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FLUORNASA AcronymsFluorescent
FLWNASA AcronymsFellows (TACAN Station)
FMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFrequency Modulation
FMNASA AcronymsFrequency Modulation
FMNASA AcronymsFlight Model
FMNASA AcronymsFrequency Modulation (Modulated)
FMUncategorized AcronymsFederal Magistrate (Australian Post-nominal) -Federated States Of Micronesia (postal Symbol; ISO 3166 Digram; FIPS 10-4 Territory Code) -Field Manual - Flight Manager - Frequency Modulation (electronics)
FMUncategorized AcronymsFemtometre
FMUncategorized AcronymsFermium
FMUS Military AcronymsFrequency Modulation
FMUS Military AcronymsFrom
FMUS Army Acronyms (Slang)F*cking Magic. Used To Explain Something Complicated, Generally To Someone New Who Has Asked A Question That Would Take Too Long To Explain. "How Does That Work?" "Oh, It Uses FM." Also Used In Reference To "Field Manuals", Which Is A Slang Term For Porn Magazines (Playboy, Penthouse, Etc.)
FM/FMNASA AcronymsFrequency Modulation/Frequency Multiplexing
FM/GSUS Military AcronymsFuel Management/gauging System
FM/PMNASA AcronymsFrequency Modulation/Phase Modulation
FMAChemistry AcronymsFailure-mode Analysis
FMANASA AcronymsFailure Mode Analysis
FMAUS Military AcronymsField Modification Activity
FMABusiness And FinanceFoundation Modern Apprenticeship
FMAFSHChemistry AcronymsFeO-MgO-Al2O3-Fe2O3-SiO2-H2O System
FMAHTSNASA AcronymsFlight Manifest And Hardware Tracking System
FMANTSNASA AcronymsFlight Manifest
FMAPChemistry AcronymsFano-Macek Alignment Parameter (in Electron-impact Excitation Of Ions)
FMARChemistry AcronymsFerromagnetic Antiresonance
FMASHChemistry AcronymsFeO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O System
FMATChemistry AcronymsFluorometric Microvolume Assay Technology
FMCChemistry AcronymsFlow Microcalorimetry
FMCNASA AcronymsFood Machinery Corporation
FMCUncategorized AcronymsFederal Magistrates' Court (an Australian Federal Court
FMCUS Govt. AcronymsFederal Maritime Commission
FMCUS Military AcronymsFull Mission Capable
FMCAUncategorized AcronymsFederal Magistrates' Court Of Australia (used For Citing Decisions Of The FMC Other Than Family Law Decisions)
FMCAFAMUncategorized AcronymsFederal Magistrates' Court Of Australia: Family (used For Citing Family Law Decisions Of The FMC)
FMCFNASA AcronymsFirst Manned Captive Flight
FMCMUS Military AcronymsFull Mission Capable
FMCSUS Govt. AcronymsFederal Mediation And Conciliation Service
FMCSAUS Govt. AcronymsFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
FMCWChemistry AcronymsFrequency Modulated Continuous Wave
FMDChemistry AcronymsFoot And Mouth Disease
FMDFChemistry AcronymsFixed Mirror Distributed Focus (solar Concentrator)
FMDMNASA AcronymsFlex Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
FMEUncategorized AcronymsFormal Methods Europe
FMEAChemistry AcronymsFailure Mode And Effect Analysis
FMEANASA AcronymsFailure Modes And Effects Analysis
FMEAUS Military AcronymsFailure Mode And Effects Analysis
FMEAUS Military AcronymsFlight/mission Essential Functions
FMECNASA AcronymsForward Master Events Controller
FMECAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFailure Modes Effects And Critical Analysis
FMECAChemistry AcronymsFailure-mode Effects And Criticality Analysis
FMECANASA Acronyms Failure Mode
FMECAUncategorized AcronymsFailure Modes And Effect Criticality Analysis
FMECAUS Military AcronymsFailure Mode Effects And Criticality Analysis
FMFChemistry AcronymsFrozen Molecular Fragment (method In Calcn. Of Intermol. Potentials And Charge Distributions)
FMFHuman Genome AcronymsFamilial Mediterranean Fever
FMFUS Military AcronymsFleet Marine Force
FMFIAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFederal Managers Financial Integrity Act
FMIChemistry AcronymsFermilab Main Injector
FMIUS Military AcronymsFailure Mode Indicator
FMIRChemistry AcronymsFrustrated Multiple Internal Reflection
FMITAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFusion Materials Irradiation Test Facility
FMITChemistry AcronymsFusion Materials Irradiation Test
FMLChemistry AcronymsFlexible Membrane Liner
FMLNASA AcronymsFault Message Line
FMLNASA AcronymsFinal Materials List
FMLAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFamily And Medical Leave Act
FMLAUS Govt. AcronymsFamily And Medical Leave Act
FMLTWIAText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsF*ck Me Like The Whore I Am
FMMChemistry AcronymsFast Multipole Method (algorithm For Coulomb Interactions Among Charge Distributions)
FMMChemistry AcronymsForce Modulation Microscopy
FMNChemistry AcronymsFlavin Mononucleotide
FMOChemistry AcronymsFloating Molecular Orbital
FMOChemistry AcronymsFrontier Molecular Orbital
FMONASA AcronymsFlight Medical Officer
FMO3Chemistry AcronymsFlavin-containing Monooxygenase-3
FMOFNASA AcronymsFirst Manned Orbital Flight
FMOFEVNASA AcronymsFirst Manned Orbital Flight With EVA
FMOFPLNASA AcronymsFirst Manned Orbital Flight With Payload
FMOSChemistry AcronymsFlavin-containing Monooxygenases
FMPUS Military AcronymsFleet Modernization Program
FMPSMedical Acronyms (Slang)Fluff My Pillow Syndrome (attention/sympathy Seeker)
FMRChemistry AcronymsFerromagnetic Resonance
FMRNASA AcronymsField Modification Request
FMRNASA AcronymsFunction Max Rate
FMRIChemistry AcronymsFunctional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
FMRIUncategorized AcronymsFunctional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
FMSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsFrench Meteorological Society
FMSChemistry AcronymsFrequency Modulation Spectroscopy
FMSNASA AcronymsFood Management System (Subsystem)
FMSUncategorized AcronymsFederal Magistrates Service (an Australian Federal Court
FMSUS Govt. AcronymsFinancial Management Service
FMSUS Military AcronymsFault Management System
FMSUS Military AcronymsForeign Military Sales
FMSFUncategorized AcronymsFalse Memory Syndrome Foundation
FMSHRCUS Govt. AcronymsFederal Mine Safety And Health Review Commission
FMSPNASA AcronymsFM Signal Processor
FMSPNASA AcronymsFrequency Modulation Signal Processor
FMTNASA AcronymsFlightManagementTeam
FMTBAChemistry AcronymsFitted Modified Tight-binding Approxn.
FMTVUncategorized AcronymsFamily Of Medium Tactical Vehicles
FMTYEWTKSMS Chat And Text AcronymsFar More Than You Ever Wanted To Know

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