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HPRVNASA AcronymsHydrogen Pressure Relief Valve
HPSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh Performance Systems
HPSChemistry AcronymsHigh Pressure Plasma Spraying
HPSNASA AcronymsHydraulic Power SYstem
HPSAMChemistry AcronymsH-point Standard Additions Method
HPSECChemistry AcronymsHigh Performance Size Exclusion Chromatography
HPSNChemistry AcronymsHot-pressed Silicon Nitride
HPTChemistry AcronymsHigh Precision Translator
HPTNASA AcronymsHigh Pressure Test
HPTUncategorized AcronymsHigh[er] Payoff Target
HPTLCChemistry AcronymsHigh-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography
HPTPChemistry AcronymsHuman Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase
HPTTDChemistry AcronymsHigh-performance Thermophilic Two-phase Digestion
HPUNASA AcronymsHydraulic Power Unit
HPUNASA AcronymsHydraulic Power Unit
HPVChemistry AcronymsHuman Papillomavirus
HPVChemistry AcronymsHypoxic Pulmonary Vasoconstriction
HPVMedical AcronymsHuman Papiloma Virus
HPVNASA AcronymsHigh Pressure Valve
HPVUncategorized AcronymsHuman Papilloma Virus
HPWChemistry AcronymsHigh Pressure Welding
HQNASA AcronymsHeadquarters (HDQ Preferred)
HQUncategorized AcronymsHeadQuarters -Howland Island (FIPS 10-4 Territory Code)
HQUS Army Acronyms (Official)Headquarters
HQDAUncategorized AcronymsHeadQuarters
HQEChemistry AcronymsHemiquantal Equations
HQMChemistry AcronymsHemiquantal Mechanics (in Mol. Calcns.)
HQRNASA AcronymsHandling Qualities Rating (Cooper-Harper)
HQSARChemistry AcronymsHolographic Quantitative Structure-activity Relationship
HRAstronomy AcronymsHertzsprung-Russell
HRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHuman Resources
HRMedical AcronymsHeart Rate
HRNASA AcronymsHistorical Record
HRNASA AcronymsHour
HRUncategorized AcronymsCroatia (FIPS 10-4 Country Code; ISO 3166 Digram) -Harvard Revised Star Catalogue - Human Resources
HRUncategorized AcronymsCroatian Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
HRAChemistry AcronymsHealth Risk Assessment
HRABusiness And FinanceHousing Revenue Account
HRAANASA AcronymsHigh Rate Acquisition Assembly
HRACChemistry AcronymsHerbicide Resistance Action Committee
HRADSChemistry AcronymsHigh Resolution Adsorption
HRAPChemistry AcronymsHigh Rate Algal Pond
HRATSChemistry AcronymsHigh-Rate Anaerobic Treatment Systems
HRBLUncategorized AcronymsHigh-level Representation Of Behavior Language (original Name Of The Herbal Language)
HRBSChemistry AcronymsHigh Resolution Rutherford Backscattering
HRCChemistry AcronymsRockwell Hardness (C Scale)
HRCNASA AcronymsHasselblad Reflex Camera
HRCTChemistry AcronymsHigh-Resolution Computed Tomography
HRDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHurricane Research Division
HRDNASA AcronymsHigh Rate Dosimeter
HRDNASA AcronymsHigh-rate Dosimeter
HRDUncategorized AcronymsHuman Resource Development
HRDANASA AcronymsHigh Rate Data Assembly
HRDIAstronomy AcronymsHigh Resolution Doppler Imager
HRDIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh Resolution Doppler Imager
HRDIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh Resolution Doppler Interferometer
HRDLAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh-resolution Doppler Lidar
HRDMNASA AcronymsHigh Rate Demultiplexer
HRDRNASA AcronymsHigh Rate Digital Recorder
HRDSNASA AcronymsHigh Rate Data Station
HREChemistry AcronymsHormone-responsive Element
HREDUncategorized Acronyms(U.S. Army Research Laboratory's) Human Research And Engineering Directorate (Aberdeen Proving Ground
HREEChemistry AcronymsHeavy Rare Earth Element(s)
HREELSChemistry AcronymsHigh-resolution Electron Energy-loss Spectroscopy
HRELSChemistry AcronymsHigh-resolution Electron Energy-loss Spectroscopy
HREMChemistry AcronymsHigh-resolution Electron Microscopy
HRFUncategorized AcronymsHigh Readiness Forces
HRFSChemistry AcronymsHigh-resolution Fluorescence Spectroscopy
HRGCChemistry AcronymsHigh Resolution Gas Chromatography
HRGSChemistry AcronymsHigh-resolution Gamma-ray Spectrometry
HRHUncategorized AcronymsHis (or Her) Royal Highness
HRIAstronomy AcronymsHigh Resolution Imager
HRIBFChemistry AcronymsHolifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility
HRIRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh-resolution Infrared Radiometer
HRIRNASA AcronymsHigh Resolution Infrared Radiometer
HRIRSatellite Meterology AcronymsHigh Resolution Infrared Radiometer
HRISAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh-Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder
HRKUncategorized Acronyms[[Croatian Kuna (ISO 4217 Currency Code)
HRLNASA AcronymsHorizontal Reference Line
HRMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh Rate Multiplexer
HRMChemistry AcronymsHydrochlorination Reaction Mixt.
HRMNASA AcronymsHigh Rate Multiplexer
HRMNASA AcronymsHigh-rate Multiplexer
HRMUncategorized AcronymsHis (or Her) Royal Majesty
HRMUncategorized AcronymsHuman Resource Management
HRMASChemistry AcronymsHigh-resolution Magic-angle Spinning
HRMSAstronomy AcronymsHigh Resolution Microwave Survey
HRMSChemistry AcronymsHigh Resolution Microwave Survey
HRMSChemistry AcronymsHigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry
HRMSIChemistry AcronymsHigh-Resolution Multispectral Instrument (EOS)
HRMSSUS Military AcronymsHuman Resources Management Support System
HRPChemistry AcronymsHorseradish Peroxidase
HRPAChemistry AcronymsHigher Random Phase Approximation
HRPSNASA AcronymsHazard Reduction Precedence Sequence
HRPTAstronomy AcronymsHigh Resolution Picture Transmission
HRPTAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh Resolution Picture Transmission
HRSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHigh-resolution Data Service
HRSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsHardwae Requirements Specification
HRSChemistry AcronymsHazard Ranking System
HRSChemistry AcronymsHyper-Rayleigh Scattering

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