymsHolding Hands
HH-GLFChemistry AcronymsHyperspherical Harmonic-generalized Laguerre Function
HHAPChemistry AcronymsHeavy Hydroaroms. From Petroleum
HHCNASA AcronymsHammer Head Crane
HHDUncategorized AcronymsHumanitatum Doctor (Latin
HHEChemistry AcronymsHealth Hazard Evaluation
HHGChemistry AcronymsHigh-order Harmonic Generation
HHHChemistry AcronymsHenon-Heiles Hamiltonian
HHISSMS Chat And Text AcronymsHanging Head In Shame
HHISText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHanging Head In Shame
HHMIChemistry AcronymsHoward Hughes Medical Institute
HHMIHuman Genome AcronymsHoward Hughes Medical Institute
HHMUNASA AcronymsHand Held Maneuvering Unit
HHO1/2KText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHa Ha, Only Half Kidding
HHOBChemistry AcronymsHigh-energy Higher-order Born (approxn. For Scattering Calcns.)
HHOJSMS Chat And Text AcronymsHa Ha Only Joking
HHOJText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHa-Ha, Only Joking
HHOJ/KChatting Acronyms Ha Ha
HHOJ/KSMS Chat And Text AcronymsHa Ha, Only Joking/Kidding
HHOKSMS Chat And Text AcronymsHa Ha Only Kidding
HHOKText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHa Ha, Only Kidding
HHOSChatting Acronyms Ha Ha
HHOSSMS Chat And Text AcronymsHa Ha, Only Serious
HHOSText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHa-Ha, Only Serious
HHPNChemistry AcronymsHydraulic High Pressure Nebulization
HHSChemistry AcronymsHealth And Human Services Department
HHSUS Govt. AcronymsDepartment Of Health And Human Services
HHSMedical Acronyms (Slang)Hospital Hobo Syndrome - Person Who Visits Multiple Hospitals Seeking Attention Or Accommodation
HHTYAYText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHappy Holidays To You And Yours
HHWChemistry AcronymsHousehold Hazardous Waste
HIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHuman Interface
HIChemistry AcronymsHinkley Index
HIChemistry AcronymsHydrogen Index
HINASA AcronymsHoneywell
HINASA AcronymsHigh
HIUncategorized AcronymsHawaii (postal Symbol)
HIUncategorized AcronymsHindi Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
HIUS Military AcronymsHigh
HI5Medical Acronyms (Slang)HIV Positive ("V" Being The Roman Numeral For 5)
HIAAChemistry AcronymsHydroxyindoleacetic Acid
HIAFChemistry AcronymsHeavy Ion Analytical Facility
HIAPERAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh-Performance Instrumented Airborne Platform For Environmental Research
HIBAChemistry Acronyms2-hydroxyisobutyric Acid
HIBGIAMedical Acronyms (Slang)Had It Before, Got It Again
HIBSChemistry AcronymsHeavy Ion Backscattering Spectrometry
HICChemistry AcronymsHydrogen-induced Cracking
HICChemistry AcronymsHydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
HICNASA AcronymsHickam Air Force Base
HICANSUS Military AcronymsHigh Speed Collision Avoidance And Navigation System

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