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HAINSNASA AcronymsHigh-accuracy Inertial Navigation System
HAIRY PSALMSMedical Acronyms (Slang)Haven't Any Idea Regarding Your Patient, Send A Lot More Serum
HAISPChemistry AcronymsHigh Altitude Interactive Science Platform
HAKNASA AcronymsHorizontal Access Kit
HAKSMS Chat And Text AcronymsHugs And Kisses
HAKText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHugs And Kisses
HALChemistry AcronymsHealth Advisory Level
HALNASA AcronymsHigh Order Articulated Language
HALNASA AcronymsHigh Order Assembly Language
HALNASA AcronymsHouston Aerospace Language
HALUncategorized AcronymsHardware Abstraction Layer
HALComputer And Internet AcronymsHardware Abstraction Layer
HAL/SNASA AcronymsComputer
HAL/SNASA AcronymsHigh Order Assembly Language For Shuttle Flight
HAL/SNASA AcronymsHigh Order Assembly Language/Shuttle
HAL/SNASA AcronymsHigh Order Programming Language For Spacelab Usage
HAL/SNASA AcronymsHigh-order Assembly Language/ Shuttle
HALIFFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsN/A
HALOUncategorized AcronymsHigh Altitude Low Opening (parachute Jump)
HALOUS Army Acronyms (Official) High-Altitude Low-Opening Parachute Technique (type Of Parachute Jump
HALOEAstronomy AcronymsHalogen Occultation Experiment
HALOEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHalogen Occultation Experiment
HALOEChemistry AcronymsHalogen Occultation Experiment
HALSChemistry AcronymsHindered-amine Light Stabilizers
HALSMedical Acronyms (Slang)Hit And Left Standing (apparently Uninjured But In Shock After RTA/MVA)
HALTChemistry AcronymsHydrate Addition At Low Temperature (for Sulfur Dioxide Removal From Flue Gases)
HALTUncategorized AcronymsHungry Angry Lonely Tired
HAMChemistry AcronymsHydrogenic Atoms In Molecules
HAMNASA AcronymsHeight Adjustment Maneuver
HAM/NChemistry AcronymsHydrogenic Atoms In Molecules
HAMAChemistry AcronymsHuman Anti-mouse Antibody
HAMRChemistry AcronymsHeat Assisted Magnetic Recording
HAMSChemistry AcronymsHelium Atoms Measurement System
HANChemistry AcronymsHalogenated Acetonitrile(s)
HANChemistry AcronymsHeavy Aromatic Naphtha
HANChemistry AcronymsHydroxylamine Nitrate (salt)
HANAPUS Military AcronymsHardness Assessment And Network Analysis Program
HANDSMS Chat And Text AcronymsHave A Nice Day
HANDText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHave A Nice Day
HANKAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsN/A
HANOUS Army Acronyms (Official) High-Altitude No-Opening Parachute Technique (type Of Parachute Jump
HANOUS Army Acronyms (Slang)High-Altitude No-Opening Parachute Technique. Used To Describe Total Malfunctions During Parachute Operations, Regardless Of Actual Altitude, As Well As Any Fall. (Used In Sarcastic Reference To HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) Jumps)
HANSChemistry AcronymsHeavy Aromatic Naphtha Solvent
HANSUncategorized AcronymsHead And Neck Support (device Used In Many Race Cars)
HAOAstronomy AcronymsHigh Altitude Observatory
HAOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh Altitude Observatory
HAOChemistry AcronymsHybrid Atomic Orbital
HAOChemistry AcronymsHydrogenic Atomic Orbital
HAOMChemistry AcronymsHybrid Atomic Orbital Model
HAPChemistry AcronymsHazardous Air Pollutants
HAPNASA AcronymsHardware Allocation Panel
HAPEMChemistry AcronymsHazardous Air Pollutant Exposure Model
HAPEMSChemistry AcronymsHazardous Air Pollutant Enforcement Management System
HAPEXAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHydrological Atmospheric Pilot Experiment
HAPEXChemistry AcronymsHydrological And Atmospheric Pilot Experiment
HAPPSChemistry AcronymsHazardous Air Pollutant Prioritization System
HAPSChemistry AcronymsHazardous Air Pollutants
HARText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHit And Run
HARAChemistry AcronymsHazard Assessment By Risk Analysis
HARDMANUS Military AcronymsMilitary Manpower Versus Hardware Procurement
HARMChemistry AcronymsHazardous Atmospheric Release Model
HARMUncategorized AcronymsHigh-speed Anti-Radiation Missile
HARMUS Military AcronymsHigh Speed Anti-radiation Missile
HARMSChemistry AcronymsHigh Aspect Ratio Microstructure
HARPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHawaiian Rainband Project
HARSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh-Altitude Route Structure Workstation
HARTChemistry AcronymsHighway Addressable Remote Transducer [Rosemount
HARVARDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHarvard/Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics
HASNASA AcronymsHolddown Alignment Support
HASNASA AcronymsHydraulic Actuation System
HASNASA AcronymsHydrogen Actuation System
HASEChemistry AcronymsHydrophobically Modified Alkali-swellable Emulsion
HASHDMedical AcronymsHypertensive ArterioSclerotic Heart Disease
HASIChemistry AcronymsHuygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument
HASLChemistry AcronymsHypothetical Active Site Lattice
HASLChemistry AcronymsHot Air Solder Leveling [electronics]
HASPChemistry AcronymsHarmonically Analyzed Sensitivity Profile
HASPChemistry AcronymsHealth And Safety Plan
HASTNASA AcronymsHigh Altitude Supersonic Target
HASTEChemistry AcronymsHalf-Fourier Acquisition With Single-shot Turbo Spin-echo
HATChemistry AcronymsHistone Acetyltransferase
HATChemistry AcronymsHumid-air Turbine [cycle]
HATUncategorized AcronymsHighest Astronomical Tide (nautical Charts) -Hungarian Automated Telescope
HATUncategorized AcronymsHaitian Creole Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
HATRChemistry AcronymsHorizontal Attenuated Total Reflection
HATREMSChemistry AcronymsHazardous And Trace Emissions System
HAUUncategorized AcronymsHausa Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
HAUPChemistry AcronymsHigh Accuracy Universal Polarimeter
HAVChemistry AcronymsHepatitis A Virus
HAWNASA AcronymsHawaii (STDN)
HAWUncategorized AcronymsHeavy Antitank Weapon
HAWKUncategorized AcronymsHoming All The Way Killer (air Defence System)
HAWTLWText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHello And Welcome To Last Week
HAZChemistry AcronymsHeat-affected Zone
HAZUncategorized AcronymsHeat-Affected Zone
HAZCOMChemistry AcronymsHazardous Communication Plan
HAZMATChemistry AcronymsHazardous Materials
HAZMATUncategorized AcronymsHazardous Materials
HAZOPChemistry AcronymsHazard And Operability Study
HAZWChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Collection Database (accessible Through OLS)

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