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 Acronym Category Meaning
HEAPNASA AcronymsHigh Energy Aim Point
HEASChemistry AcronymsHealth Effects Assessments
HEASARCChemistry AcronymsHigh Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center
HEASTChemistry AcronymsHealth Effects Assessment Summary Tables
HEATChemistry AcronymsHigh-Energy Antimatter Telescope
HEATUncategorized AcronymsHigh Explosive Anti-Tank (ammunition)
HEATRTChemistry AcronymsHeat Rate [EPRI Software]
HEBChemistry AcronymsHigh Efficiency Boiler
HEBUncategorized AcronymsHebrew Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
HEBBLEChemistry AcronymsHigh Energy Benthic Boundary Layer Experiment
HECChemistry AcronymsHuman Equivalent Concentration
HECChemistry AcronymsHydrogen Embrittlement Cracking
HECDChemistry AcronymsHot Electron Capture Dissociation
HECDChemistry AcronymsHall Electrolytic Conductivity Detector
HECVNASA AcronymsHelium Check Valve
HEDChemistry AcronymsHowardite-eucrite-diogenite (suite Of Achondrite Meteorites)
HEDGChemistry AcronymsHigh Efficiency Deep Grinding
HEDSChemistry AcronymsHuman Exploration And Development Of Space
HEDTAChemistry AcronymsHydroxyethylethylenediaminetriacetic Acid
HEEDChemistry AcronymsHigh Energy Electron Diffraction
HEEDSChemistry AcronymsHealth And Environmental Effects Documents
HEELSUS Military AcronymsHelicopter Emergency Egress Lighting System
HEENTMedical AcronymsHead
HEEPSChemistry AcronymsHealth And Environmental Effects Profiles
HEERUncategorized AcronymsHigh-Explosive Extended Range (ammunition)
HEGNASA AcronymsHelium Gage
HEGLChemistry AcronymsHigh-energy Gas Laser
HEGOChemistry AcronymsHeated Exhaust Gas Oxygen
HEGVNASA AcronymsHelium Gage Valve
HEIChemistry AcronymsHighly Exposed Individual
HEIUS Military AcronymsHigh Explosive Incendiary
HEICUncategorized AcronymsHonourable East India Company
HEIFEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHeihe Basin Field Experiment
HEIRChemistry AcronymsHigh Energy Ion Recoil
HEISChemistry AcronymsHigh Energy Ion Scattering
HEIWIPChemistry AcronymsHeterojunction Interfacial Workfunction Internal Photoemission
HEKChemistry AcronymsHuman Embryonic Kidney
HELChemistry AcronymsHugoniot Elastic Limit
HELChemistry AcronymsHen Egg Lysozyme
HELChemistry AcronymsHuman Erythroleukemia
HELUS Military AcronymsHigh Energy Laser
HELCChemistry AcronymsHigh Efficiency Liquid Chromatography (Russian
HELLOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsN/A
HELOUS Military AcronymsHelicopter
HELPChemistry AcronymsHydrologic Evaluation Of Landfill Performance Model
HELPChemistry AcronymsHeuristic Evolving Latent Projection
HELSRDHuman Genome AcronymsHealth Effects And Life Science Research Division
HEMChemistry AcronymsHuman Exposure Model
HEMChemistry AcronymsHeat-exchanger Method (in Manuf. Of Crystalline Silicon)
HEMNASA AcronymsHitchhike Experiment Module
HEMAChemistry AcronymsHydroxyethyl Methacrylate
HEMINASA AcronymsHemispherical (S-Band Antenna)
HEMPUncategorized AcronymsHigh-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
HEMPASChemistry AcronymsHereditary Erythroblastic Multinuclearity With Positive Acidified Serum Lysis Test
HEMTChemistry AcronymsHigh Electron Mobility Transistor
HEMTTUS Army Acronyms (Official)Heavy Extended-Mobility Tactical Truck
HEMVNASA AcronymsHelium Manual Valve
HENChemistry AcronymsHeat Exchanger Network
HENChemistry AcronymsHigh-efficiency Nebulizer
HENAChemistry AcronymsHigh-energy Neutral Atom
HEONASA AcronymsHigh Energy Orbit
HEOUncategorized AcronymsHighly Elliptical Orbit
HEOSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHighly Eccentric Orbit Satellite
HEOS-A2Atmospheric Research Center AcronymsHighly Eccentric Orbit Satellite
HEOSSUncategorized AcronymsHigh Earth Orbit Space Surveillance
HEPChemistry AcronymsHigh Energy Physics
HEPUncategorized AcronymsHigh-Explosive Plastic (ammunition)
HEPAChemistry AcronymsHigh-efficiency Particulate Air Filter
HEPAUncategorized AcronymsHigh-Efficiency Particulate Air (filter)
HEPESChemistry AcronymsN-2-hydroxyethylpiperazine-N'-2-ethanesulfonic Acid
HEPPSChemistry Acronyms4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1-piperazinepropanesulfonic Acid)
HERChemistry AcronymsHuman Estrogen Receptorpar
HERNASA AcronymsHIM EquiPment Rack
HERUncategorized AcronymsHerero Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
HER2Chemistry AcronymsHuman Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2
HERAAstronomy AcronymsHermes Robotic Arm
HERAChemistry AcronymsHadron Electron Ring Accelerator
HERACChemistry AcronymsHealth And Environmental Research Advisory Committee
HERACHuman Genome AcronymsHealth And Environmental Research Advisory Committee
HERCULESChemistry AcronymsHigh Efficiency Radiation Counter For Ultimate Low Emission Sensitivity
HERFUS Military AcronymsHazards Of Electromagnetic Radiation To Fuels
HERGChemistry AcronymsHuman Ether-a-go-go-related Gene
HERLChemistry AcronymsHealth Effects Research Laboratory
HERL/MISChemistry AcronymsHealth Effects Research Laboratory Management Information System
HEROUS Military AcronymsHazards Of Electromagnetic Radiation To Ordinance
HERPUS Military AcronymsHazards Of Electromagnetic Radiation To Personnel
HERSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHuman Ecology Research Service
HERSChemistry AcronymsHigh Energy Range Spectrometer
HERSCPNASA AcronymsHazardous Exposure Reduction And Safety Criteria Plan
HERVChemistry AcronymsHuman Endogenous Retrovirus
HESCChemistry AcronymsHuman Embryonic Stem Cell
HESHUncategorized AcronymsHigh-Explosive
HESIChemistry AcronymsHealth And Environmental Sciences Institute
HESPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh-Energy Solar Physics
HESPChemistry AcronymsHuman Exposure To Soil Pollutants
HESSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHealth
HESSChemistry AcronymsHigh Energy Stereoscopic System
HESSNASA AcronymsHigh Energy Squib Simulator
HESSIChemistry AcronymsHigh Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager
HESVUncategorized AcronymsHeavy Engineering Support Vehicle

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