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 Acronym Category Meaning
DCEUS Military AcronymsDistributed Computing Environment
DCEComputer And Internet AcronymsData Communications Equipment
DCELChemistry AcronymsDirect Current Electroluminescent
DCENChemistry AcronymsDirect Current Electrode Negative
DCEPChemistry AcronymsDirect Current Electrode Positive
DCFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsData Capture Facility
DCFComputer And Internet AcronymsDesign Rule For Camera File Systems
DCFCUncategorized AcronymsDeath Cab For Cutie
DCFCIChemistry AcronymsDensity-constrained Full-configuration-interaction
DCFTChemistry AcronymsDirect Coal-fired Turbine
DCGAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDerived Air Concentration Guide For Uncontrolled Areas
DCISCUBA Diving AcronymsDecompression Illness
DCIUncategorized AcronymsDetection
DCIComputer And Internet AcronymsDisplay Control Interface
DCIBNASA AcronymsData Communication InPut Buffer
DCIDChemistry AcronymsDimensionless Circular Intensity Difference
DCIMUncategorized AcronymsDigital Camera Images
DCIM/DSCIMNASA AcronymsDisplay SYstem Computer Input Multiplexer
DCIMSUncategorized AcronymsDental Classification Information Management System - Dismounted Combat Identification Marking System
DCISChemistry AcronymsDuctal Carcinoma In Situ
DCIUNASA AcronymsDigital Control And Interface Unit
DCKNGNASA AcronymsDocking
DCLNASA AcronymsDocument Change List
DCLSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsData Collection Location System
DCLTUS Military AcronymsDeclutter
DCMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDeep Convection Model
DCMChemistry AcronymsDecoupled Cell Monte Carlo (in Simulations On Quantum Systems)
DCMChemistry AcronymsDilated Cardiomyopathy
DCMNASA AcronymsDECOM ControlMemory
DCMNASA AcronymsDirection Cosine Matrix
DCMNASA AcronymsDisplay And Control Module
DCMNASA AcronymsDisplay And Control Module
DCMUS Army Acronyms (Official)Distinguished Conduct Medal; Data Channel Multi-plexer; Deputy Chief Of Mission; Data Communication Module
DCMAChemistry AcronymsDry Color Manufacturers' Association
DCMBNASA AcronymsDevelopment Configuration Management Board
DCMCUS Military AcronymsDefense Contract Management Command
DCMDChemistry AcronymsDirect Contact Membrane Distillation
DCMSBusiness And FinanceDepartment Of Culture, Media And Sport
DCNChemistry AcronymsDocument Change Notice
DCNNASA AcronymsDesign Change Notice
DCNNASA AcronymsDocument Change Notice
DCNNASA AcronymsDrawing Change Notice
DCNUS Military AcronymsDefense Communications Network
DCNUS Military AcronymsDesign Change Notice
DCNPNASA AcronymsDocument Change Notice Proposal
DCOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDelayed Compliance Order
DCOChemistry AcronymsDelayed Compliance Order
DCONASA AcronymsDetailed Checkout
DCOMUncategorized AcronymsDisney Channel Original Movie
DCOPNASA AcronymsDisplays
DCOPNASA AcronymsDetailed Checkout Procedures
DCOPUncategorized AcronymsDesktop Communication Protocol
DCPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsData Collection Platform
DCPChemistry AcronymsDirect Current Plasma
DCPChemistry AcronymsDicapryl Phthalate
DCPChemistry AcronymsDicumyl Peroxide
DCPChemistry AcronymsDual Circular Polarization
DCPNASA AcronymsData Collection Platform
DCPNASA AcronymsDepot Condemnation Percent
DCPNASA AcronymsDEU Control Program
DCPNASA AcronymsDevelopment Cost Plan
DCPUS Military AcronymsDecision Coordinating Paper
DCP-OESChemistry AcronymsDirect Coupled Plasma-optical Emission Spectroscopy
DCPAChemistry AcronymsDynamic Coherent Potential Approxn.
DCPAESChemistry AcronymsDirect Current Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
DCPBHChemistry AcronymsDouble-channel Planar Buried Heterostructure
DCPCChemistry AcronymsDivision Of Cancer Prevention And Control
DCPEINASA AcronymsDEU Control Program End Item
DCQAPChemistry AcronymsData Collection Quality Assurance Plan
DCRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsData Collection Request
DCRNASA AcronymsDesign Certification Review
DCRNASA AcronymsDesign Change Request
DCRNASA AcronymsDesign Concern Report
DCRNASA AcronymsDocument Change Record (or Review)
DCRFChemistry AcronymsDie Casting Research Foundation
DCRTUS Govt. AcronymsDivision Of Computer Research And Technology (replaced By CIT)
DCSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDirect Connect Service
DCSChemistry AcronymsDistributed Control System
DCSNASA AcronymsData Communication System
DCSNASA AcronymsData Control System
DCSNASA AcronymsDesign Communication System
DCSNASA AcronymsDesign Criteria Specification
DCSNASA AcronymsDetail Checkout Specification(s)
DCSNASA AcronymsDigital Command System (Subsystem)
DCSNASA AcronymsDisplay And Control System
DCSNASA AcronymsDocument Control System
DCSNASA AcronymsDual Checkout Station
DCSSatellite Meterology AcronymsData Collection System (NOAA Polar Orbiting Satellites)
DCSSCUBA Diving AcronymsDecompression Sickness
DCSINASA AcronymsData And Cqntrol Signal Interface
DCSLAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDistributed CSL
DCSOPSUncategorized AcronymsDeputy Chief Of Staff For Operations And Plans
DCSPNASA AcronymsDigital Control Signal Processor
DCSUNASA AcronymsDigital Computer Switching Unit
DCTUS Military AcronymsDamage Control Tpnr (trident-21c11)
DCTLChemistry AcronymsDirect Coupled Transistor Logic
DCTNAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDefense Commercial Telecommunications Network
DCTPChemistry AcronymsDirect-current Tast Polarography
DCTSChemistry AcronymsDischarging Current Transient Spectroscopy
DCUNASA AcronymsDigital Computer Unit

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