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FCINASA AcronymsFunctional Configuration Identification
FCIUS Military AcronymsFunctional Configuration Identification
FCICUS Govt. AcronymsFederal Consumer Information Center; Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
FCIMNASA AcronymsFlight Control Interface Module
FCIMUS Military AcronymsFlexible Computer Integrated Manufacturing
FCIPNASA AcronymsFlight Cargo Implementation Plan
FCITNASA AcronymsFirst Computer Interface Tester
FCLNASA AcronymsFreon Coolant Line
FCLNASA AcronymsFreon Coolant Loop
FCLNASA AcronymsFreon Coolant Loop
FCMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFederal Coordinator For Meteorological Services And Supporting Research
FCMChemistry AcronymsFinite-cluster Model (for Calcns. On Electromigration)
FCMHuman Genome AcronymsFlow Cytometry
FCMUncategorized AcronymsFederation Of Canadian Municipalities - Fogarty's Cove Music
FCMUNASA AcronymsFoot Controlled Maneuvering Unit
FCNNASA AcronymsFunction
FCONASA AcronymsFinal Checkout
FCONASA AcronymsFunctional Checkout
FCOUncategorized AcronymsUK Foreign And Commonwealth Office
FCOHNASA AcronymsFlight Controllers Operational Handbook
FCOLSMS Chat And Text AcronymsFor Crying Out Loud
FCOMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFederal Coordinators Office Of Meteorology
FCOSNASA AcronymsFlight Computer Operating System
FCOSNASA AcronymsFlight Computer Operating System (Orbiter)
FCOSNASA AcronymsFlight Control Operating System
FCOSNASA AcronymsFlight Control Operational Software
FCOSNASA AcronymsFlight Control Operational Software
FCPChemistry AcronymsFunction Counterpoise (method For Eliminating Basis Set Superposition Error)
FCPNASA AcronymsFailure Correction Panel
FCPNASA AcronymsFirm Cost Proposal
FCPNASA AcronymsFlight Correction Proposal
FCPNASA AcronymsFuel Cell Power (Plant)
FCPNASA AcronymsFuel Cell Power Plant
FCPCChemistry AcronymsFull-core Plus Correlation (calcn. Method)
FCPSNASA AcronymsFuel Cell Power System (Subsystem)
FCRNASA AcronymsFinal Configuration Review
FCRNASA AcronymsFlight Configuration Review
FCRNASA AcronymsFlight Control Room
FCRNASA AcronymsFlight Control Room
FCRANASA AcronymsFecal Collection Receptacle Assembly
FCRTNASA AcronymsFlight Display CRT
FCSChemistry AcronymsFetal Calf Serum
FCSChemistry AcronymsFluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
FCSNASA AcronymsFecal Containment System
FCSNASA AcronymsFederal Communications System
FCSNASA AcronymsFlight Control System
FCSNASA AcronymsFlight Control System (Subsystem)
FCSNASA AcronymsFlight Crew System
FCSUncategorized AcronymsFuture Combat System
FCSUS Military AcronymsFederal Catalog System
FCSUS Military AcronymsFlight Control System
FCSAChemistry AcronymsFrequency-corrected Sudden Approxn. (in Mol. Collision Calcns.)
FCSIRUS Military AcronymsFlight Control System Integration Rig
FCSMNASA AcronymsFlight Combustion Stability Monitor
FCSSNASA AcronymsFuel Cell Servicing System
FCSTAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFederal Council For Science And Technology
FCTNASA AcronymsFlight Control Team
FCTNASA AcronymsFlight Crew Trainer
FCTNASA AcronymsFuel Cell Test
FCTBNASA AcronymsFlight Crew Training Building
FCTCLUS Military AcronymsFleet Combat Training Center Atlantic
FCTFNASA AcronymsFuel Cell Test Facility
FCTMUS Military AcronymsFunctionally Oriented Technical Manual
FCTSNASA AcronymsFlight Crew Trainer Simulator
FCUNASA AcronymsFluid Checkout Unit
FCVChemistry AcronymsFast Cyclic Voltammetry
FCVChemistry AcronymsFeline Calicivirus
FCVAChemistry AcronymsFiltered Cathodic Vacuum Arc
FCWNASA AcronymsFormat Control Words
FCWUncategorized AcronymsFlorida Championship Wrestling
FCZUncategorized AcronymsForward Combat Zone
FDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFacility Division
FDChemistry AcronymsForced Draft
FDChemistry AcronymsField Desorption
FDMedical AcronymsFatal Dose
FDNASA AcronymsFault Detection
FDNASA AcronymsFeed
FDNASA AcronymsFlight Day
FDNASA AcronymsFlight Deck
FDNASA AcronymsFlight Director
FDNASA AcronymsFreeze Dried
FDNASA AcronymsFunCtion Designator
FDNASA AcronymsWMR Food Warmer
FDUS Military AcronymsFault Detection
FDMedical Acronyms (Slang)F*cking Drunk
FD&IUS Military AcronymsFault Detection And Isolation
FD/LCUS Military AcronymsFault Detection/location Subsystem
FDAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFood And Drug Administration
FDAChemistry AcronymsFood And Drug Administration
FDAMedical AcronymsFood & Drug Administration
FDANASA AcronymsFault Detection And Annunciation
FDANASA AcronymsFlight Deck Assembly (FDF)
FDAUncategorized AcronymsFood And Drug Administration (U.S.)
FDAUS Govt. AcronymsFood And Drug Administration
FDAINASA AcronymsFlight Director Attitude Indicator
FDBNASA AcronymsFahrenheit Dry Bulb
FDBVMChemistry AcronymsFinite Difference Boundary Value Method
FDCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFluid Dynamics Conference
FDCUncategorized AcronymsFederal Detention Center (U.S.) - Fire Direction Centre
FDCAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFederal Drug And Cosmetics Act

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