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HTTPChemistry AcronymsHypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPUncategorized AcronymsHyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTPComputer Acronyms (Common)HyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTPComputer And Internet AcronymsHypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPDComputer And Internet AcronymsHypertext Transfer Protocol Daemon (Server)
HTTPSComputer Acronyms (Common)HyperText Transport Protocol Secure
HTUChemistry AcronymsHeight Of Transfer Unit (in Packed Tower Aeration System)
HTVLAstronomy AcronymsHorizontal Takeoff Vertical Landing
HTXRDChemistry AcronymsHigh-temperature X-ray Diffraction
HUUncategorized AcronymsHungarian Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
HUUncategorized AcronymsHungary (ISO 3166 Digram; FIPS 10-4 Country Code)
HUAText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHeads Up, Ace
HUAText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHead Up Ass
HUBSMS Chat And Text AcronymsHead Up Butt
HUDNASA AcronymsHead Up Display
HUDNASA AcronymsHead-up Display
HUDUncategorized AcronymsHead-Up Display - Housing And Urban Development
HUDUS Govt. AcronymsDepartment Of Housing And Urban Development
HUDUS Military AcronymsHead Up Display
HUDChemistry AcronymsHousing And Urban Development
HUDENASA AcronymsHead Up Display Electronics
HUDFChemistry AcronymsHubble Ultra Deep Field
HUFUncategorized AcronymsHungarian Forint (ISO 4217 Currency Code)
HUFAChemistry AcronymsHighly Unsaturated Fatty Acids
HUGChemistry AcronymsHART User Group
HUGOChemistry AcronymsHuman Genome Organization
HUGOHuman Genome AcronymsHuman Genome Organisation
HUGZText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHugs
HUHAUncategorized AcronymsHead Up His/her Ass (Marine Salute; Probably A Backcronym)
HULNASA AcronymsHardware Utilization List
HUMNASA AcronymsHumidity
HUMUncategorized AcronymsVee - See HMMWV
HUMINTUncategorized AcronymsHuman Intelligence (military Parlance)
HUNUncategorized AcronymsHungarian Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
HUNUncategorized AcronymsHungary (ISO 3166 Trigram)
HUPOChemistry AcronymsHuman Proteome Organization
HURDUncategorized AcronymsHird Of Unix-Replacing Daemons (cf. Hird)
HUTNASA AcronymsHard Upper Torso
HUTAstronomy AcronymsHopkins Ultraviolet Telescope
HUVECChemistry AcronymsHuman Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cell
HUYAText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHead Up Your Ass
HVNASA AcronymsHigh Velocity
HVNASA AcronymsHigh Voltage
HVNASA AcronymsHydrogen Vent
HVUncategorized AcronymsUpper Volta (ISO 3166 Digram; Obsolete 1984)
HVAstronomy AcronymsHigh Voltage
HVChemistry AcronymsVickers Hardness Number
HVAChemistry AcronymsHomovanillic Acid
HVACChemistry AcronymsHeating, Ventilating, Air-conditioning
HVACNASA AcronymsHeating, Ventilating, Air-conditioning
HVAPUncategorized AcronymsHigh Velocity Armour Piercing (ammunition)
HVDBChemistry AcronymsHalogenated Volatile Disinfection By-products
HVDSNASA AcronymsHypergolic Vapor Detection System
HVEMChemistry AcronymsHerpesvirus Entry Mediator
HVEMChemistry AcronymsHigh-voltage Electron Microscopy
HVICChemistry AcronymsHigh-voltage Integrated Circuit
HVIOChemistry AcronymsHigh Volume Industrial Organic
HVLPChemistry AcronymsHigh-volume Low Pressure [spray Gun]
HVLTMedical Acronyms (Slang)High Velocity Lead Poisoning: Gunshot Wound
HVMUncategorized AcronymsHigh Velocity Missile
HVOUncategorized AcronymsUpper Volta (ISO 3166 Trigram; Obsolete 1984)
HVOFChemistry AcronymsHigh-Velocity Oxygen Fuel
HVPUncategorized AcronymsHarborView Properties - High Vacuum Process - Hydrolized Vegetable Protein
HVPEChemistry AcronymsHydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy
HVPSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh-volume Precipitation Spectrometer
HVPSNASA AcronymsHigh Voltage Power Supply
HVRNASA AcronymsHover
HVRUS Military AcronymsHover
HVSFNASA AcronymsHoneywelf Verification Simulation Facility
HVSLNASA AcronymsHolidays
HVTUS Army Acronyms (Official)High-Value Target
HVTChemistry AcronymsHypervirial Theory
HVUUncategorized AcronymsHigh Value Unit (military)
HWNASA AcronymsHa Rd Wa Re
HWNASA AcronymsHeadwind
HWNASA AcronymsHotwire
HWUncategorized AcronymsHardware -High Water (nautical Charts)
HWChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste
HW/SWNASA AcronymsHardware/Software
HWACChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Action Coalition
HWCChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Combustor
HWCIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHardware Configuration Item
HWCIUS Military AcronymsHardware Configuration Item
HWCVDChemistry AcronymsHot Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition
HWDChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Disposal
HWDMSChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Data Management System
HWDUChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Disposal Unit
HWERLChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Engineering Research Laboratory (USEPA Cincinnati)
HWGAText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsHere We Go Again
HWGTFChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Groundwater Task Force
HWGTFChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Groundwater Test Facility
HWHMChemistry AcronymsHalf Width At Half-maximum
HWIChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Incineration
HWIFChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Incineration Facility Design And Modeling Computer Program
HWIRChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Identification Rule
HWLTChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Land Treatment
HWMChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Management
HWRChemistry AcronymsHeavy Water Reactor
HWRAChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Reduction Act
HWRAPChemistry AcronymsHazardous Waste Remedial Actions Program

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