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HETAChemistry AcronymsHazard Evaluation Technical Assistance Branch (NIOSH)
HETEChemistry AcronymsHigh Energy Transient Explorer
HETEChemistry AcronymsHydroxyeicosatetraenoic Acid
HETGChemistry AcronymsHigh-energy Transmission Grating
HETMNASA AcronymsHybrid Engineering Test Model
HETPChemistry AcronymsHeight Equivalent To A Theoretical Plate
HETTUncategorized AcronymsHeavy Equipment Transporting Truck / Heavy Equipment Truck Tractor
HEUChemistry AcronymsHighly Enriched Uranium
HEUUncategorized AcronymsHighly Enriched Uranium
HEURChemistry AcronymsHydrophobe Modified Ethoxylated Urethane [polymer]
HEVChemistry AcronymsHepatitis E Virus
HEVChemistry AcronymsHigh Endothelial Venule Cell
HEVChemistry AcronymsHybrid Electric Vehicle
HEWAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHealth
HEWLChemistry AcronymsHen Egg White Lysozyme
HEXNASA AcronymsHeat Exchanger
HEXNASA AcronymsHexadecimal
HEXNASA AcronymsHexagon
HEXSChemistry AcronymsHigh-energy X-ray Scattering
HFAstronomy AcronymsHigh Frequency
HFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh Frequency
HFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh Frequency
HFChemistry AcronymsHeart Failure
HFNASA AcronymsHard Failure
HFNASA AcronymsHigh Frequency
HFNASA AcronymsHorizontal Flight
HFNASA AcronymsHot Firing
HFNASA AcronymsHydrogen Fill
HFNASA AcronymsHyperfiltration
HFUncategorized AcronymsHigh Frequency
HFUncategorized AcronymsHafnium
HFUS Military AcronymsHeight Finder
HFUS Military AcronymsHigh Frequency
HFSMS Chat And Text AcronymsHave Fun
HFText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHave Faith
HFText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHave Fun
HFText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHello Friend
HF MO LCAOChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock MO LCAO
HFAChemistry AcronymsHumic And Fulvic Acids
HFANASA AcronymsHigh Frequency Accelerometer
HFACUncategorized AcronymsHuman Factors (aytchfak)
HFBChemistry AcronymsHartree Fock Bogolyubov
HFBChemistry AcronymsHybrid Fluidized Bed
HFB SCF RPAChemistry AcronymsHartree Fock Bogolyubov SCF Random Phase Approximation
HFBRChemistry AcronymsHigh Flux Beam Reactor
HFCNASA AcronymsHeat Flow And Convection
HFCNASA AcronymsHydraulic Flight Control
HFCCChemistry AcronymsHyperfine Coupling Constant
HFCLMChemistry AcronymsHollow Fiber Contained Liquid Membrane
HFCTNASA AcronymsHydraulic Flight Control Test
HFCVNASA AcronymsHelium Flow Control Valve
HFCVDChemistry AcronymsHot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition
HFDChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock-dispersion (type Of Intermol. Potential)
HFD-BChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock Dispersion-b (potential
HFD-CChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock-dispersion With Repulsive SCF Component (intermol. Potential)
HFDAChemistry AcronymsHexafluoroisopropylidene-2
HFDSNASA AcronymsHydrogen Fluid Distribution System
HFEChemistry AcronymsHot-feed Extrusion
HFENASA AcronymsHigh Frequency Executive
HFEUncategorized AcronymsHuman Fertilisation And Embryology (UK Act)
HFEUS Military AcronymsHuman Factors Engineering
HFEAUncategorized AcronymsHuman Fertilisation And Embryology Authority (UK)
HFEGEChemistry AcronymsHara Free-electron-gas Exchange (potential)
HFETChemistry AcronymsHighway Fuel Economy Test
HFETChemistry AcronymsHeterostructure Field Effect Transistor
HFETChemistry AcronymsHigh Field Effect Transistor
HFFChemistry AcronymsHellmann-Feynman Force Approximation
HFFCChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock Frozen Core
HFFRChemistry AcronymsHalogen-free Flame Retardant [thermoplastics]
HFFTChemistry AcronymsHot Filament Fouling Test
HFGChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock-Gopinathan (quantum Theory Or Wave Function)
HFIChemistry AcronymsHyperfine Interaction
HFIPUS Military AcronymsHigh Frequency Improvement Program
HFIRChemistry AcronymsHigh Flux Isotope Reactor
HFJChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock-Jucys (in Electron-correlation Corrections Calcn.)
HFKSChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock-Kohn-Sham (density-functional Theory)
HFMNASA AcronymsHollow Fiber Membrane
HFMDChemistry AcronymsHellmann-Feynman Mol.-dynamics (method In Electronic Structure And Geometry Calcns.)
HFMUNASA AcronymsHigh Fidelity Mockup
HFOChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock Orbital
HFOChemistry AcronymsHydrous Ferric Oxide
HFONASA AcronymsHigh Frequency Oscillator
HFPChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock (plus) Pauli (terms)
HFPChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock Perturbation
HFPDChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock With Proper Dissociation (wave Function)
HFPPChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock Pseudopotential
HFPTChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock Perturbation Theory
HFRPChemistry AcronymsHybrid Fiber Reinforced Plastics
HFRRChemistry AcronymsHigh Frequency Reciprocating Rig
HFRSPTChemistry AcronymsHartree-Fock Rayleigh-Schroedinger Perturbation Theory
HFRWChemistry AcronymsHigh Frequency Resistance Welding
HFSChemistry AcronymsHartree Fock Slater
HFSChemistry AcronymsHyperfine Structure
HFSNASA AcronymsHorizontal Flight Simulator
HFSComputer Acronyms (Common)Hierarchical File System
HFSComputer And Internet AcronymsHierarchical Filing System
HFSEChemistry AcronymsHigh Field Strength Element(s)
HFSLMChemistry AcronymsHollow-fiber Supported Liquid Membrane
HFTNASA AcronymsHorizontal Flight Test
HFTFNASA AcronymsHorizontal Flight Test Facility

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