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ECSXRFChemistry AcronymsElectrochemisorption X-ray Fluorescence
ECTChemistry AcronymsEmission-Computed Tomography
ECTChemistry AcronymsErgodic Collision Theory
ECTUncategorized AcronymsElectroConvulsive Therapy
ECTDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsEmission Control Technology Division
ECTDMSChemistry AcronymsElectrochemical Thermal Desorption Mass Spectroscopy
ECTFPChemistry AcronymsEmpty-core Thomas-Fermi Pseudopotential
ECTHRUncategorized AcronymsEuropean Court Of Human Rights
ECTRChemistry AcronymsExtended Connection Table Representation
ECUAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsEnvironmental Crimes Unit
ECUChemistry AcronymsElectronic Control Unit
ECUNASA AcronymsElectrical Control Unit
ECUNASA AcronymsElectronic Coupling Unit
ECUNASA AcronymsEnvironmental Control Unit
ECUUncategorized AcronymsEcuador (ISO 3166 Trigram) -European Currency Unit (ancestor Of The Euro)
ECUUS Military AcronymsEnvironmental Control Unit
ECUMedical Acronyms (Slang)Eternal Care Unit: Heaven ("gone To The ECU" = Dead)
ECVAMChemistry AcronymsEuropean Center For The Validation Of Alternative Methods
ECWUncategorized AcronymsEastern Championship Wrestling - Extreme Championship Wrestling
ECWRChemistry AcronymsElectron Cyclotron Wave Resonance
EDChemistry AcronymsEffective Dose
EDChemistry AcronymsElectron Diffraction
EDNASA AcronymsEdge Distance
EDNASA AcronymsEdit
EDNASA AcronymsEngineering Directive
EDNASA AcronymsExplosive Device
EDUS Govt. AcronymsDepartment Of Education
EDUS Military AcronymsEngineering Development
EDUS Military AcronymsExecutive Director
EDAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsEcosystem Dynamics And The Atmosphere
EDAChemistry AcronymsEmergency Declaration Area
EDAChemistry AcronymsEuropean Desalination Association
EDAChemistry AcronymsElectron Donor-acceptor
EDAChemistry AcronymsEthylene Diamine
EDANASA AcronymsElectronic DisPlay Assembly
EDANASA AcronymsElevation Drive Assembly
EDAUncategorized AcronymsEuropean Defence Agency
EDAUS Govt. AcronymsEconomic Development Administration
EDACUncategorized AcronymsError Detection And Correction
EDASAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsEcosystem Dynamics And The Atmosphere Section
EDAXChemistry AcronymsEnergy Dispersive Analysis Of X-rays
EDBChemistry AcronymsEthylene Dibromide
EDBNASA AcronymsEnvironmental Data Book
EDCAstronomy AcronymsEROS Data Center
EDCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsEROS Data Center
EDCChemistry AcronymsElectron Energy Distribution Curve
EDCChemistry AcronymsEndocrine Disrupting Chemical
EDCChemistry AcronymsEthylene Dichloride
EDCNASA AcronymsEngineering Design Change
EDCSatellite Meterology AcronymsEROS Data Center
EDCUncategorized AcronymsDAAC -EROS Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center
EDC(M)NASA AcronymsElectrochemical DePolarized CO (Module)
EDCFChemistry AcronymsEndothelium-derived Contracting Factor
EDCPNASA AcronymsEngineering Design Change ProPosal
EDCSChemistry AcronymsEnergy Distribution Curve Spectroscopy
EDCSUncategorized AcronymsEnvironmental Data Coding Specification
EDDChemistry AcronymsEnforcement Decision Document
EDDRNASA AcronymsElectron DiPole-DiPole Reservoir
EDDUMedical Acronyms (Slang)Eating Drinking Defecating Urinating (but Not Much Else)
EDECChemistry AcronymsEqual Distances Equal Charges Model
EDECSIMUncategorized AcronymsExtended Directed Energy Combat Simulation
EDFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsExploratory Development Facility
EDFChemistry AcronymsElectricite De France
EDFChemistry AcronymsEnvironmental Defense Fund
EDFChemistry AcronymsEnergy Density Functional (theory In Electronic-property Calcn.)
EDFNASA AcronymsEngineering Data File
EDF/ DERAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsElectricit? De France/ Direccion Des Etudes Et Recherche
EDFAChemistry AcronymsEr-doped Fiber Amplifier
EDGARChemistry AcronymsElectronic Data Gathering
EDGARChemistry AcronymsEmissions Database For Global Atm. Research
EDGARUS Govt. AcronymsElectronic Data Gathering
EDGATWTTTFMedical Acronyms (Slang)Elevator Doesn't Go All The Way To The Top Floor (questionable IQ)
EDGEChemistry AcronymsEnhanced Data For GSM Evolution
EDGEComputer And Internet AcronymsEnhanced Data Rates For Global Evolution
EDHUncategorized AcronymsEastman Dental Hospital
EDHFChemistry AcronymsEndothelium-derived Hyperpolarizing Factor
EDIComputer Acronyms (Common)Electronic Data Interchange
EDIComputer And Internet AcronymsElectronic Data Interchange
EDLChemistry AcronymsElectric Double Layer
EDLChemistry AcronymsElectroless Discharge Lamp
EDLCComputer And Internet AcronymsElectrochemical Double-layer Capacitor
EDLNNASA AcronymsEngineering DeveloPment Logic Network
EDMChemistry AcronymsElectrical Discharge Machining
EDMICSUS Military AcronymsEngineering Data Management Information & Control System
EDMRChemistry AcronymsElectrically Detected Magnetic Resonance
EDMSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsElectra Data Management System
EDNChemistry AcronymsEosinophil-derived Neurotoxin
EDNAPChemistry AcronymsEuropean DNA Profiling
EDOAstronomy AcronymsExtended Duration Orbiter
EDO RAMComputer And Internet AcronymsExtended Data-Out Random Access Memory
EDOMPAstronomy AcronymsEDO Medical Project
EDPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsElectronic Data Processing
EDPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsEmbedded Data Processor
EDPNASA AcronymsElectonic Data Processing
EDPComputer And Internet AcronymsElectronic Data Processing
EDPCRChemistry AcronymsExtended Disjoint Principal Components Regression
EDPENASA AcronymsElectronic Data Processing EquiPment
EDPMNASA AcronymsElectronic Data Processing Machine
EDPUUS Military AcronymsElectrical Power Drive Unit
EDQNMChemistry AcronymsEddy-damped Quasinormal Markovian [mathematics In Engineering]

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