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 Acronym Category Meaning
DDR&EUS Military AcronymsDesign Development Research & Engineering
DDR2Computer Acronyms (Common)Double Data Rate 2
DDRPChemistry AcronymsDirect Delayed Response Program (for Long Term Effects Of Acid Rain)
DDRPAChemistry AcronymsDouble Direct Random Phase Approximation
DDSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDomestic Data Service
DDSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsData Delivery Services
DDSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDoctor Of Dental Science
DDSNASA AcronymsData Display System
DDSNASA AcronymsDetailed Design Specification
DDSNASA AcronymsDocumentation Distribution System
DDSUncategorized AcronymsDoctor Of Dental Surgery
DDSComputer And Internet AcronymsDigital Data Storage
DDSCChemistry AcronymsDynamic Differential Scanning Calorimetry
DDSOSText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsDifferent Day, Same Old Sh*t
DDTChemistry AcronymsDichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane
DDTUncategorized AcronymsDichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane (insecticide) - Dynamic Debugging Tool (computing)
DDT&ENASA Acronyms Design
DDT&ENASA Acronyms Design
DDT&ENASA Acronyms Design
DDTAChemistry AcronymsDerivative Differential Thermal Analysis
DDTEAstronomy AcronymsDesign
DDTFNASA AcronymsDynamic Docking Test Facility
DDTSNASA AcronymsDynamic Docking Test System
DDUNASA AcronymsData Display Unit
DDUNASA AcronymsDecommutator Distribution Unit
DDUNASA AcronymsDisplay Driver Unit
DDUNASA AcronymsDisplay Driver Unit
DDUUS Military AcronymsDigital Data Unit
DDVPChemistry AcronymsDimethyl Dichlorovinyl Phosphate (dichlorovos REG: 62737)
DDXChemistry AcronymsIsomers And Metabolites Of DDT
DEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDynamics Explorer
DEChemistry AcronymsDynamics Explorer (spacecraft)
DEChemistry AcronymsDestruction Efficiency
DENASA AcronymsDesign Engineering (KSC Dir.)
DENASA AcronymsDoppler Extractor
DENASA AcronymsDynamics Explorer
DEUncategorized AcronymsDelaware (postal Symbol) - Germany (ISO 3166 Digram)
DEUncategorized AcronymsGerman Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
DEAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDrug Enforcement Administration
DEAChemistry AcronymsDissociative Electron Attachment
DEAChemistry AcronymsDrug Enforcement Administration
DEANASA AcronymsDeployed Electronics Assembly
DEAUncategorized AcronymsDrug Enforcement Agency
DEAUS Govt. AcronymsDrug Enforcement Administration
DEACTNASA AcronymsDeactivate
DEARAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDepartment Of Energy Acquisition Regulation
DEBIComputer And Internet AcronymsDMA Extended Bus Interface
DEBITSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDeposition Of Biogeochemical Important Trace Species
DEBITSChemistry AcronymsDeposition Of Biogeochemically Important Trace Species
DECAstronomy AcronymsDeclination
DECAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDigital Equipment Corporation
DECAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDOE Environmental Checklist
DECChemistry AcronymsDepartment Of Environmental Conservation
DECNASA AcronymsDeclination
DECUncategorized AcronymsDepartment Of Environmental Conservation - Digital Equipment Corporation - Disasters Emergency Committee
DECUS Military AcronymsDecode
DECUS Military AcronymsDecrease
DECUS Military AcronymsDigital Equipment Corporation
DECComputer And Internet AcronymsDigital Equipment Corporation
DECAUncategorized Acronyms(U.S.) Defense Commissary Agency
DECAUS Govt. AcronymsDefense Commissary Agency
DECAFEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDynamique Et Chimie De L'Atmosphere En Foret Equitoriale
DECCChemistry AcronymsDiethylcarbamyl Chloride
DECDOSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDEC's Version Of DOS
DECENTChemistry AcronymsDistribution Of Exact Classical Energy Transfer Approximation
DECLNASA AcronymsDirect Energy Conversion Laboratory (JSC)
DECMAILAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAn Electronic Mail Facility Provided By DEC
DECNETAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDigital Equipment Corporation Network
DECODEChemistry AcronymsDipolar Echo Decay
DECOMNASA Acronyms Decommutate
DECRNASA AcronymsDecrease
DECSNASA AcronymsCivil Engineering Office At Vandenberg
DECSIMUncategorized AcronymsModel DEComposition And SIMulation Algorithm - Directed Energy Combat SIMulation
DECSYChemistry AcronymsDouble-quantum Coherence Echo Correlated Spectroscopy
DECTUncategorized AcronymsDigital European Cordless Telephone
DECUAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDevelopmental & Educational Communications Unit
DECUNASA AcronymsData Exchange Control Unit
DECUSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDigital Equipment Computer Users Society
DEDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsData Element Directory
DEDChemistry AcronymsDeath Effector Domain
DEDNASA AcronymsDedicate
DEDANASA AcronymsData Entry And Display Assembly
DEENASA AcronymsDigital Events Evaluator
DEFChemistry AcronymsDose Effect Factor
DEFNASA AcronymsDefinition
DEFText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsDefinitely
DEFCONUncategorized AcronymsDefence Readiness Condition
DEFLNASA AcronymsDeflect
DEFRAUncategorized Acronyms(UK) Department For Environment
DEFRABusiness And FinanceDepartment Of Environment, Food And Rural Affairs
DEFTChemistry AcronymsDriven Equilibrium Fourier Transform
DEGChemistry AcronymsDiethylene Glycol
DEGNASA AcronymsDegree
DEGUS Military AcronymsDegrees
DEGBACChemistry AcronymsDiethylene Glycol-bis(allyl Carbonate)
DEGMChemistry AcronymsDegenerate Electron Gas Model
DEGMBEChemistry AcronymsDiethylene Glycol Mono-n-Bu Ether
DEHPChemistry AcronymsBis(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate
DEINASA AcronymsDesign Engineering Identification
DEIAChemistry AcronymsDNA Enzyme Immunoassay

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